The Influence of Entrepreneurs on Health Care

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Updated: Aug 27, 2022
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Entrepreneurs are people who take risks and they have the capacity to change a generation. They are innovators and leaders who create ways of progressing the current status quo. There are even Entrepreneurs in health care that help change the way providers deliver health care. They effect things like streamline clinical outcomes, update primary care and reduce healthcare expenses. Healthcare consumers, like every other type of consumer, expect their healthcare providers to keep with changing times.

Some of the constructive or positive ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care field includes

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  1. Entrepreneurs have brought modern technology to delivering care. Patients have the ability do things like email their doctor instead of only going into the office.
  2. Due to entrepreneurship and innovation of computers, a reduced amount of time is used by doctors and nurses to do their work which allows the provider to care for more patients in less time.
  3. Usage of modern equipment assists by providing more data that providers need to enhance health maintenance.

Some of the negative ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care field includes

  1. Money needs to finance before we can use the new entrepreneurship and at periods this can mean having a partnership.
  2. Health care amenities required to have their own economic and prosecutor sector working on the evidence to keep up with possible impediments.
  3. Negotiation of offers by health care corporations is necessary to acquire the top technology, philosophies, and medications before other companies take it from them.

Entrepreneur example

Previously health care was only given and received in the form of face to face and all records of care were hard copies. For a patient to receive care they had to go into the office and see the doctor and their records did not follow them around. As technology advanced, entrepreneurs have been able to use the advancements to benefit of the patients. The creation of the electronic medical record allows for all the providers of a patient to see every encounter and treatment of a patient. This provides a more cohesive plan of care for every patient. On the Kaiser Permanente website they state, “When all your caregivers are connected on the same electronic health record system, they know when you’re due for a screening. Or if you’re allergic to a medication. And they can work together to help keep you healthier — staying focused on getting you the right care, instead of more care. It’s good to have some team support” (‘Why Choose Kaiser Permanente?’, 2020).

 In addition to the electronic medical record, Entrepreneurs also used electronic mail for the advancement of care for patients. This provides ease of communication with the doctor as well as making it more affordable because emailing with a doctor does not cost the patient anything. Entrepreneurship has changed the way healthcare is delivered. The innovation provided by those Entrepreneurs that lead the change has effected change for the better every patients’ care. Take for example a patient that does not like going to the doctor but has a questionable lump. They are now able to email their doctor and even attach a picture of the lump and send it to their doctor. Because the doctor urges this patient to be seen, it saves this patient’s life when it turned out to be a cancerous lump. Previously to this innovation of electronic communication this patient would have died.


Entrepreneurs affect the health care field for better or worse. They should, in general, concentrate on characteristics that benefit the population and services that can improve the health care. Entrepreneurs will need to take particular challenges into consideration to do so; they should carefully look at the pieces that need improvement and be able to change their philosophies in a modernized way but should save patients as well as Healthcare corporations money. This essay described the positive and negative properties of entrepreneurs in health care field and explained a familiar example that has changed the way both medical staff and patients interact with the incorporation of electronic communication and records.  

The Influence of Entrepreneurs on Health Care essay

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