A Place i would Like to Visit again

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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A Place i would Like to Visit again

This personal essay will describe a place the author would like to revisit, detailing its significance and the reasons for wanting to return. It will discuss the memories, experiences, or specific attractions that make the place special. The piece will also reflect on how the place has impacted the author and why a return visit is meaningful. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Human.

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A place I love to visit and why

The world is embellished with colorful and mesmerizing places. Being a traveling lover, there are many places that I dream to visit but if I have to choose one, it would be “the global village Dubai”. It is claimed to be the world’s greatest tourist attraction and I love to visit here as it is a whole place itself including outdoor cultural, entertainment and shopping centers.

The global village is located on Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road in Dubai.

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In my view, I think if I ever visit this destination, it would make me see the entire world. It is full of cultures around the world; Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, British, French, Chinese and many more. There are specific cultural shows and performances that deliver the aspects of each particular culture that distinguish them from all others. These performances not only deliver the outlook of dressing, moral values, and language of each culture but also communicates a sense of unity by a bond of humanity.

The place has almost 25 pavilions that represent over 75 cultures all over the world. Two new pavilions have been added recently in 2017 that include cultures of Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Some famous cultural shows of 2017 were, beyond Bollywood, Shaolin Monks and the Silk Route. It also perfectly presents the cuisine of each culture. It is said that there are over 23 restaurants and café where tourists and visitors can easily enjoy their meals with Turkish, Arabic, Egyptian, Bosnian and Yemeni cuisines.

The entertainment the global village provides is also fascinating. There are many rides for kids as well as adults. Many people find even it more exciting than Disneyland. There is a special “monster stunt show” that holds the attention of children as well as adults. This show presents stunts, car chases and special effects. It has its own theatre for cultural shows, virtual and 3D films. Global village is also a center of concerts of mostly Bollywood singers. The global village is illuminated with more than 18,000 Led lights that add to the charm of this place. There is a splendid fire-work show twice in a week. These fireworks embellish the sky of Dubai with colors and glitter producing a magical impact on the visitors.

It will not be wrong to refer the visit to this place as a “Mini world tour”. It is also a market in its own. Here, one can find the Yemeni honey, skin-nourishing material from the Dead Sea, antique furniture of Damascus, calligraphic art and copper work, accessories, perfumes and clothing. The infrastructure of the whole place is improving with passing time. It has a huge parking place, with 18,300 spots.

Global village sets the new world record of welcoming more than 6 million visitors. I would love to be one of those visitors. I would prefer to take my family or friends to this auspicious emerging global center of the entire world. The shopping facilities here are extraordinary. From malls to stalls, one can find anything here; from the latest fashion items to old, antique stuff of different civilizations. It’s a global heritage.

These are all the reasons I am awaiting my visit to this marvel of Dubai. Life is short, I want to make each moment count and struggling for making wishes come true is the core of living. That’s why I want to witness this greatest tourist attraction of the world.  

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