Influence of Culture Politics and Power on Organizational Behavior

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The aim of this research is to analyze the influence of culture, politics, and power on people in an organization after a merger between two companies. In this research, the key factors will be deeply examined to show how they affect individual and team performance of both organizations. Ivanko ( 2013 p. 3) defines organizational behavior as everything linked with human behavior in the workplace. Research Findings Below are listed some key factors for the research finding.

  1. Culture in organizational context influences the behavior of employees as a whole including also their motivation and performance.
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    (Nwugwo,2001 p. 6 citing Kotter & Hesket 1992)

  2. Kramer (1998 par. 1) stated that politics and power offer the organization more choice in the exchange of trends and business idea.
  3. Using the power in the power in the wrong way is as catastrophic as when you don’t use it. (Omisore, 2014 p. 166).
  4. Political interactions help to maintain a great work atmosphere by resolving problem diversity can create among employees (Olorunleke 2015 p. 62 citing Morgan 1996).
  5. Leonard (2018 par. 1) Stated that there is a strong link between the productivity of employees and the environment in which they are working.
  6. All factors influencing organizational behavior can be effective or defective depending on how it is used. (Richards, 2018 par. 1).

Discussion of the research finding

The identity of an organization is its culture because it sets everything that can describe and influence the employees of this organization. The influence of culture shows what is important for the organization according to employees’ behavior. Nwugwo (2001 p. 6 citing Kotter & Hesket 1992) explained that with the example of a new employee who always tends to follow the system he finds in the organization. This employee struggles himself to meet the requirements of the job and make the objectives of the work his own goal. Power and politics are also enclosed in cultural factors that augment the privilege of employees and organization. There is more choice over the quality, the quantity of the merchandise and it is easier to exchange trends in international level when the political influence and power is used (Kramer 1998 par. 1). However power doesn’t always draw in the profitable end. Omisore (2014 p. 66) pointed out the influence of power delicately by emphasizing on the bad consequences of usurpation and laissez-faire. When power is not well defined or misunderstood in a company, employers and employees can be subject to an unethical, immoral and inconsiderable situation. But, power is far from being the only problem that can be encountered in an organization. Diversity in language, ethnicity, and education are sources of divergent opinion – which literally means tension – among employees in the workplace. Olorunleke (2015 p. 62 citing Morgan 1996) presented organizational politic as an issue to survive in those atmospheres. He considered this type of politics as a full demonstration of tolerance to pacify a diversified workplace and to practice democracy. The culture of an organization is the sum of behavior inside it. Depending on the employers’ treatment and the employees’ cooperation it can

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