The Need for a Reform of the American Health Care Policy

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Many leaders of our fantastic nation have tried to develop a plan that can care for Americans, particularly when it involves the rising rates of health care and insurance premiums. “Virtually one in every six Americans has no medical insurance, health care costs are escalating quickly, management costs are too high, and medical mistakes are widespread” (Fuchs, Emmanuel). Nevertheless, many Americans have disagreed over the nature of the Affordable Care Act and whether it will help or harm Americans, creating a disruption in the wave of many policies.

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There is one thing that is certain: many people are not covered by insurance policy, which seems extremely high for this day and age.

To further understand this epidemic, it’s important to consider the past in regards to what the present and future hold. Many Americans have only recently noticed this issue. However, “Barack Obama’s health care law follows a century of debate over what role the federal government should play in helping people in the United States afford medical care” (Fox News). In 1929, teachers in Dallas were required to pay two quarters a month for up to three weeks of hospital care annually; unfortunately, this plan didn’t last long. President Franklin D. Roosevelt spent seven of his twelve years in office (1935-1942) trying to create a national health insurance program.

Nonetheless, he decided to promote Social Security instead and developed minimum wage regulations as well as price controls. Despite these changes, companies were unable to attract employees during World War II, even with higher wages, so they also added incentives such as health insurance. Healthcare was President Kennedy’s major campaign issue, but he was unable to get a plan for the elderly through Congress. Medicare (for the elderly) and Medicaid (for the poor) were created by “President Lyndon B. Johnson’s arm-twisting and a Congress dominated by his fellow Democrats” (Fox News). Presidents Nixon and Carter both tried to create health plans, but the Watergate scandal and the financial recession got in the way. Since 1935, many presidents have run on an agenda to promote healthcare, and have tried to pass many bills, most of which were overshadowed by the public’s interest in other events (Fox News).

“[A] major problem with care provision and delivery is insufficient attention to benefit-cost trade-offs” (Fuchs, Emmanuel). The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), is purposed to provide more benefits and fewer drawbacks to women than men. “Most of ObamaCare’s new benefits for women are required by law to have no out-of-pocket payments” (ObamaCare: Benefits And Disadvantages of ObamaCare). Another expansion in healthcare regulation was Medicaid, which was extended to “cover over 15 million previously uninsured low-income individuals and families under the poverty line” (ObamaCare: Benefits And Disadvantages of ObamaCare). Many beneficial factors have shaped Medicare into one of the most popular provisions. One of which is the increase in coverage options and benefits for many seniors. Hospital payments and home health care payments have also decreased through the use of Medicare.

“With the Affordable Treatment Act, businesses are now required to offer affordable health insurance coverage to at least 95 percent of their full-time staff and their dependents. Employers could be fined between $2,000 and $3,000 annually for each employee if they fail to meet that requirement” (Craver). Some small businesses and family-owned shops are now focusing on the figures and where their company stands rather than how to expand their business. Hundreds of business owners and CEOs have expressed their dissatisfaction with these new requirements. “It IS happening,” insisted Joseph Hansen, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers union, which has 1.2 million members. “Wait a year. You’ll see a tremendous impact as employees have their hours reduced and their wages cut” (Myers). NBC News spoke to nearly twenty small businesses and other entities around the country. The majority stated that due to taxpayers and the States, the outcome of ObamaCare’s spending resulted in a $200 billion reduction of the deficit over the next decade. States also receive between 90-100% of funding for many ObamaCare-related programs they establish” (ObamaCare: Pros and Cons of ObamaCare).

Since rolling out, the new healthcare website experienced many issues that tarnished the reputation of the healthcare system, as well as the government. Among the main problems faced by users of was the inability for many to bypass error screens, long waiting periods, and system crashes (Obamacare). “As many as one-third of the 149,000 people who have managed to register for Obamacare—44,700 individuals—may not have health insurance after all come January 1, even though approved their applications and confirmed coverage” (Clyne). As of February 20, 2015, there were 11,634,654 members enrolled ( Currently, there are twenty-two states declining to expand Medicaid and twenty-eight that are expanding Medicaid (22 States are Refusing to Expand Medicaid).

Healthcare reform has been a prominent topic for many decades and does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Despite the current progress in these procedures, the path ahead for the country is intimidating. The country appears to be split down the middle, with some in favor of universal healthcare and some against it. While it is unlikely to be resolved soon, the issue of healthcare is quite fascinating with a comprehensive history.

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