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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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A research done by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2016 indicates that 7% of employers allow members of staff to bring their dogs to work (Roepe, How to be…). That this statistic appears to be on the rise ought to make us question why employers are opting for dog-friendly offices, as well as consider the benefits for an office that accommodates our four-legged friends. A survey by Virginia Commonwealth University researchers shows that having dogs at the place of work boosts employee loyalty, lowers stress and increases job satisfaction (Barker, 15).

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A dog-friendly office boosts general employee happiness and overall morale which translates to a reduction in stress.Bring-your-dogs-to-the-office policy recommendation In addition, dogs force members of staff to take much-needed breaks that help keep the various body fluids flowing hence ensuring their bodies remain healthy. A Work environment can at times get hectic and nothing proves to be more refreshing than going for a short break to give a dog in the office a quick belly rub (Barker, 16). Spending just five minutes with our dogs in the office would make us feel refreshed and thus ready to finish off the remainder of the pending job. Members of staff who are allowed to bring their dogs to work also have a more positive perception of the employer.

A research conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital in 2016 indicated that 83% of workers feel a greater sense of loyalty to firms with policies that are pet-friendly (Banfield Pet Hospital, Banfield Shares Data).Bring-your-dogs-to-the-office policy recommendation More than half of employees at firms with no such policies, according to the research, stated that they were more likely to remain at their companies if they were to provide perks that are pet-friendly.

People are therefore likely to pick this company over others owing to its dogs policy. In addition, its difficult for current employees to leave the company since not many other similar businesses allow pets in office. As such, having a dog-friendly policy in the company would not only attract new employees but also boost retention rates. Allowing employees to bring their dogs in the office enhances socialization as well as the collaboration of individuals in the company (Foreman, 498). Organizations spend a lot of resources along with labor hours on team-building efforts.

Bring-your-dogs-to-the-office policy recommendation A pet-friendly office is capable of creating a similar atmosphere with no impact on budgets or other important resources. Dogs, for instance, make for an easy conversation starter where people in the offices are able to laugh and joke about them. Introducing dogs in the company would add to our culture, spark conversations and enhance collaborations daily. Individuals who dont typically talk to one another are able to engage more with the dogs in the office.

Dogs, therefore, create unity among employees as well as opportunities for interaction among departments that might not otherwise have interacted. There have been various downsides of the dog-friendly office policy in various companies adopting them.Bring-your-dogs-to-the-office policy recommendation These include cases where people are not comfortable with or even fear dogs. Others employees in such companies have been found to have a bad allergy to dogs. In order to cater for various concerns raised over the dog policy as well as create a harmonious workplace, it will be necessary to set up certain rules for having dogs at work.

These rules involves owners: creating a safe and comfortable place for the dog in the office” supervising and having the dogs on a leash always cleaning up after the dog and ensuring it is not disruptive taking the dog out every few hours to use areas designated for them getting input from all employees regarding the intended policy being aware of and respect the fact that not all co-workers or visitors are comfortable around dogs ” and keeping the dogs off furniture and out of conference rooms, eating areas and restrooms (Foreman, 498).

Incorporating dogs into the workplace is a manageable undertaking which is beneficial provided appropriate policies are established and sound judgment is applied.

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