A Report on the Personal Experience with the Best Guide to Meditation and Health Care Policy

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Through reading “The Best Guide to Meditation,” I was able to expand both my knowledge and experience with meditation. The two aspects of this book that I appreciated the most were the instructions on how to effectively meditate, and the description of how meditation is an integral part of many religions and lifestyles in some shape or form. Although I found the first part of the book somewhat helpful in helping me set myself up to successfully meditate, what I found more interesting and helpful was the third part of the book.

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This section described incorporating mindfulness and meditation into my daily life. While learning to meditate is important, the discussion around accepting meditation and mindfulness, and the benefits this can have, represented the aspect of the book most relevant to my meditation practice.

Additionally, another aspect of the book that I found interesting was the overview of how meditation is used in a variety of religions and lifestyles worldwide. Before reading this book, I had associated meditation strictly with religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, both of which I know very little about. Therefore, the book’s discussion on the background of these and other religions and how meditation is incorporated into them was informative and interesting.

Much of what was discussed in “The Best Guide to Meditation” will be relevant to my future social work practice and my work as a clinician. As discussed in the text, meditation has many benefits that permeate throughout an individual’s life. Although I am new to practicing meditation, I will be able to use what I have learned from this book, and from my own experiences with meditation, to support my future clients using meditation to improve their lives. I believe what’s particularly important for my future work as a clinician is that people of all religions and lifestyles use meditation improves their lives. I will be able to support clients by making meditation applicable and relevant to them and their lives, regardless of their religious or spiritual background. In addition to using the information from this book to support my clients in learning how to meditate, I will also be able to use this information to improve my own practice of meditating and being mindful of my day-to-day tasks. This will, in turn, improve my relationship with my colleagues, clients, and community.

Through reading the text, I was also able to gain insight into how meditation can affect greater society, particularly when looking through the lens of the ecological framework. As previously stated, meditation is an integral part of many cultures and religions, meaning that there are many people representing diverse backgrounds and cultures who practice meditation. Therefore, it’s essential to keep meditation and individuals who meditate in mind when utilizing ecological theories and frameworks, in addition to acknowledging the diversity of these individuals.

Lastly, healthcare policy discriminates against many individuals, and meditation could potentially decrease this discrimination. More specifically, as discussed in the text, meditation allows individuals to increase their own personal loving-kindness and compassion. This could enable healthcare administrators and other healthcare workers to be more compassionate towards people against whom they typically discriminate. Furthermore, meditation could assist individuals dealing with pain. As healthcare policy could discriminate against individuals who might potentially be addicted to pain medication, encouraging those individuals to practice meditation could alleviate the need for medication in the first place and address some of this discrimination.

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