Should College be Free: Pros and Cons

Written by: Dr Deonne PhD.
Updated: Dec 22, 2022
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All over the world, many adults have not obtained a college education. As a result, they work at jobs that do not pay them well and overwork them. Although every person looks forward to the reality of the “American Dream”, that dream cannot be a reality because of the cost of tuition. When people consider the high cost of tuition, they are stressed even more and students doubt the worth of going through college training. Ultimately, one needs to go through college and attain an education, but the cost associated with college is not worth it.

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There are many reasons why college education should be free, but one main reason is to allow students to concentrate on their studies in a college of their choice other than the cost itself. Having free tuition will eliminate the need for government assistance and student loans can translate into financial burdens.

College education needs to be free to allow the students to focus more on their school of choice than the costs involved. Every person desires to enroll in schools that will allow them to exploit their full potential and strengthen their intelligence. This can be done without necessarily having to worry about the costs. Having scholarships is a form of help but scholarships can only be to a limited extent because most scholarships can sustain only a limited number, and others are given only for a limited period. Having a free college education will enable students from low socioeconomic backgrounds to attend colleges and allow them to raise the required graduation fees. Every student will be free to select an education major that they have an interest in and that will translate into more successful graduates that would be competent in the fields of their interest. For example, if a student has a passion for becoming a surgeon, the thought of the tuition fee will discourage them and their dream would stall. Eventually, that student will end up doing something they are not passionate about. The student could have been a future doctor that is then lost among many who could not achieve their full potential.

Colleges need to be free since having free tuition will reduce the need for government assistance. The only cost that the students will be shouldering will be their necessities and living expenses. A lot of people are resorting to financial assistance to help them fund basic community colleges when their potential is way more than that. Having a free college will become a great difference because not many people would be opting to use government aid such as loans and grants to finance their training. Many adults will have an opportunity to enroll in colleges because currently most of them do not qualify for financial assistance and that becomes a barrier to them. In contemporary society, it is difficult to find a stable and successful career when you have no college degree. Having a free college will thus enable adults to secure better careers, take better care of their families, and lead more stable lives. That will result in the termination of other government programs. If all people could access the necessary education that would enable them to be who they desire to be, most government programs that are established to help would be unnecessary because people would be stable enough to provide for themselves. Many families are still relying on programs like Medicaid, WIC, and EBT simply because they cannot reach where they want to reach owing to the high cost of a college education. Being in a good career can guarantee an individual a successful life that will not require government assistance programs, then that amount can be used to support other beneficial programs.

The other reason why free college should be provided is that when students are allowed to take education loans, such loans end up becoming financial burdens for them. One of the reasons why students do not excel the way they should is because they are stressed as they try to pay off their student loans or are overworked to manage to repay the loans. Until the loan is fully settled, it can choke off someone’s progress in life because it is a burden. This is another reason why many individuals shy off from applying to enroll in colleges to pursue the majors of their dream. Since everyone dreams of becoming somebody or achieving something in life, they need a college degree to enable them to succeed in their fields. When one does not qualify for grants or scholarships, they only have the option of taking loans to finance their education. Often, people are unable to repay the loans because they end up securing underpaid jobs. When people cannot repay the loans, they are strained and their lives become difficult. Since the graduates do not necessarily secure jobs as soon as they are out of school, the loans’ interests keep growing and that may imply having extra years to repay the loans. Because of the issues that accompany loans and the stress that accompanies them, it is important to make college education free.

Numerous reasons support the need for making college tuition free. Students will benefit from the free tuition in that they will concentrate on their school work rather than the cost. The need for government support programs will also reduce because people will be more stable. Also, the free college will free students from long-term debts. When colleges offer free tuition, adults will have an opportunity to pursue their dreams and do what they desire in life. Families will also be empowered to take better care of their people. When people are allowed to study in their colleges of choice, many intelligent minds will be produced but that can only happen if the college tuition fee is free.

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