Should Higher Education be Free?

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College education is very important for a lot of people. However a lot of us can not afford it because is expensive. Having a free college education would be easier for students because they do not have to worry about the cost of the class or the books and they will focus more on their studies. Qualified students should be given a free college education because it is expensive and it will help them find a career that they enjoy. Maria is a student that just graduated high school with good SAT scores and good grades but unfortunately she can not go to college because she do not have the money to afford it. Maria comes from an immigrant family that has a very low income. It would be very hard for her to get a college education because getting a loan would leave her in debt . Many students are just like Maria, and can not get the education they desire.

The average debt of borrowers of getting a master’s degree in a non profit college increased a 30 percent between the years 2001 to 2015.( Erik Maslow). ‘The rise of the cost of loan debt has a record of 1.5 trillion, more than twice what consumers owe on credit cards.(Erik Maslow) The average debt that people have around the United States is about 30.000 dollars. ( Debt association) People spend a lot of money in college education as result can make us be on debt the rest of our lives. “If people did not have this amount of student loan debt, they could buy houses, buy consumer items and contribute more with the economy”. ( Alan Greenblatt)

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There are many high school students with good grades that come from a low income household, and they are not the ones that goes to a good school. Even though they were successful in high school, we often see that they do not have opportunity to go to college. We are wasting a lot of people’s intelligence by not helping them with their college education.

In addition to worrying less about costs, students would be able to focus more on their college education. Having free college would make more students graduated on time and they would be ready to takes the good jobs and improve our society. Student aid has not been helpful enough these past couple of years. For example, today a federal pell grant only covers 30 percent of the average cost of going to a four year college or university (Mark Huelsman).

In 1973 it used to cover 75 percent of the cost. (Alan Greenblatt). Student aid had changed immensely and not everyone is eligible to get it. There’s a lot of injustice with student aid because a lot of people that they really need it they are not “qualified”. ( Erich Gonzales).

Over the past the past half century a college degree has been a primary ticket to have a better future. Workers with only a high school education have fallen behind and are more likely than college students to be unemployed and live in poverty. ( Mark Huelsman). In 2016, the average salary for a college graduate is $ 44,000 to compared with a high school graduate is only $ 25,000.(Marc Joseph). Not having a college degree can make you have difficulties in life like problems to afford a place to live or having a car. (“Public university values”)

There is different ways were we can make college education free. For example the students who volunteer with the Americorps could have a free college education. Bill Clinton also created different types of programs to allow federal government to provide an education where they can learn different types of jobs. The ex president Bill Clinton also wanted to make different ways where students of low income would have a free college education. He said that “If they were more college graduates the country would improve immensely as well as the economy”. ( Sue Kirchhoff)

Having a free college education could also make a big impact in the United States. People with more college degrees would make the economy grow. Free college would benefit the country because there would be more jobs available and it would be less poverty. ( Emily Bohatch) More people will take the higher paying jobs than the ones that has minimum wage.The economy will grow faster and would make billions of dollars to the country. Free college would open opportunities to a lot of students around the country. People would be more educated and their would be less delinquency. Having a free college education would make a big impact to the country.

People would have more freedom to contribute with more talents and ideas.They will pursue their dreams. This will make the life of a lot of people much happier. A college educated person could make better decisions in society which can make solving problems easier.

A lot of smart high school students do not apply to colleges because they do not have the money to afford it but having a free college education would make them have more opportunities and they can succeed in their life.Not having free college would make students graduate with high amount of loan debt that will reduce the person chances to own a house, getting married or accumulating a good wealth. This would make the person struggle economically.

Having a free education can bring a lot of benefits to the country. It would prepare the people to be in the workforce and to the society. It will give you more opportunities to learn new things. It will also help the country to have less public assistance and the country would improve their economy.

According to Mark Huelsman the Director for Policy and Research, providing a major education investment could be the best inventions nationwide. Free college is not a new idea it existed in several states. And debt-free college is certainly not new; it was not until the mid-1990s that most people had to borrow to finance a four-year degree. ( Mark Huelsman).Huelsman think that the movement towards free college education is a necessary corrective after decades of unfilled promises. Now, the price to attend college continues to rise even as income for most workers remains flat. Most students can no longer work their way through school without also taking on loans, and student loan delinquencies and defaults remain unconscionably high despite having generous loan-repayment options. (Mark Huelsman)

On the other side, policy analyst Mary Amselem says that we should not have a free college education because she said we could not afford it. There would be a lot of bad changes in the government because of the cost of the college tuition. She said the money to pay the college would get out of the taxpayers and that a lot of people would be mad because of it. She said that the federal government has taken over the college education financing and distributing a 90 percent of student loans. (Amselem). She said that students loans help a lot the people that go to college and that is way were people have help on paying the college tuition. (Amselem).

Loans are not the best way where can help a person. Actually is the last decision people would have to take because if would make them be on debt. A lot people take loans and sometimes is not even worth it because once they graduated they have a big debt.They might not get enough to pay they necessities and their loans. Having a loan debt can make them have problems in their future like purchasing a house, a car or having kids. Manuel is a person that graduate from college 5 years ago and he still has a lot of loan debt. This is making have problems with purchasing a house and having kids.

People after college are hoping to have a good future and not be worried about all the debts that the loans cause them. They could have severe mental problems like anxiety or depression that can even cause them to commit suicide. Some people can handle the pressure of having to be in debt.

Free college education could solve a lot of the problems that people have in their life.

College education is very important for many people. Unfortunately a lot of them can afford it because of the high cost . Free education would make society be more educated. They would take better decisions and their would be less poverty.Free college education would make us live in a country more developed that care about the people. It can bring us a lot of benefit in general. There would be more people qualify to get a high pay job and would be more professional people. It would make the society take more wise decisions.

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