Is Staying in a Zoo Safe for Animals

Many people have always questioned If being captive behind a cage is good or bad for animals. According to National Geographic, “”zoos have been around since before 2500 BC, but the first U.S. zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo, opened in 1874″”(Andrew).

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Americans have been keeping wild animals in captivity for almost 150 years (Andrew). There has always been day to day controversial situation involving animals in zoos. For example, some people say zoos are an amazing way for people to learn about wild and exotic animals without having to travel far distances. On the other hand, some people say Wild animals are not ours to use for entertainment and should not be taken into captivity(Baker). Is it good for Animals to be in zoos in captivity or to be in their natural habitat?

Despite Controversies, Zoos Prove Important for Animal Education is an Article that explains why it is good for animals to live in the zoo. For example, instead of being illegally hunted or poached, animals are provided safety by being housed in zoos. As a result, often animals do not suffer from the stress of threats or being potentially hunted by their common predators, they are able to live peacefully. Zoos and wildlife parks are also a great way to protect endangered species(Andrew). They also have Provided highly trained veterinarians and experts for zoo animals, medical care whenever it’s needed (Anedrw). However, some people would not agree with that statement but it is a fact that endangers species are much safer in zoos, then they are in wild.

Animals Are Not Meant for Our Entertainment is an article with a distinctive opinion then first article. In the article, the author states that we should not put animals in a situation where they are taken from their natural homes just to die in captivity or be released and die because they forgot how to live. For example, Keiko, a 26-year-old orca and the star of Free Willy, died just one year after being released from captivity, because Even after being taught how to survive in the wild, Keiko still searched for human companionship in the wild because he did not know a life without it(Baker). Even experts like, Colin Baird, one of Tilikum’s previous trainers, made a statement reinforcing this belief. “”I think everyone has a better understanding of the natural world and the intelligence and social infrastructure of these amazing animals–and that concrete pools are not a place for them to be,”” Baird said. Fortunately, see world finally saw the issue in the question, “”Times have changed, and we are changing with them. The killer whales in our care will be the last generation of killer whales at SeaWorld. The company will end all orca breeding as of today,”” Seaworld said in a statement released by the aquarium.

Zoos have definitely come a long way ever since they started. No doubt that there Is still a lot of room for improvement in their care for animals. Furthermore, zoos have helped many animals from hunters and poachers. But the Question still stay, are they safe inside captivity? Is it necessary to keep animals in a situation where they are taken from their natural homes and families? Zoos have both advantage and disadvantage on an animals life.

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