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Freeing Animals from Zoos

Picture living in a cage from birth to death. Those are the types of things animals go through every single day until they die. Zoos may seem like these amazing places where tourists get a chance to learn about these animals. Inside of these exhibits, animals are either tortured, abused, or even killed. Many zoos […]

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The Euthanizing of Zoo Animals in European Zoos

In Europe, zoos have been euthanizing healthy animals. The zoos are killing animals because the zoos want to prevent inbreeding between animals and help with gene control. Zoos want to make sure that not too much of one gene is over represented. The euthanization of a healthy zoo animal helps to prevent inbreeding and gene […]

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Animals in Zoos

Animals shouldn’t be kept in the zoo. Tigers and lions have around 18,000 times less space in zoos than they would in the wild. ” 75% of elephants were overweight and only 16% could walk normally, the remainder having various degrees of lameness. Lions in zoos spend 48% of their time pacing, a recognized sign […]

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Should Zoos Exist or be Banned?

 Bang! Boom! Clinking! Rattle! Zoos have millions of animals, but there are kids who bang on the glass of exhibits and shake the animals cages, when the animals are in them. There are also animals dying in zoos. Even zoos with to little space. That’s horrendous for animals who live in zoos. Zoos should be […]

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Housing Animals in Zoos is Inhumane

In the recent times, the practice of housing animals in zoos has become a major problem and a point of debate among different stakeholders, zoo advocated and animal rights advocates across the world. Everybody has a different opinion on the issue with some advocating for the act while others are against it. For instance, in […]

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Is Staying in a Zoo Safe for Animals

Many people have always questioned If being captive behind a cage is good or bad for animals. According to National Geographic, “”zoos have been around since before 2500 BC, but the first U.S. zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo, opened in 1874″”(Andrew). Americans have been keeping wild animals in captivity for almost 150 years (Andrew). There has […]

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Do Zoos Help Animals?

According to BBG, ¨Between 3,000 to 5,000 healthy zoo animals are killed in Europe every year.¨ It’s movements like these that make us rethink if zoos are really good for animals. Zoos shown to the public for the entertainment of people should be stopped for they don’t care for the animals as frankly as they […]

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Zoo Animals

The unfair treatment of zoo animals is heartbreaking. People capturing wild animals and keeping them in captivity is inhumane and cruel. These animals are used to natural spacious environments, so forcefully taking them from their homes and putting them into secluded cages is harmful to their physical, social, and emotional health. The zoo enclosures offer […]

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Keeping Animals in Zoos is Cruel?

How would you feel if you had bars surrounding you, faces peering in every minute of the day, and being taken out of your natural habitat? Having animals in a zoo is simply cruel to the animal. Most people get entertained by watching animals in zoos and knowing more about their behaviors. However, others believe […]

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Should Animals be Kept in Zoos and Aquariums?

For years animals have been kept in zoos and aquariums for the sole purpose of entertainment. These animals have no choice when it comes to deciding weather they are kept in captivity or not. This is because when it comes to animal welfare in the United States there is no laws in place to protect […]

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Different Types of Animals at the Zoo

There are many types of animals at the zoo. Giraffes are one of the most loved animals at the zoo. Giraffes are the tallest animal on planet Earth. Their legs are about 6 feet long, and they can run as fast as 35 miles an hour. Giraffes only need to drink water every few days, […]

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Animal Lover and Visit to the Animal Park

For the longest time, I never thought I would one day opt to go to the animal park. I am a true animal lover who has never been to animal park. Phenomenon One day, several years back, a friend of mine wanted to visit the zoo and so asked if I could accompany him. At […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1068 Topics: Animal Farm, Animals, Human, Zoo

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