Should College be Free: Pros and Cons

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Many adults go throughout life without a college education, working at jobs that underpay and overwork. Even though everybody wants that “American Dream”, it cannot be achieved simply because of tuition cost. The cost itself adds unneeded stress on most people and make students doubt whether college is even worth attending. In the end, college is highly necessary but the cost associated with isn’t. College should be free for many reasons but mainly because students can focus more on school of their choice and not on the cost, free tuition can create less need for government assistance, and student loans can become a financial burden.

College should be free because students can focus more on the school that they want and not on the cost of it. Everyone wants to apply to schools that can push them to use their full potential and work to strengthen their intelligence, and they can do this without having to worry about the cost. Scholarships can only go so far, most only have a limited number that can be given, others can only be given for a certain amount of time. If education was free, more students that come from low income families that actually want to attend college can, and will also raise graduation rates for colleges all around. All students would be free to choose a major they want and are interested in, and that will raise more successful graduates that can work in fields that appeal to them. If you attend a prestigious school to become a surgeon, that cost will scare students away from pursuing that dream and they will be stuck doing something the never wanted. That could’ve been a future doctor that is now lost among others who never achieved their full potential.

Colleges should also be free because free tuition will create less need for government assistance. Students will only have to pay for their living expenses and necessities that they need. Many people are using financial aid to attend basic community colleges when they can do much more than that. This will make a huge difference when it comes to how many people have to use government assistance, because there would be no need to continuously use grants or loans. Many more adults would be able to go the school because right now most cannot qualify for financial aid and that itself makes students choose to not attend. It is hard to find a successful and stable career without a college degree. Adults all over will be able to provide for their families with better careers, and create a stable life for themselves. This can eventually lead to the end of other government programs. If everyone could just have the necessary education that they need to become who they want to be in life, there would be no need to have help if they could just provide on their own. Majority of families are stuck on programs such as EBT, WIC, Medicaid, etc. This is because of the simple fact that they cannot be where they want in life because a college degree might be holding them back. A proper career can ensure a successful life and most likely the end of government programs, and that money could be used for many more issues going on in today’s world.

Another reason college should be free is because student loans can become a financial burden on student and graduates. Students either do not succeed as well as they should or don’t graduate because they are overworked or stressed to pay off their student loans. Loans can follow you around for years and puts a burden on your life until it’s paid off. This becomes a major reason for why people don’t want to apply for college and cant do what they always dreamed of. Everyone has a dream they have in life and most things require a college degree if you want to succeed. If you cant qualify for scholarships or grants, loans are the only other way to pay and people become stuck at underpaid jobs for choosing to not have a loan stuck to them. It creates a strain for everyone that cannot afford to pay it off. Graduates aren’t always given a job straight out of school, so the interest accrued on the loan can add extra years of payments. Loans are unnecessary and an important reason to make colleges free.

There are plenty of reasons as to why college should offer free tuition to students everywhere. It can help them focus on school and not on the cost, it will create a lesser need for government assistance, and students won’t be buried under loan debts for years. If colleges can offer free tuition, it can give adults a chance to achieve their dreams and do what they want in life. It can give all families a chance to provide for their own family, and it can remove much stress and debts from many lives. It can breed intelligent minds if challenged enough at the correct school, but that won’t happen if people cant attend a school that appeals to them simply because of the tuition.

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