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Food Essays

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Keeping Animals in Zoos is Cruel?

Words: 1540 Pages: 5 24260

How would you feel if you had bars surrounding you, faces peering in every minute of the day, and being taken out of your natural habitat? Having animals in a zoo is simply cruel to the animal. Most people get entertained by watching animals in zoos and knowing more about their behaviors. However, others believe […]

Topics: Animals, Food, Zoo

Pros and Cons of Veganism

Words: 2047 Pages: 7 10911

Veganism is a controversial topic among many people that often results in heated debates. Those who follow the vegan lifestyle, or at least advocate for it, argue that it is a clean and healthy way to live, a way that has positive effect on both a person’s physical health and their impact on the environment. […]

Topics: Food, Health, Veganism

Food Waste Causes and Effects

Words: 475 Pages: 2 6518

Food waste means to throw food away even it is still able to eat. According to The European Commission, food waste means misuse combined with fresh or cooked food components and combines food abandoned at any moment, which means in family units associating with food waste created before, during or after food preparedness, such as […]

Topics: Food, Food Waste, Human Impact On The Environment, Landfill, Natural Environment

GMO Position Paper

Words: 867 Pages: 3 9097

Abstract GMO foods are a controversial subject today. In this paper I will discuss some of pros of GMOs, thoughts for the future, personal opinions as well as other subjects concerning genetically modified foods and my research on the subject. GMO Position Paper What is the definition of Genetically Modified Foods? According to the World […]

Topics: Food, Genetic Engineering, GMO, Health, Malnutrition

Childhood Obesity: Causes and Consequences

Words: 1470 Pages: 5 14040

Obesity is one of the leading causes of diseases. Over the past 60 years obesity has increased amongst the human population. There is an increasing amount of children who are facing and dealing with obesity. It is hard for nutrition to be a factor of importance when people are always in an “on the go” […]

Topics: Childhood, Childhood Obesity, Determinants Of Health, Fast Food, Food, Health, Obesity, Public Health
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Are GMO Foods Better than Organic Foods

Words: 638 Pages: 2 8490

When we talk about GMO a lot of people might think that GMO(genetic modified organism) is used in animal or human, but today I will talk about the use of GMO on the plant. A lot of people think that GMO is not safe for eat because you are changing a DNA/gene of the plant […]

Topics: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food, GMO

Tackling Childhood Obesity in Rural Mississippi

Words: 1149 Pages: 4 3979

Childhood obesity is a growing health issue in the United States. Children with higher Body Mass Indexes than the recommended by the National Institutes of Health are more prone to adverse health effects later in life. Obesity in early age can translate into adulthood and increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes (Franks […]

Topics: Childhood Obesity, Determinants Of Health, Food, Health, Healthy Diet, Obesity, Socioeconomic Status

Is Veganism Beneficial or Detrimental to Society?

Words: 1956 Pages: 7 5596

Veganism, a “strict vegetarian diet,” is a very popular, yet controversial lifestyle to follow today. According to Alina Petre, a registered dietitian, the online search for the term vegan has risen by more than 250%. The word vegan has become more and more popular amongst society and many have gained more knowledge on the lifestyle […]

Topics: Cardiovascular Disease, Food, Health, Veganism, Vegetarianism

Fast Food Vs Home Cooked

Words: 2182 Pages: 7 6467

Food is a basic necessity for all organisms on Earth. In fact, food is consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism, and it also provides energy, maintains life, or stimulates growth. Nowadays, we classify food into two which are healthy food and junk food. Healthy food is any food believed to be “good for […]

Topics: Fast Food, Food, Junk Food

Childhood Obesity – Causes and Potential Long-Term Effects

Words: 1822 Pages: 6 4656

Abstract There is growing concern about the state of children’s health. Every year there is an increase in the number of overweight and obese children. What causes this and what does it mean for them long-term? There are many contributing factors to children’s weight issues. Some of these factors are limited access to healthy food, […]

Topics: Childhood, Childhood Obesity, Food, Health, Healthy Diet, Obesity

Food Waste Problem in the United States of America

Words: 2153 Pages: 7 4088

In the past decade, consumer behavior in the United States and the world has become the guileless act of acquiring goods and services to maintain households, but also to pursue human satisfaction of personal needs and wants. The entire economy is wasteful; it is based on the human urge to consume and society further persuades […]

Topics: Food, Food Waste

Design and Fabrication of Rice Planting Machine

Words: 1203 Pages: 4 4626

Abstract: Manual method of seed planting, results in low seed placement, spacing efficiencies and serious back pain for the farmer which confines the size of field that can be planted. The cost price of imported planters has gone beyond the purchasing power of most of our farmers. Peasant farmers can do much to increase food […]

Topics: Agriculture, Food

The Main Symptoms of an Eating Disorder

Words: 1695 Pages: 6 3580

Anorexia nervosa is classified as a severe mental illness characterized by a significant reduction in energy intake, resulting in weight loss (Stockford et al., 2018). It is an eating disorder that consists of physical and mental symptoms caused by starvation (Föcker, Knoll, & Hebebrand, 2013). It is more prominent in women, with an estimate of […]

Topics: Anorexia, Brain, Eating Disorder, Food, Health, Risk

Are G.M.O. Foods Safe?

Words: 1754 Pages: 6 7293

Following the discovery of the double helix, DNA structure in 1953, genetic engineering became increasingly popular in experimenting with different genetic traits, within different organisms. The science behind Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is different from selective breeding. It involves the insertion of DNA from one organism into another, or a modification of an organism’s DNA […]

Topics: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food, Genetic Engineering, GMO

Fast Food Nation Final

Words: 1328 Pages: 4 5439

Growing up when it came to food the same phrase was always repeated, “you are what you eat.” This is true to a degree. The fast food industry has triggered our society and has even created uprisings of protests and activist groups boycotting restaurants and food markets.  Fast food has riled up our nation, fueled […]

Topics: Fast Food, Food, Health, Obesity

Classes of Rich and Poor Analyzis

Words: 939 Pages: 3 3534

Normally we see such huge numbers of people around. Some people are poor and some people are rich. Apparently everything appears to be extremely casual to us however if we want to analyze these two classes of rich and poor individuals, we become more aware with the moments that unimportant things which a poor misses […]

Topics: Food, Human Nature, Love, Poverty

Disease and Nutrition Gloria Lyles West Coast University, Ontario

Words: 1544 Pages: 5 1654

My patient is J.W., he is a 60-year-old African-American male who identifies as Catholic. J.W. is 6’0” in height and weighs 230lbs. The patient is married and has three children. He leads a fairly sedentary lifestyle as he travels three days a week for work and tends to eat out three meals per day. His […]

Topics: Diabetes, Food

The Causes and Preventions of Childhood Obesity

Words: 2165 Pages: 7 6243

When trying to find out if a child is considered for obesity, they need to have a body mass index that is between the ranges of the 85th percentile and the 95th percentile. When speaking about childhood obesity it is for children between the ages of infancy and early adulthood which is eighteen years of […]

Topics: Cardiovascular Disease, Childhood Obesity, Determinants Of Health, Fast Food, Food, Health, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes

The Benefits of Veganism on Animal Rights

Words: 1234 Pages: 4 5728

Millennials are central drivers of this worldwide shift away from consuming animal products. But the plant-based movement is bigger than any one generation. Over recent years, veganism has turned from a fad into a healthy trend. While many people may think that the dietary limitations of a vegan lifestyle may not have many benefits, it […]

Topics: Animal Rights, Food, Veganism

Home-Cooked Food

Words: 484 Pages: 2 4347

Fast food can be very harmful to the human body. There is nothing good about it. It causes many health problems that are deadly. About 30% of our population is overweight because of fast food. That is about 2 billion people. Not only died it cause obesity, but also increases the risk for diabetes. When […]

Topics: Fast Food, Food, Obesity

The Effects of GMO’s in Today’s World

Words: 913 Pages: 3 6612

All the food we eat – every grain of rice and kernel of corn – has been genetically modified. None of it was here before mankind learned to cultivate crops. The question isn’t whether our food has been modified, but how.? (Specter, n.d.). GMO’s are Genetically Modified Organisms?. This means that genes in an organism […]

Topics: Agriculture, Food, Genetic Engineering, GMO, Health

Food Wastage Behavior of Consumers in UMD

Words: 667 Pages: 2 4321

The secondary sources will be used in order to define problem and establish its scope and the sources were categorized in terms of methodologies used and the issues addresses (e.g. food choice, handling, disposal). In order to find a solution to the problem, I will focus on conducting the study with both secondary and primary […]

Topics: Behavior, Experiment, Food, Food Waste, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research

What is Sociological Imagination?

Words: 627 Pages: 2 6913

Sociological Imagination is a concept in sociology that helps interlink personal experiences to the wider social forces. It is the capacity to think systematically about social issues that people in a society all have in common. Hunger, poverty, and obesity are all examples of common social issues that exist within a society. According to C. […]

Topics: Disease, Food, Health, Obesity, Social Issues, Sociological imagination

Best Cure for Eating Disorder is Family Treatment

Words: 2373 Pages: 8 3459

Anorexia nervosa is prevalent among teenagers, especially teenage girls, with 3.8% of girls aged 13 to 18 having an eating disorder (National Institute of Mental Health website, November 2017.) Research has found that if the illness starts during adolescence and does not last too long that the patient’s prognosis is fairly good (Herscovici, Kovalskys, & […]

Topics: Adolescence, Child, Eating Disorder, Food, Health, Research

The Crisis of Poverty and Food

Words: 1001 Pages: 3 4330

In the articles of What Is Poverty by Jo Goodwin Parker & The Value and Price Of Food by Carlo Petrini are related on some standard level because of the link between poverty and food. Humans have this mindset that food, once used is now useless; therefore the leftover undesired food is tossed in the […]

Topics: Disease, Food, Health, Poverty, Social Issues

Climate Change and Genetically Modified Food

Words: 853 Pages: 3 4799

Social issues are the factors that affect how human beings live. One of the most prominent social issues in the twenty first century is climate change and genetically modified food. The two issues are somewhat related since climate change has changed weather patterns, forcing human beings to change their farming methods one way to adapt […]

Topics: Agriculture, Food, Genetic Engineering, Global Warming, GMO, Natural Environment

The Ritual of Fast Food by Margaret Visser

Words: 811 Pages: 3 4654

Visser was born in 1940 in South Africa, Margaret Visser was raised in Zambia and lived in England, France, lraq, and the United States before settling in Toronto, Ontario. (She is a naturalized citizen of Canada.) In this short essay, The Ritual of Fast Food. The author, Margret Visser, carefully as well as precisely dismembers […]

Topics: Fast Food, Food, Restaurant

Positive Effects of the Columbian Exchange

Words: 917 Pages: 3 7400

The Columbian exchange can be perceived as two different ways, one way is that is was overall a negative event for the New World. The other is that it was overall a positive event for the New World. The Columbian exchange was overall a positive event for the New World because it impacted the new […]

Topics: Agriculture, Columbian exchange, Food

How Fast Food Effects on Us

Words: 734 Pages: 2 4607

Fast-food is appetizing, but is it worth consumer’s health. It is no secret that fast-foods are bad for customers and can cause obesity. Obesity is defined as a person that is extremely overweight. Obesity is a serious disease that needs to be eradicated due to death tolls that occur each year. Fast-food is made of […]

Topics: Determinants Of Health, Diabetes, Fast Food, Food, Health, Healthy Diet, Obesity

Obesity in Childhood

Words: 1587 Pages: 5 4655

There are numerous issues that society faces on a daily basis. One of the issues that society faces is obesity. It is one of the leading risks of death and has been ongoing since the 1960s and 1970s. Obesity is an issue that continues to grow not only in the United States but also in […]

Topics: Cancer, Childhood Obesity, Food, Health, Healthy Diet, Junk Food, Obesity
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