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Cruelty To Animals - Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

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Cruelty to animals refers to the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals for purposes other than self-defense or survival. Essays on cruelty to animals could delve into the different forms of animal cruelty, the underlying causes, and the societal implications. Discussions might also explore the legal frameworks for animal protection, the role of animal welfare organizations, and the public awareness campaigns against animal cruelty. Moreover, analyzing the ethical considerations, the cultural attitudes towards animals, and the broader societal impact of animal cruelty can provide a comprehensive understanding of this significant moral and social issue. A substantial compilation of free essay instances related to Cruelty To Animals you can find in Papersowl database. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

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Essay About Cruelty to Animals
A case arose in Birmingham where the former attorney killed his Staffordshire Terrier brutally by lacerating his throat region. The law took the action against this animal violence and the former attorney was convicted to probation. However, the former attorney violated another sanction as he was in contact with his ex-wife. The judge punished him by sending him to jail for a day.
According to John Willey, the attorney of James Stewart Robinson, he was punished to a 5-year sentence which was previously suspended, and 3 years probation as well. This punishment was under the class C felony brutality against innocent animals. In addition, 1 year suspended sentence followed by 2-year probation was for the domestic violence and harassment charge. The proceedings are still continuing as the domestic violence charge has been appealed to the circuit court directly from the Vestavia Municipal Court.
The retired Clay County Circuit Judge John Rochester was specifically appointed for this hearing and according to Wiley the one day jail was also imposed by John Rochester. Wiley further explained that St Clair County, who was also specifically appointed for this hearing, told Rochester right before the Friday hearing that the culprit had emailed the Happy New Year and the Merry Christmas messages during the Christmas time to his ex-wife.
He further stated, “Not threatening or ugly, really just Merry Christmas. But, (his ex-wife) didn’t like him (Robinson) contacting her even in that way, according to the DA, and she contacted them about it”. Rochester had ordered Robison very clearly in the hearing that was held in July that he will have no contact with his ex-wife and the one day jail was the result of the violation of the orders.
In an email to Al.com. Wiley stated that “We are very happy to have this unfortunate incident finally resolved and we believe that the resolution reached is a good, fair and appropriate one”.
Another District attorney appointed fir this case from the St Clair County had not taken any action on the request of the comment prior to the story publication. Robison was found guilty of class C felony, first degree brutality to a dog and domestic violence of third degree.
According to the records of the court, the domestic violence charge was related to the picture of a dog with a lacerated throat he had texted to his ex-wife. He had also left a voice note for her stating “your day is coming girl'.
Robinson pleaded for probation but the Rochester ordered the officers to conduct a pre-sentencing report before he jumps to the conclusion of the case. Robison admitted during the hearing that he has crossed his limits by killing Rufus. He further said that he had an addiction to Adderall as he was suffering from ADHD. Rochester forced Robinson to explain the exact act of killing the dog. Robinson responded after a minor pause “I killed him by slicing his throat”.
As a lawyer, Robinson was inactive since his arrest. He also apologized for his doings after he was found guilty. Dwight Sloan, Jefferson’s County Sheriff’s animal cruelty investigator, was appointed for the case investigation.
Robison talked about his drug addiction and he said that he is trying to recover and he has been helping other lawyers dealing with drug addiction. It happened when he developed a strong addiction to Adderall right in 2009.
As a result of it, in 2012, his wife filed for a divorce. He further explained about his addiction that he got furious, deprived of sleep and he killed Rufus exactly when he was on Adderall. He also said that “Rufus was a very loving dog and I am horrified that I crossed a line that never in a million years I thought I would cross”.
After being charged with cruelty to the dog, Robinson surrendered. The five-month probe was also a part of this investigation which involves canine exhumation and an investigation that was conducted in the Florida Animal Forensic Lab.
The story comes with a very convincing message that no matter how much powerful you are, everyone is equal before the law and every living being deserves all the fundamental rights either it is an animal or a human being.

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