A Study on the Best Approaches to Public Health Care Policy

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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The healthcare industry continues to be impacted and evolve based on advances in technology, as well as new approaches to healthcare treatment shaped by outside influences, such as the federal government, HMOs and insurance provider policies. The rapid changes emerging have presented challenges and great opportunities for growth and innovation for healthcare policy and practitioners in the United States, as well as those abroad in Europe and Canada (McArthur, 1997). From these locations, medical practitioners, academics, and adjunct professionals have grappled with the best approaches to public health to nurture optimal patient outcomes.

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The demand for further development of this approach underscores the renewed emphasis on making medical procedures effective, safe, and efficient. Moreover, it illustrates the new horizons opened by this approach as it yields greater agency in developing new innovation and treatment practices in the industry. More investment in public health may well yield procedural enhancements, transformative educational reform, and new opportunities for research and academic investigation (Furrow, 2008). These potential fruits of the approach may well be realized with the development of an institutionalized approach made by the federal government. Ultimately, the potential impact of reinterpreting public health approaches on the healthcare industry may well be limitless as the field develops with the advent of new research and technology.

Furthermore, the study will be based on materials found through Google Scholar and MetaCrawlers, focusing on current peer-reviewed and seminal literature related to comparing and contrasting public health approaches, theory, and practices in Europe, Canada, and the United States. In determining better ways to develop healthcare solutions, the study will explore how these competing nations should actively seek to collaborate continuously to develop approaches that best serve these needs. In addition, the development of new technological applications and digital models may well facilitate the ability of these bodies to better serve the needs of their citizenry. Data analytics, cloud computing solutions, smart technology, and more sophisticated modeling approaches may well provide the key to identifying better ways to provide healthcare more efficiently, as well as establish better ways of servicing and finding more seamless solutions for enhancing the communication and exchanges between not only the institutions of the nations but the people as well.

Although these measures will not be foolproof, they may well prove potent in reducing many of the risks and factors that lead to poor healthcare outcomes, serving as an evolving challenge for national leadership and the healthcare industry. Those in leadership positions and researchers of the relationship may well exchange ideas on best practices and other forms of insight to enhance the efficacy of public healthcare delivery and its impact on overall socioeconomic advancement of their citizenries. This may well serve as vital as healthcare approaches, globalization and technology continuously evolve. Of course, the very nature of technology and health conditions involve constant change, whereby complacency is punished by new evolutions and the destruction of old models. The study will forward how it is imperative that those individuals and institutions that are entrusted with providing and developing strategies and tactics to determine the best approaches for public healthcare solutions become vigilant, life-long learners in their ability to recognize and leverage new trends in this realm.

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