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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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According to Management principles learned in business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is valued not just by a business but also by the consumer. Despite some businesses recording massive successes in practicing CSR, other entities or organizations are conflicted about its benefits. I decided to pick and explore Starbucks because of its enormous social standpoint. CSR plays a significant role in the success of Starbucks. The company uses CSR as a long-term strategy, leading to the sustainability of its magnificent brand name.

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By applying lessons from management principles, I learned that Starbucks uses innovative technologies to enhance its products and minimize costs. Furthermore, through its CSR commitment, it ensures it does not cause harm to the environment.

Starbuck Coffee was established in 1971. The Seattle Pike Place Market was the location of its first retail store. Moby Dick’s book inspired the company’s name; and also the inspiration of the mermaid logo on the highly-recognizable coffee cups. In 1981, Howard Schultz expressed desire to be associated with the coffee company. He had the determination and belief that he could build coffee bars all across the United States. However, the owner was stuck on conventional approaches, disagreeing with Howard’s ideas. In 1987, the owners decided to sell Starbuck in Seattle. When Howard heard of it, he immediately wanted to buy the first Starbucks, which was finalized in August 1987. So, he became Starbucks president and CEO.

In terms of CSR, Starbucks has good ethical conduct and social responsibility. This is believed to be the core of the organization’s business operations. Starbucks has managed to create and increase the value for its shareholders every year. The organization has always focused on maintaining that relationship. The meaning of CSR in terms of Starbucks as a company is to run a business that produces a social, environmental, and economic benefit to the communities around. It seems that the organization has always favored their stakeholder. This is accomplished through attracting and retaining their employees, customer loyalty, and reducing operating costs, which are a few of the company’s benefits.

The biggest challenge for Starbucks to effectively achieve its CSR goals is how they run its many Starbucks locations. How will they be able to make sure each coffee bar has the same products that are offered in various states? Apart from that, Starbucks needs to ensure it is always innovating its products as people do not just want a regular cup of coffee. They want something different with caffeine. I mean that Starbucks always has a seasonal drink, the pumpkin spice for the Fall or their unicorn frappuccino in the Summer. This innovation also needs to be constant to maintain their social standpoint.

I feel like nowadays, with technology advancing every day, an organization needs to pay greater attention to their social media as everyone has either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They use their consumer to market some of their most popular drinks. You do not see Starbucks on a billboard on the highway or in an ad section in a magazine. Ten years ago, this was not as important as it is today. They use us, their consumers, as free marketing for their products. Also, Starbucks creates opportunities for their communities, regardless of any discrimination. Regarding the environment, Starbucks has always considered that with its stakeholders and the consumers. They have reusable cups and paper straws. I think the same with technology; people are increasingly aware that we as humans are ruining our planet with the immense use of garbage. And of course, Starbucks stepped up and created many environmentally safe items for their business.

Starbucks has CSR as a tool to run its business effectively. In summary, CSR can build a competitive advantage over their competitors by engaging in CSR in every part of the company. I think the company has come to correct how to run a business by fully practicing CSR and keeping its market position.

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