Biology’s Role: Shaping Lives and our World

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Updated: Sep 01, 2023
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Biology’s Insight: Medicine, Food, and Human Health

Biology is the study of living things. So, if humans want to find out everything that god has created for us, we need to study biology. One of the examples of something that we use every day is medicine. A lot of medicines have plants and a bunch of other living things in the ingredients. And without medicine, most of the human population would probably die of disease. A lot of foods are our animals and plants, and those two are both living things.

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Now, if we did not know anything about plants or animals, we would not know what was unedible or poisonous. It’s crazy how just a little knowledge can save your life in everyday life. Another thing biologists study is the human body. So, if we did not study biology, then we would not be able to know what vitamins or what medicine to take in case we get sick or injured. You can also learn about how the human body works just so you can maybe be a doctor Or nurse and anything else that requires information about the human body.

The Uncharted Depths: Biology’s Endless Discoveries

You also need to know how plants work because they help the world work properly, like plants giving us air and fruits And vegetables, which humans and animals need to survive. And when animals eat the plants, It makes them healthy for humans to eat the animals. So, it’s one big food chain. All thanks to Biology. Biologist estimates that there Are 8.7 million species on earth, and humans have only discovered 1.9 million species, so there is still so many different types of foods and medicine that humans have yet to discover.

Biology: Protecting Our Environment and Resources

Biology is important to everyday life because it allows humans to better understand their bodies, their resources, and their potential. Now, I will give some examples of different ways biology helps out in the world. First, Treating disease biology as a whole is one of the cornerstones of all forms of modern healthcare. The first form of pharmacology is medicine. What pharmacology does is it deals with researching and creating everything from over-the-counter pain relievers to prescription drugs for depression?

The next one is immunology, which studies our immune system and how it reacts to all sorts of different threats. Pathology diagnoses diseases and what causes them, as well as what they do to your body. Virology does the same for the many different viruses that may seek to do us harm. Biology has a huge role in the study of genetics and DNA. It’s crazy how scientists are now able to pinpoint exactly where certain predispositions to certain diseases exist without our biological makeup, how they’re passed from generation to generation, and even working on breakthroughs to remove undesirable traits from people on a molecular level. It’s absolutely fascinating to think of the endless possibilities that biology is gradually opening the door for when it comes to our health.

One of the huge parts of maintaining our environment is finding the best ways to harness the earth’s natural resources in ways that are safe, efficient, and don’t cause too much damage to nature. This includes everything from drilling for oil to chopping down trees. One of the best things about trees and their renewable resources is the fact that they can grow back or replenish themselves naturally over time. But not if they are cut, burned, or mined too quickly and aggressively. Biology helps us find a balance between taking advantage of the tools we have and not destroying those same tools for future generations. Through studying the best ways to fuel our needs for energy and materials, we’re also able to find ways to make the most out of what we have and even find alternatives that work just as well. For example, using corn to create ethanol fuel as a potential replacement or supplement to the oil we currently use to power our cars.

Agriculture’s Backbone: Biology in Farming and Food

Plants are living organisms just like the rest of us, meaning biology takes an interest in them, too. Agrobiology deals specifically with determining the best soil conditions to deliver nutrients to plants to make them grow big and strong. This can have a significant impact on farmers’ crop yields. Botany, the branch of biology that deals with the study of plants, is how we know what plants we can eat in the first place. Unless you want to go around tasting every berry and fruit you come across to see which ones are good to eat, and like I said earlier, you could get poised. But I would recommend relying on our biology experts to tell us what’s what. The science also plays a huge role in raising livestock like cows and chickens. By utilizing some of that nutrition we talked about earlier and applying it to farm animals, we’re able to get them nice and big, so they provide plenty of meat and fertilizer.

The information biology has taught us is present in everything we know. Go on and look in the mirror. The ability for you to be able to look at your face. And even what you ate for dinner was influenced by biology and was put on your plate only with the help of biology. Biology has an effect on almost everything you see, feel, and taste has most likely been tampered with by biology. You can tell how much design god gave the whole world and the science of biology. I hope I have helped you learn some facts about biology.


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