Employer Brand and Ethical Behavior

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Updated: Jul 18, 2019
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Employer Brand and Ethical Behavior essay


(a)Briefly discuss about this why the employee did too narrow apply to your company approach to exploring the current weakness of Employer Branding.

(b) Suggest for preparing the best practices of establishing polices to promote the ethical behavior.

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(a)Briefly discuss about this why the employee did too narrow apply to your company approach to exploring the current weakness of Employer Branding.

I am an Human Resource Manager working at Sky World Finance Co., Ltd .My company is middle level size , which perform mainly Small and Medium Enterprises (SME ) development in nationwide and service SME loan and other financial services. Now our company have plan to expand the business with more employees. Now we are preparing to recruit the new fresher employee who are non experienced .But we are facing the in my recruiting process with too narrow applicants. We thought this is the issue of weakness in Employer Brand . So we need to consider the weak point of Employer Brand how should we solve .

Employer Brand is concerned with the image of the organization and how attractive it is to work for and this will have a significant impact on the type of candidates who apply for jobs .Every organization in our business always face weak point in Employer Brand . We need to know the resources of weakness in employer brand . A strong employer brand is very important to be benefit in our organization when it will come to attracting the top talent within our company organization. To implement, an effective employer brand have been able to cut their cost-per-hire in half and attract more than three times as many applicants per vacancy. Here are three ways we can ensure our employer brand is sending the right message about our organization.

  1. Know your Employer value preposition
  2. The personal touch make a big difference
  3. Deliver on our Brand

Know your Employee Value Preposition

First we need to understand our organization culture and value to motivate and drive our current Employee. And we need to know our potential employees or groups to make targets. At this Stage , we require planning and some researches to be effective for our target groups to ask questions . What type of employees do we want to attract and motivate ? How can we create an business environment to get such type of motivation and interest ? What does our current employer brand say about us to prospective candidates?

The Personal touch make a difference

The personal touch is an essential point to be effective in Employer Brand . Fresher employees or non- experienced persons can interact with our organization so many ways thorough the internet , social web pages or through the current employee or job recruitment agency etc. Each community can give a unique opportunity to the fresher employees personally . Engaging with organization who can be a future leader in our organization . In that stage , Recruitment process is very important to allocate the people at the right time in the right place . Organization need to know and follow HR strategy and polices in the recruitment process . Some of the recruitment software can attract the potential employees to fix with our company Organization .. To deliver personal touch in our employer brand , we need to think like a potential candidate or a fresher employee . So we can feel their personal feeling , understand what’s important to them during their interactions with our brand.

Deliver on our Brand

The success goal to be a strong employer brand is to be recruitment more and more employees for organization. If the candidates may become employees, they will consider to choose our brand within the recruitment process . So our employer brand will be closely aligned with their experiences and company organization culture .Thus , our new hire will be attracted to our organization and highly engaged with the employees . They can themselves become part of the employer brand. (Sexton, 2016)

By conclusion , if we should make our own employer brand with three positive findings ,we believe that we can make the positive changes from current weakness to effectiveness in our own employer brand . We can recruit so many of new fresher employees who are non- experienced in our organization . We can avoid narrow applicants in recruitment process . We can develop our SME Loan services to expand the business with more employees .

That’s why we should apply this three effective ways in our company the more employees can Approach to our SME Loan services organization and we finally can build our strong employer brand .

(b) Suggest for preparing the best practices of establishing polices to promote the ethical behavior. We are working in company . So we want to discuss to promote the ethical behavior as companies point of views. Nowadays , We organization have become Globalization .So we should consider to promote our ethical behavior with the best practices in our work place and working environment . Everybody knows unpleasant behavior such as stealing , lying and cheating etc. As a company employee we can’t assume that our workers are actually understanding how to act ethical behavior .

Ethical means a strong set of values that Organization defines and enforces that are generally good for the whole . (Schaefer, 2017). We have to follow and prepare the best practices of Establishing polices to promote the ethical behavior . They are

  1. Establish the standards of Ethical .
  2. Ethical training is required to provide
  3. Practice the ethical behavior by using reward system.
  4. Misconduct dealing to others .

Establish the standard of Ethical in the work place

We can post written -standards in work area or notice board or in our employee book . All standards must be understood by the company employees so we need to us simple sentences acceptable by the ethical business practices . Setting the ethical standard as exact as possible .Example “ Employee are not allowed to cheat on physical appearance or sexual advance of any kind in the working area “. Modern Ethical behavior to top down . Leadership as an organization must write with ethical standards to all types of business letter such as email , Memo , Report ,announcement etc .And then recruit the applicant with high value that improve our company ethical standards .

Ethical training is required to provide

The company ethic officer or HR relevant persons need to list out for specific company strategy. This training should be included in annual meeting as a company ethic training secession. Example “ Presentation as a specific example – Sexual Harassment , hostile behavior and other unethical conduct” . And then focus on developing skill to perform efficiently and teach the company employee how to manage the time , solve the problem , ask for help as required .

Set the reasonable objective to meet their criteria within the deadline . Annual training days will help to improve our company ethic culture .Finally we can review and identify the ethical business standards and business practices in our work place .

Practice the ethical behavior by using reward system. Ethical conduct to all financial reward and non financial reward regarding promotion , raises and bonus etc. As a good practice , we need to review regularly monthly or annual by giving marking rates of their services or working practices ethically . Example “ The Best Employee of the Month”. So employee will get motivation and works as ethical practices .So our working organization will be pleasant working place .

Misconduct Dealing

We need to communicate by regulation with disciplinary procedures clearly. All should know the circumstances of unethical behavior . Need to inform all company employees regarding with disciplinary procedures measurement in company written ethical standards , in new hiring or in company training secessions . If anyone from company treat us unethical behavior such as sexual harassments , need to know to report misconduct without fear . We have to know misconduct allegations rapidly .

Byconclusion , everyone in the organization must be hold same ethical standards and should follow the ethical practices as I mentioned in above . We believe our working organization will be a good pleasant working condition and may be full with improved ethical behavior . (co-author, 2014-2015)

References – (Sexton, 2016), (Schaefer, 2017), (Sexton, 2016)


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