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Female Education Essays

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Education as a Foundational Human Right

Words: 760 Pages: 3 4029

As seen in a voguish society, education is a foundational human right. It is essentially an enabling right that creates various avenues for the exercise of other basic human rights. Once granted access, it can lubricate the fulfillment of other rights and freedoms more specifically pertaining to children. Essentially, the lack of education allocation is […]

Topics: Child, Economy, Female Education, Poverty, Social Issues, Teenage Pregnancy

Issues of Gender Discrimination in Education

Words: 1382 Pages: 5 4402

World over, equality in education, employment and access to productive resources have been noted as needed indicators for economic development. Writing on “Women’s Experiences in Labour Force Participation”, Nkoli (2005) reported, Women participation in paid employment for a long time was characterized by female dominance in lower cadre jobs and minimal participation in executive, administrative, […]

Topics: Doing gender, Employment, Female Education, Gender, Gender Roles, Social Inequality, Social Issues

Research Paper on Gender Inequality in the Workforce in India

Words: 2179 Pages: 7 5404

Abstract India demonstrates significant economy growth that contrary to universal norms results in lower female labor force participation. The issue is a deep-rooted problem, which is aggravated by a wide range of factors, the major of which are social norms and insufficient level of training and information on job opportunities. Despite the presence of these […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Female Education, Gender, Gender Inequality, Unemployment

Terrorism and Education

Words: 2858 Pages: 10 4302

“Education is a key component to any well-rounded society. A diverse set of life experiences in conjunction with education is the best way to ensure a society will have the most well-thought-out and dynamic policies. Unfortunately, in many countries, about half the population isn’t given equal access to education, resulting in leaders with a narrower […]

Topics: Child, Female Education, Human Rights, Justice, Malala Yousafzai, Marriage, Sexism, Social Issues

Pakistan and Gender Equality

Words: 799 Pages: 3 3826

Gender equality change must be made in the curriculum for the lower-middle class schooling system for the prevention of poverty and child mortality in Pakistan. This is a crucial time for this whole world with Women’s empowerment and Pakistan has a long way to go since its independence from India as an Islamic state to show […]

Topics: Child, Critical Theory, Discrimination, Empowerment, Female Education, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Roles
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