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Human Essays

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Comparison of the Story and Poem “There Will Come Soft Rains”

Words: 869 Pages: 3 11003

 The short story “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury and Sara Teasdale’s poem take place after a nuclear war. The stories can be compared through reference to man dying and nature continously being carried on. The story and poem express the fire which creates horrible effects on life such as people, animals and […]

Topics: Human, Poetry

Robots Replacing Humans

Words: 1415 Pages: 5 3810

On meeting stages and at crusade rallies, tech chiefs and government officials caution of an approaching computerization emergency — one where laborers are step by step, at that point at the same time, supplanted by canny machines. In any case, their admonitions veil the way that a robotization emergency has effectively shown up. The robots […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Employment, Human, Work

To Kill a Mockingbird Character Chart

Words: 2197 Pages: 7 3583

  Scout Finch Scout (Jean Louise) Finch is the narrator in TKAM. She is a tomboy and she gets in trouble a lot. At school, she is very smart, but she does not get along with others very well. She gets very physical and beats up other kids. She gets in trouble on her first […]

Topics: Characterization, Common Law, Human, Justice

Values of Human Existence in Brave New World

Words: 1942 Pages: 6 3213

What role does scientific and technological progress play in works of dystopian literature such as Brave New World? Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, portrays a dystopian society where the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre reproduces thousands of nearly identical human embryos, and then conditions to separate them into five different castes, which […]

Topics: Brave New World, Child, Dystopia, Human, Progress

An Important Role Free Will in Oedipus the King

Words: 1480 Pages: 5 3719

Fate is often said to be inevitable, an adverse outcome, condition, or end and free will is the ability to choose at your own discretion. In our everyday life, we make decisions and are often told that life is about making choices. It is because we have free will that we make choices which may lead to positive consequences […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Free Will, Greece, Human
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Inspirational Person Stephen Hawking

Words: 909 Pages: 3 4842

Stephen Hawking was an English physicist, cosmologist, and author. He had to overcome a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is an incurable disease where nerve functions begin to gradually shut down and caused Stephen Hawking depression and an inability to move. He took up his cross by living with his disability and thriving while […]

Topics: Disability, Health, Human, Human Nature

What Makes Humans Unique

Words: 402 Pages: 1 7061

The question is What makes humans unique? In this society I’ve come across humans beings who don’t like to think of themself as animals such as our great ancestors. In class we’ve learned that human activity that society thought is uniquely are also performed by animals: birds (parrots) who uses language to communicate to one […]

Topics: Adam And Eve, Brain, Human, Human Nature

In “The Story of the Hour” by Kate Chopin, Mrs Mallard

Words: 428 Pages: 1 1183

Many authors have graced the pages of writing, but when they can touch you and can full you with an understanding in such details that it awakening your senses to a new light, it then becomes a piece of art. A part of you as you will see with the authors that follows. In “To […]

Topics: Death, Human, Kate Chopin, The Jungle

What does the Human Future Hold for Us?

Words: 937 Pages: 3 4539

Whether technology is to be embraced or if humans should strive for simplicity is constantly in the forefront of the human mind. One hundred and forty-nine years ago, when the first railroad was completed, a new technological era was beginning to start. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call to his assistant […]

Topics: Human, Natural Environment, Sustainability, Walden

Influential People: from 1100 to Nowadays

Words: 985 Pages: 3 3739

Have you ever seen a shirt, watched a movie, or read a book and thought to yourself, this reminds me of the ’90s, or another time in the past?  We can connect to previous and future time periods in many ways.  In the following paper, we will go over three different novels and an essay.  […]

Topics: American literature, Feminism, Human

The Meaning of being Human

Words: 1018 Pages: 3 4861

In the article, “The Question We Must keep Asking,” the philosophical question that is being analyzed is, what does it mean to be human? This question is a very discussed topic amongst philosophers. It is hard to find one single answer to this question. To answer this philosophical question we must consider several factors that […]

Topics: Human, Human Nature, Self Awareness

Compare and Contrast about Cats and Dogs

Words: 731 Pages: 2 10372

 Dogs and cats have several similarities, but even more distinctions. Both animals are easily loved by mankind and will display love and affection in return for good treatment. Some people enjoy the presence of a cat, and others are simply dog lovers. Based on the history, characteristics, and similarities of the two creatures, dogs are […]

Topics: Animals, Dog, Human, Pet

Animal Lover and Visit to the Animal Park

Words: 1068 Pages: 4 4396

For the longest time, I never thought I would one day opt to go to the animal park. I am a true animal lover who has never been to animal park. Phenomenon One day, several years back, a friend of mine wanted to visit the zoo and so asked if I could accompany him. At […]

Topics: Animals, Human, Zoo

A Place i would Like to Visit again

Words: 571 Pages: 2 10683

A place I love to visit and why The world is embellished with colorful and mesmerizing places. Being a traveling lover, there are many places that I dream to visit but if I have to choose one, it would be “the global village Dubai”. It is claimed to be the world’s greatest tourist attraction and […]

Topics: Human, Shopping

From Dreams to Reality

Words: 687 Pages: 2 3997

We have all felt and tasted the unpleasantness of failure. Most people commonly in life have failed at some point but it is how we learn from our failures that classify success. When looking at the event leading up to any significant success, we will often discover failure to be the biggest motivator in life. […]

Topics: Dream, Employment, Failure, Human, Human Nature, Reality

Technologies – a Part of Life Society People

Words: 1049 Pages: 3 3659

In time technology has evolved over the years because of its advancements, which enabled us humans to do things that were previously unheard of and it has certainly made many things easier than they were before. In our present day society people cannot deny that the advancement of technology has changed today’s world in both […]

Topics: Advantages of Technology, Communication, Good and evil, Human, Information, Research, Robot

Aviation Software for Aviation Company

Words: 994 Pages: 3 3322

Software programs have become an indispensable part of our lives and we use tend to use them subconsciously while using our phone to consciously while regulating our room temperatures through a thermostat. Softwares have changed our whole perspective of individual work as well as business interaction for providing customer service in a fast and effective […]

Topics: Computer Software, Human, Impact of Technology

Adherence to Generally Accepted Concepts of Business Ethics

Words: 490 Pages: 2 3368

A set of ethical ideas that govern selections and moves. To act ethically is to act in methods which might be in line with positive values. It is thought that commercial enterprise ethics involves adhering to prison, expert, regulatory and organization standards, maintaining guarantees and commitments and abiding by using fashionable concepts like truth, equity, […]

Topics: Business Ethics, Economy, Human, Organization, Value

Brave New World: how Society Manipulates Children’s Consciousness

Words: 889 Pages: 3 3482

Huxley’s Brave New World portrays humans being controlled by science and their government. A science experiment so to speak. Taking away people’s freedom of choice doesn’t make life less stressful, happy or fulfilling. In chapter 2 pages 19-23 the scene shows the grim reality of Huxley showing how the human mind can be controlled. The […]

Topics: Brave New World, Human, Love, Mother, Social Psychology, Social science

Effective Teamwork: Risk Management

Words: 712 Pages: 2 2595

Risk is the presence of uncertainty of results regarding present actions ( Shastri and Shastri, 2014 ). Risk arises due to occurrence of chance events, incubating and culminating in the changing dynamics of the environment. All functional areas of an organization are affected by risk. A single event can unleash a variety of risks. Risk […]

Topics: Human, Human resources, Risk, Teamwork

How to Start a Compassion

Words: 664 Pages: 2 122905

Similarly, According to the article, the author has stated that Turgenev saw human beings as creatures bestowed with awareness, realization, feelings, and capable of finding the difference right and wrong. They have their own moral values and norms. While, Marx saw them always as “snowflakes in an avalanche, as instances of general forces, as not […]

Topics: Compassion, Human, Morality

An Ideal Human being

Words: 724 Pages: 2 4970

As stated in my definition, human beings define themselves and determine their future through their thoughts and actions. Each human lives in a world of past decisions and follows a path to the future they want to hold. With this, a human being’s destiny or purpose could not be predetermined by some higher being. Since […]

Topics: Human, Human Nature, Metaphysics, Reasoning

Each Person’s Personality is Different

Words: 569 Pages: 2 1056

Material is what we like and what we are like is the spiritual, personality. Each of us lives through a combination of both physical and spiritual values. However, there is a very common tendency to fail to see the attachment and correlation between these two values. Therefore, sometimes we take material elements very seriously, sometimes […]

Topics: Human, Personality, Value

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