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Debt Essays

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The Pros and Cons of Free College

Words: 481 Pages: 2 7529

A college education should not be free to everyone. There are several reasons why it would not be logical to make college tuition free. It would hurt the economy and there would be many people who are unemployed or underemployed. (Should College be Free) Although a student would not have to pay for a college […]

Topics: College, Debt, Economy, Poverty, Should College Be Free, Student Loan, Tax

The Book Describing Medicare and other Social Programs

Words: 1495 Pages: 5 3505

The book ‘ Where does the money go ‘ was insightful. I had not thought of any of the situations that were brought up until after finishing the book. This book talks about where the money goes after national elections and gives readers insight on what to think about before casting their votes. It also […]

Topics: Book Review, Debt, Health Care, Medicaid, Medicare, United States

Under Insurance

Words: 2710 Pages: 9 3969

The studies and findings related to the underinsurance has been discussed before in recent years. It has been proved and showed in the articles, journals, research papers, presentations and news. From the studies, it has been said that the underinsurance in Malaysia is high as well as the awareness of the underinsurance. Underinsurance is quantified […]

Topics: Debt, Finance, Insurance, Wealth

The Real Cause of the Housing Crash

Words: 1784 Pages: 6 3972

The real reason the housing market crashed in 2008 stems from the fact that President Clinton and his Department of Housing and Urban Development signed off on over 100 executive orders pressuring banks to qualify credit for individuals in high-risk communities, which was collectively called the Community Reinvestment Act. The CRA directly led to over […]

Topics: Bank, Debt, Housing, Money, Subprime mortgage crisis, United States

Is College Worth the Expense?

Words: 760 Pages: 3 5500

This paper will be debating whether the cost of college is worth the expense. There are several factors that go into debating whether you should attend college or not. The stress associated with financing college in the United States has raised a big red flag for many people. Not only can college put you in […]

Topics: College, Debt, Investment, Is College Worth It, Student Debt, Student Loan, United States
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Is College Worth the Cost?

Words: 3131 Pages: 10 5506

For many years people have been questioning whether college education is worth the increasingly high price. Many studies have been conducted to determine the answer. Some scholars say college is not worth the inflated cost because it leaves them so deeply in debt. Their salaries are not sufficient in allowing them to pay off their […]

Topics: Debt, Economy, Finance, Is College Worth It

One of Rome’s Greatest Leaders

Words: 1005 Pages: 3 4210

Julius Caesar was born on the July 12, 100 BC. His Father was too named Julius Caesar. His father was a Praetor who governed the province of Asia. His mother was named Aurelia Cotta was of noble family. Both his father and his mother help a Popular ideology of Rome. This favored democratization of government […]

Topics: Ancient Rome, Augustus, Debt, Julius Caesar

College and Education

Words: 971 Pages: 3 5109

Nelson Mandela once said,””Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world””. The percentage of people going to college has decreased by 6.6% in universities in the 2017-18 year (Redden). People also aren’t attending college because of its intimidating prices (Knerl). This means that more and more people are not […]

Topics: College, Debt, Employment, Happiness, Is College Worth It

Unemployment in Society

Words: 817 Pages: 3 4322

When workers become involuntarily unemployed, there are several costs associated which they will unquestionably have to bear. These could come from the fact that there are certain firm-specific skills that an individual has, thus leading to scarce opportunities for individuals searching for jobs matching their specific skills (Lazear, 2003). Moreover, the costs could be associated […]

Topics: Debt, Economy, Employment, Policy, Risk, Unemployment

Controversy Concerning Adult Drinking Age

Words: 1533 Pages: 5 4021

Although drinking by persons under the age of 21 is illegal, people aged 12 to 20 years drink 11% of all alcohol consumed in the United States (Alcohol and Public Health). Researchers have argued that drinking alcoholic beverages has not stopped teens, except it caused them to spree drink in secret and less guarded environments, […]

Topics: Adolescence, Binge Drinking, Debt, Lowering The Drinking Age

Reasons the First Two Years of College should be Free

Words: 1113 Pages: 4 6069

College is where students begin to discover themselves, make new friends, and often begin to sink in the quicksand that is the cost of college. There’s no doubt that college is expensive, nor is there any denying that the student loans people take out can wage a heavy and increasing debt over their heads for […]

Topics: College, Debt, Poverty, Should College Be Free, Student Loan

Fear of Failure as a Reason of Anxiety

Words: 2986 Pages: 10 4682

The exponential rise in anxiety throughout the youth in behalf of the morally accepted fear of failure has overwhelmed various concerned individuals. The pressure of maintaining a presence among social media, being an exceptional athlete, as well as a scholar puts constraints on the adolescent. The concern of deficiency submerges the youth until anxiety is […]

Topics: Adolescence, Anxiety, Debt, Emotion, Health, Mental Disorder, Student Athlete

Should Higher Education be Free?

Words: 1466 Pages: 5 17761

College education is very important for a lot of people. However a lot of us can not afford it because is expensive. Having a free college education would be easier for students because they do not have to worry about the cost of the class or the books and they will focus more on their […]

Topics: College, Debt, Economy, Poverty, Should College Be Free, Student Loan

Comparison of Amazon and Walmart Companies

Words: 609 Pages: 2 5902

After analyzing and reviewing both Amazon and Walmart’s annual reports to determine their financial positions, it is evident that both companies have different pros and cons in regard to investment purposes. Amazon is considered the world’s largest online retailer and service provider. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of many […]

Topics: Debt, Economy, Finance, Walmart

Why College Tuition should be Free

Words: 715 Pages: 2 11880

There are so many reasons why college should be free for everyone. First there would be fewer people that would need to have government assistance. Also with free college education there would be smarter people making better decisions that could help solve our most difficult challenges. Students won’t graduate without a job and $ 30,000 […]

Topics: College, Debt, Economy, Policy, Poverty, Should College Be Free, Social Issues, Student Debt, Student Loan, Welfare

More than Stress Biological Effects of Student Debt

Words: 1341 Pages: 4 5256

Introduction: “”Student debt is on the rise is a statement made by every article that examines student debt. Studies that consider the effects of student debt on college students have concluded that that those who take out loans and gain debt are affected negatively by the need to pay those debts and having to add […]

Topics: College, Debt, Health, Mental Disorder, Stress, Student Debt

Tensions in Ssas as Functions of Labor-Capital and Government-Economy Relationships

Words: 2240 Pages: 7 4158

In The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Max Weber posits that the most productive use of money is made by investing it to provide an impetus to nascent capitalism instead of wasting it on luxuries and self-gratification. In direct relation to this, Bowles defines accumulation as a “profit-driven investment” (134) which encompasses investment […]

Topics: Bank, Capitalism, Debt, Economy, Finance

Pepsi Vs Coca Cola

Words: 637 Pages: 2 4510

Many companies get loans in order to help finance their operations. Interest must be paid on these loans to the creditors. The times interest ratio (TIE), also known as the interest coverage ratio, is a metric that allows companies to measure their ability to meet their debt obligation (“Time Interest Earned – TIE,” 2018). In […]

Topics: Coca Cola, Debt, Economy, Finance

Unemployment during the Great Depression

Words: 409 Pages: 1 5122

The stock market crash all started on black tuesday on october 24, 1929. During Black Tuesday 16,410,030 shares on the New York stock were traded in a single day. Billions of dollars were lost, wiping out thousands of investors. Tons of machines controlling the trades were shut down due to the tremendous amounts of share […]

Topics: Debt, Economy, Finance, Money, The Great Depression, Unemployment

Medicare in the United States

Words: 2139 Pages: 7 3595

Access to affordable healthcare is a huge issue in America. Whether Americans are dealing with huge amounts of medical debt, are trying to find insurance that will provide adequate coverage, or trying to find insurance that they can afford, millions of Americans deal with issues regarding getting quality healthcare daily. According to the United States […]

Topics: Debt, Health Care, Health Insurance, Medicare, United States

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