Freeing Animals from Zoos

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Picture living in a cage from birth to death. Those are the types of things animals go through every single day until they die. Zoos may seem like these amazing places where tourists get a chance to learn about these animals. Inside of these exhibits, animals are either tortured, abused, or even killed. Many zoos are known for taking animals from their families to either impress a crowd or train to be in a circus. Animals have been on this planet before humans so humans shouldn’t be treating animals like this.

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When zoos put animals in a fake habitat or a cage, humans are taking their right of living free away from the animals just so visitors can take a picture.

Circuses and zoos are a huge form of entertainment. Zoos seem like the perfect place for these animals, well that is not true. Animals are living creatures that deserve to live free not be put in a zoo. “”Globally, thousands of wild animals are used in circuses and forced to perform demeaning and unnatural tricks to entertain the public. Born Free is wholly opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses and considers the practice to be unethical. There is overwhelming evidence of compromised animal welfare in the circus environment. Our position is consistent with the increasing number of local and national jurisdictions that have banned the use of wild animals as a result of these concerns””(Animals in entertainment. (n.d.). “”The Freedom for Animals”” proclaim that “”Many zoos train animals to perform tricks as if they were in a circus.Performing sea lions, birds, and elephants can be seen at many UK zoos. Some training of elephants has been done using electric goads””(10 facts about zoos. (n.d.). These animals are getting abused and hurt until they can do these tricks right. A day of an animal in a zoo is basically get up and wait for the next show or waiting for the next time the zoo opens.

Zoos say they will be for educational purposes yet only a small amount of people actually will try to learn about these animals (Zoos: Pitiful Prisons. (n.d.). People also need to take into consideration that zoos are also businesses, zoos are not going to waste their time on a animal that doesn’t get them the most money. They would rather waste their time on an animal that is going to attract crowds and the crowds give the zoos money to see these popular animals. That being said, zoos need to keep their business running so they will have to make a cut somewhere and sometimes it can be the animals food,the animals habitat, as well as the park itself. Zoos may get rid of some animals because they are costing too much that the zoos can’t handle them anymore or for other reasons. That’s why most animals are depressed in zoos because the zoos can’t afford the animals lifestyle needs.

Zoos are a place animals can connect with humans but how the zoos are treating these animals is just wrong. “”In 2010, a freedom for animals undercover investigator filmed sick animal’s left untreated and dead animals to rot on the floor at Tweddle Farm Zoo. Freedom for animals had to take rabbits to a vet to have infections treated and after our expose local police confiscated a monkey who had been kept alone and given cake and other junk food to eat””(10 facts about zoos. (n.d.). Zoos are also known for killing their animals if they are not perfect. Freedom for zoos reports,”” In 2010, zoo trade bodies called to the defence of a german zoo which was prosecuted for breaching animal welfare laws after it killed three tiger cubs because they were not pure blooded(hybrid)””(10 facts about zoos. (n.d.). As well as, “”In Early 2014, there was a global outrage when Chopegan Zoo killed a healthy young giraffe named Marius””(10 facts about zoos. (n.d.). “”In 2001, a DEFRA zoo inspection of Dartmoor wildlife park in October 2001 found that several significant dead animals were stored in a food freezer for taxidermy in the future””(10 facts about zoos. (n.d.). Zoos also don’t give the animals enough space that the animals are used to. Freedom for Animals discusses that “”Tigers and Lions have around 18,000 times less space in zoos then they would in the wild. Polar Bears have one million times less space””(10 facts about zoos. (n.d.).

Zoos also sometimes don’t know some key things they should know about the animals they are taking care of. “”A Freedom for animals study UK aquariums found out that 41% of the animals on display had no signs identifying their species-the most basic information””(10 facts about zoos. (n.d.). By the zoos not even knowing what kind of species their animals are then how can the people trust that the zoos even know how to take care of these animals. Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility and if the zoo continues to not know some key thing about their animals then maybe they shouldn’t be taking care of this type of animal. This also leads us back to the 2nd paragraph stating zoos tourists aren’t really coming for the learning purpose and that zoos are also a business. Since zoos are a business, most people who work there are business people and not animal people. It’s most likely that there are more business people than actual animal helpers. Zoos are a business the owners may lack the education of these animals because they are trying to make a business then a educational experience where humans can learn about animals.

In conclusion, animals should not have to live their life being puppets that zoos control. Taking photos with animals are a big reason tourists are at zoos, but sometimes visitors need to understand the animal may not want to take a photo. Animals are constantly being taken out of their homes and taken to a zoo exhibit were they are given a smaller space. Animals are suffering in these cages and depressed because they can’t see anything outside of the zoo walls. Zoos are not the safest for humans and animals altogether. If an animal gets a chance to get out of its cage, then it is going to get out of its cage. It’s not going to listen to the people who want them to stay in a cage their whole life, it’s just simple logic. While the animal is trying to escape it can harm the visitors, themselves, and also staff members who work at that zoo. Animals were born to live free and humans should never take that from these animals.

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