NoJax Organizational Behavior Analysis

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Updated: Jan 13, 2020
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Organizational behavior is perceived as one of the primary factors that determine the success and growth of business organization because of its capacity to determine the way employees act as individuals in the company and their interactions as part of the work groups.

Therefore, NoJax Organizational behavior plays the leading role in the determination of the level that the company has gained its popularity and the company’s developmental achievements. Upon review of the employee profiles provided in the company’s background document, it is observable that NoJax organization makes noticeable differences by age and ethnicity in its hiring process. The ages of the employees range between twenty-seven and sixty-two years. Therefore, Nojax Company is said to adopt age diversity that pose a positive impact on the overall performance of the company.

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This diversity of age enables Nojax to enjoy a broader knowledge base and a varied experience that exist among the employees. It grants the company with a considerable positive effect because the employees can deal with varying roles and tasks. Moreover, hiring employees with diversified ethnic backgrounds enable the company to enjoy positive outcomes. Nojax employees are Caucasian, African-American employees, Hispanic and Pakistani.

This organizational behavior creates an opportunity for innovative thinking and inclusive task implementation in the company. The company ends up with improved performance and progressive growth. However, the employee profile for this company has a noticeable gender bias. The entire workforce presented by this profile comprises of the female gender occupying a more significant portion of the employees.

The behavior fosters a negative impact on the company by exposing the company into an increased rate of employee turnover and hostile work conditions. Therefore, the development of this company is likely to encounter problems due to lack of consideration, recognition and the promotion of essential skills that may be acquired through gender consideration in the hiring process.

The organization’s meso level is another important component of the company’s behavior that has been observed from the document. The observation pertains the work groups that are affected by organization’s behavior. The background shows that NoJax’s brand targets the fitness lifestyle and adopts a psychographic segmentation strategy to achieve its marketing needs. The two observations pose positive impacts to the company.

The first view provides a positive impact by creating a business that targets on the immediate or specific group of people. On the other hand, psychographic segmentation creates an opportunity for the organization to under its customers by uncovering personality and helps to address the emotions, habits, hobbies and the challenges that affect the purchase decisions of the customers.Regarding the company’s policy section, three important observations may be made at the macro level. These observations lie on the sociological factors and their economic impact on the life of the organization.

In connection to the macro level of the organization, Nojax organization adopts a pure bureaucracy and inspirational leadership that foster positive impacts to the organization. The company’s governance relies on the centralized power and decision-making strategy that ensures effective monitoring of the employee activities and effective problem-solving process. The policy section outlines a clear hierarchy, a division of labour among the employees and promotes specialization within the company. They two observations are perceived as an ideal strategy for administering control over organizational strategy decisions and makes decision making a timely process because fewer individuals are involved in the process.

In addition, the policing process promotes standardization and practices that promote the effective and efficient implementation of duties. However, the NoJax Inc. has one observable feature that poses a negative impact on the company.

The observation lies in the handling of the human resource responsibilities. The company relies on the senior management team to accomplish tasks that require a human resource manager. Failure to create a human resource department is a challenge to the organization in the implementation of various tasks like recruiting a superior workforce and the institution of activities that ensure the achievement of the set organizational goals.

In my opinion, the level of surface level dissimilarity can be said to be medium. This perception on the surface level dissimilarity emanates from the fact that the company’s employee profile only deviates on the accepted surface level similarity on a gender basis. The company meets other essential factors of the surface level of similarity like age diversity, ethnic consideration and personalities of the employees used in the implementation of various duties within the company.

In addition to the consideration of other factors of surface level similarity, the company ensures that its employees exhibit different level of personalities. All the female employees have different personalities by conscientiousness, openness, emotional stability, extraversion and agreeableness. Therefore, the outlined level of surface level dissimilarity has a positive impact on the company’s performance.

Regardless of the similarity in the gender of the employees, dissimilarity in their personalities emerges as a way of creating a positive employee diversity using different employee morale, motivational levels and emotional differences that translate the positive performance of the organization.

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