China’s One Child Policy

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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China is considered to be the highly populated country across the world. History says that China has the largest population which has ever been witnessed. By 1979 China’s population was estimated to be approximately one billion. This number of people made the country to look for a way they can do to reduce this population before it was too late. That’s when they came with a policy of one child. This policy has affected this country negatively. Firstly, according to AJ 2015, this one child policy has a lot of negative impacts.

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They say that this policy has prevented over 400milion births which have highly created the labor shortage. China is well known for its industrialization hence a lot of laborers are needed hence this policy has created a shortage in labor supply. Again according to AJ 2015, the policy has cut fertility rate to 1.4-1.7 children per woman. This policy has created a big effect on gender balance.

China has experienced the most ever seen gender imbalance in the world. This is because parents prefer male children than girls making the parents to abandon the girl child. In this way, China has many boys than girls which is a major effect in future. According to AJ 2015, the county has tried to impose this rule in different ways. First, they have taught girls in school about this policy and also they have legalized abortion which to me is a negative effect on the girl child. A girl can die in the process. Also, they have taught the people about the use of contraceptives. Also according to the interview done to some people, they said that this policy is going since having one child you will concentrate your love to him, and the child will do better than any other child. This reason contradicts the economy since according to AJ 2015 they say that, with more people, the economy will be the best.

This is because people will be more hence production will be high making this policy to affect the economy negatively. When we look at NG 2010, they say that traditionally baby boys are most preferred a thing which is still witnessed today. When this policy came parents do not want to have the girl child. They prefer the boy child since the boy child will carry the family name, provide for labor and also take care of the family at old age. Due to this, the girl child has been an endangered gender in China. NG 2010, says that 12 percent of girls born in China are abandoned every year, approximating to 100000 girls. The girls abandoned are adopted to other countries, and others die in the process. The NG 2010 also say that one out of every four girls adopted overseas to the United States come from China.

Also according to NG 2010, the population of boys is growing very high in China. By this rate, men will lack women to marry. They also say that by 2020, 40 million men will lack women to marry. All this is because of the effect one child policy in China. This one-child policy in China according to NG 2010, has created gender imbalances which have created many crimes. Some of the crimes include prostitution, forced marriage, and also kidnapping. Again they also say that one child in a family get spoiled since that child does not miss anything. They argue that such a child can get very fat which is a danger to the child??™s health. In conclusion, from the above discussion, it is very clear that the one child policy in China has really created more negative effect than the positive effect. Therefore this policy should be abolished.


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