Why College should not be Free

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Why College should not be Free

This essay will present arguments against making college education free. It will discuss the potential consequences of free college tuition, including the financial burden on taxpayers, the devaluation of a college degree, and challenges in maintaining quality and competitiveness in higher education. The piece will also explore alternative solutions for making college more affordable and accessible without resorting to complete subsidization. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about College.

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Free colleges might seem like a good idea, but there are many problems in this system. First, schools have the possibility of being overfilled because so many people would apply to free colleges. Desirable degrees will likely be taken because of so many people getting a free education to get them. Skill jobs, which are jobs that don’t necessarily require a degree, would have less people working in that field, and because they don’t require a degree, many people would probably have a degree and would not want to “waste” it.

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Taxes would be a lot higher, because America already pays for public schooling, so adding free colleges, which takes a lot more money to run, would be an extremely large amount of money to pay.

Students might take their ability of getting a free education less seriously. Overfilling colleges would mean that the job you might get would most likely be taken upon by other people who want the same job, which would lower your percentage to actually get the job. If a lot of students get degrees, it could possibly lead to a number of workers being inactive during their work, which would be based on their limitations.

If colleges were free, then the education system would be flooded with more people trying to get a degree. Right now, going to college and getting a degree sets you apart from others when you are applying for the job. If everyone got a degree and was going for the same job, then this means that when applying for the job, there are going to be other people with the same level of education applying for the same job.

Going to college is used to get a degree in a field that interests you. So many people going to college devalues your college degree, and with everyone getting the same education, it would be harder to get a job. If a lot of people end up getting the same degree, then all of those jobs will be taken quickly which will result in low/no income and could potentially end with homelessness. The job market will become more competitive than ever, and it will be hard to find the right person for the job with so many people with the same level of education.

With so many people getting the same degree, jobs that do not require a degree such as construction, painting, or other “skill jobs” will have less people doing that kind of work, which still makes good money and is necessary. “Skill Jobs”, are necessary but will hold less interest for people who could otherwise get a degree. Even today, less people want to do jobs like construction, painting, landscaping, and other jobs like that, but if they don’t do it then who will?

Taxes would be a lot higher/decreasing money given to different organizations, which might affect America in general.

Some colleges might have to create wait lists, because so many people would apply and so many people who had families low in income would not be able to get in, and people who would have enough money to go to a private college would try to get into a free one (if they wanted the things that college was offering). People applying to free colleges might not be able to get in, even if that was the field that that specific college specialized in. Taxes would also be overall higher, since part of tax money goes to public schools already, so adding free public colleges (where education costs much more), would cost a large amount more.

If college was free, schools would be overcrowded. Schools are already overcrowded in most high schools, and as the graduating classes get bigger and bigger, there are going to be more people in college, proceeding to the fact that there are going to be more people in college. Many people present this fact with the solution that we should expand our colleges, but the problem with that is that is that there isn’t enough space. The amount of money that it would take to expand to fit more people would be an immense amount of money spent, an immense amount of money that could be used for many other things.

One of the other problems with free college is that it would not help the lower middle class and the poor. The idea of a free college wouldn’t provide much additional help to the lowest of society. There are many factors that could come into play when dealing with the overcrowdedness of colleges, and that is just another reason why college should not be free.

Many people have different opinions on if college should be free or if college should not be free. This question should not just be based on a yes or no answer. This topic should have more thought, because sometimes people can just say no to free colleges. Education is one of the biggest factors that can or can not help the country, and some people think that college shouldn’t be free for many reasons.

Many people are on a waiting list, and sometimes it can be hard to wait for that school to get back to you. Being on a waiting list means that you are trying to finish the application, or you are waiting for the school to accept you into that school. Many colleges can put different questions on the application, to challenge the student to do the best he/she can do. It will also tell the teacher what the student can do and what he/she is talented at. These are good reasons that a free college is a good idea. It is also hard to fill out a college application and turn the application in, on time. Plus, the more you hold back the more that college might not want you to be in that college, because you didn’t turn the application in on time. Colleges have websites that the students can use. With the website, the student will need to have Some schools wait on the students to turn in the application, so the schools need to wait for the students to do the application. Again, filling out an application can be hard work and some of the questions can hard for some people and that is ok, because many schools change up their applications to challenge people to try their best. Many schools have a website that you need to put in a username and password. Then, you can start the process of getting ready for college. The end result is filling out an application is hard work and waiting on a waiting list, trying to do your application to be done, or waiting for the school to accept your application can be hard, as well. So, just try your best and everything will work out on its own.

College waiting lists are another big part of free colleges. People who have money to pay for a private college might still try to get into a free public college, and people deserving of free college (or people that can’t pay for private colleges) might not be able to get in because of the long waiting lists at some colleges.

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