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Ancient Greece Essays

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Pan’s Labyrinth Greek Mythology

Words: 1742 Pages: 6 9894

Pan’s Labyrinth is a 2006 surreal fairytale film in which an 11-year-old girl named Ofelia deals with the reality of her bleak life on a military compound in 1944’s fascist Spain with her sickly pregnant mother and her violent stepfather by seamlessly blending fantastical elements with reality. Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth undergoes labors to reach […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Greek Mythology, Myth, Odysseus, Odyssey

How did Ancient Greece’s Geography Affect its Civilization

Words: 777 Pages: 3 6833

Ancient Greece was mostly made up of many small and separated islands. Most people today know about the great Greek Philosophers, the Olympics, the battles, so most people should know at least a little of the history of ancient Greece. Many people don’t know how Greece came to be a great civilization though. I think […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece

Women in Ancient Greece Theatre Practices

Words: 2220 Pages: 7 8331

It is taught throughout history books that women were not in the early stages of Greek theatre. As theatre developed in Greece, the role of women in the theatre was greatly diminished. Scholars believe they were banned from the stages, and even from attending the performances. Is this true, or did women play a bigger […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Theatre, Tragedy

The Role of Women and Stereotypes in the Greek Society in the Odyssey by Homer

Words: 1322 Pages: 4 7174

The Odyssey is a classic poem by Homer ha revolves around the narrative of Odysseus an ancient Greek hero. Homer describes a full twenty-year journey that Odysseus spends fighting the Trojan War and traveling back to his family. The most significant theme is the nature and the role of women in Greek society. According to […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Gender Roles, Odyssey, Stereotypes

Athens Vs Sparta: who is Superior

Words: 526 Pages: 2 5728

Athens and Sparta are the most well- known city-states of Ancient Greece. Sparta was known for its military might and prowess, as well as its equality. Women were able to receive an education, have property, and as girls were trained in group exercises and agility. (Beckman, 2016, 116). The source of power for Sparta was […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Sparta
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Greek and Roman Affects on Western Civilization

Words: 666 Pages: 2 6155

After discussing Greek and Roman architecture and engineering in class, I wanted to garner a deeper understanding of just how much of an affect these two cultures had on modern Western Civilizations. For instance, what else have these magnificent cultures contributed to to other aspects of society. This paper will discuss the similarities and differences […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Architecture, Civilization, Greece, Myth, Tradition

Ancient Greece’s Three Types of Heroes

Words: 1151 Pages: 4 5799

The definition of the word hero is quite skewed. People tend to have their own definitions and interpretations of what the word means. However, people can usually agree on who a hero is and what makes a person a hero. In most cases, a hero can be described as one who shows great courage and […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Hero, Oedipus, Sparta

The Contribution of Ancient Greece to the Western Civilization

Words: 506 Pages: 2 1151

The ancient Greeks gave many contributions to the western civilization. They gave the Pythagorean Theory, Hippocratic Oath, limited democracy and more. Today those contributions benefit us. Pythagoras gave the Pythagorean Theory to us. He made a formula (a2+b2=C2); this formula is used to calculate the relationship between the sides of a right triangle. Euclid was […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Civilization, Western Civilization

Alexander the Great – King of Macedonia and Ancient Greece

Words: 1439 Pages: 5 4474

Who is Alexander the Great? Alexander the Great is was the king of Macedonia and Ancient Greece. He may be known as the greatest military commander in history. Alexander the Great was born July 20, 356 BC. Alexander died at a very young age at 32. At a young age he accomplished a lot of […]

Topics: Alexander The Great, Ancient Greece

Significance of Alexander III the Great

Words: 595 Pages: 2 4293

Ancient Greece consisted of the land Greece, the islands of the Aegean Sea and the west coast of Asia Minor which is modern day Turkey. Ancient Greece’s land is ?? covered in mountains, this impacted many city-states since they all had to rely on themselves and settlement was difficult. I will be discussing about the […]

Topics: Alexander The Great, Ancient Greece, Greece

Ancient Greece Modern Comparison Project

Words: 487 Pages: 2 4057

Since the Grecian times, poems have been a very integral and influential part of every culture. Poems have affected whole countries at a time by expressing emotion, deep feelings, and a sense of what is beautiful about the world. From India to America, people have always drawn important parts of life and history from poems. […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Poetry, Sparta, Theatre, William Shakespeare, Writer

Ancient Greece Art Essay

Words: 459 Pages: 2 3753

Ancient Greece is one of my favorite subjects to talk and learn about. I love the history, the stories, and the art, Greece itself is a masterpiece. However, even though Greece has many legendary art works, there is one that I considered my favorite above all of them. There is a vase called “Ajax and […]

Topics: Ancient Greece

Wars of Ancient Greece

Words: 1384 Pages: 5 5297

In the ancient Greek world, warfare was seen as a necessary evil of the human condition. Whether it be small frontier battles between neighboring city-states, lengthy city-sieges, civil wars, or large-scale battles between multi-alliance blocks on land and sea, the vast rewards of war could outweigh the costs in material and lives. While there were […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Military

Ancient Greek Democracy

Words: 840 Pages: 3 4710

It is no secret that the America we know today has evolved and incorporated many of the successes and failures from the civilizations that came before us. The major foundation of the American society, our democratic system of government, was influenced by a preceding civilization. Throughout this paper, I will convey the monumental influence that […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Democracy, Jury, Justice, Policy, Virtue

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Words: 542 Pages: 2 4218

Daily life in Greece is much different from ours today. In today’s world male and female should have equal rights. Men should help the women clean house, women can mow the lawn, women can build houses and do construction work if they desire to do so. In Greece, it’s a totally different story. Men are […]

Topics: Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greek Civilization

Words: 757 Pages: 3 4625

The Ancient Greek Civilization was undeniably a key influencer in the development of the political systems, ethical and philosophical values, and technologies of the Western World, some of which are still utilized today. Thucydides, Aristophanes and Plato studied how the relationship between elite leaders, mass audiences, and critics of democracy were impacted by the democratic […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Democracy, Socrates

History of Ancient Greece

Words: 2702 Pages: 9 5832

Between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas on a peninsula lies the land of Greece. A land sculpted by mountainous terrain with limited farmable land led the Greeks to be avid seafaring peoples. Ancient Greece has a very rich history separated by various periods that denote their success and decline as a civilization. A rather unconventional […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Civilization, Greece, Sparta

Historical Events of Ancient Greece

Words: 870 Pages: 3 4731

What importance did the Battles of Marathon and Salamis, and the Punic Wars have for Ancient Greece and Rome? Ancient Greece: The battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC during the first Persian invasion on Greece. Citizens of Athens and citizens of Plataea revolted against the Persian army. The battle was a very big […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome

Ancient Greek Contributions to Western Civilization

Words: 1021 Pages: 3 6098

Greece has made invaluable contributions to worldwide civilization.  Greece has vastly influenced, Western Civilization, culture, and even our way of thought.    It has been written that Greece is the birthplace of western civilization. One of Greece’s invaluable influences of Western Civilization is the arts.  The ancient Greeks were well-known for their temples, art work, and […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Aristotle, Greece, Sparta

The Architecture of Ancient Greece

Words: 820 Pages: 3 4785

The Greeks set a tone for Western world and art history we know today through their paintings, sculptures, architecture, and many other innovations. Although they were influenced highly from Egypt and Mesopotamia, they would develop their own independent identity. The biggest concern while building what would become such impactive architecture, dealt with the proportion, harmony, […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Architecture

Spartan Warfare and Society in Ancient Greece

Words: 1491 Pages: 5 4139

Introduction Sparta experienced territorial expansion due to its well organized and trained army (Cartledge 3). The Spartans inhabited fertile lands located in Eurotas and Pamisos where they practiced agricultural activities (Cartledge 3). On the other hand, the Helots were pushed to marginalized lands. They were nevertheless allowed by Spartans to live semi-autonomous lives in spite […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Sparta

Spartan Boxers

Words: 685 Pages: 2 4022

This is going to be an article about your jewels, no joke. Here I will present some of the greatest risks and illnesses that may happen to you and how to protect yourself from them. During an ordinary day, we put our phone in our pocket and it stays there for hours, this being unhealthy […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Sparta

Conquests of Alexander the Great

Words: 1305 Pages: 4 4892

Alexander was set up to succeed his dad Philip II through watchful direction. When his dad kicked the bucket, he had mentored him from multiple points of view and he had additionally set the ground for his successes. Alexander acquired a urbanized people, an efficient military, and philosophical and military training and he used his […]

Topics: Alexander The Great, Ancient Greece, Greece

Theatrical Lighting in Ancient Greece

Words: 434 Pages: 1 5923

Lighting in ancient Greece was lit by daylight and the dramas were frequently designed to take advantage of the position of the sun. There were sites specifically placed to gain the best effects of the natural light. Most plays could begin in the morning and last until the evening, so there was no need for […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Sparta

Birthdays: a Wish for the Gods

Words: 1177 Pages: 4 4942

Birthdays are celebrated to remember personal achievements, show appreciation to those we love and care for, and to simply acknowledge our existence. Although lives are measured by the ceaseless passing of time, birthdays are a time to be remembered. That is how birthdays are defined in America today. The single day that all people have […]

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Birthday, God, Myth, Sacrifice, Tradition

An Important Role Free Will in Oedipus the King

Words: 1480 Pages: 5 3704

Fate is often said to be inevitable, an adverse outcome, condition, or end and free will is the ability to choose at your own discretion. In our everyday life, we make decisions and are often told that life is about making choices. It is because we have free will that we make choices which may lead to positive consequences […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Free Will, Greece, Human

Sparta and Athens Society Compare and Contrast

Words: 660 Pages: 2 4592

The life of a man or a woman in Ancient Greek was really different from the lives we have today. What I say is not about technology but about human rights such as the right to participate in public life. In Ancient Greek, women had no right to elect or to be elected, and only […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Citizenship, Justice, Sparta

Oedipus and the Sphinx

Words: 539 Pages: 2 2746

The great sphinx is a famous landmark known around the world for its loin body and a human head. It was built for a pharaoh as a guide in the afterlife. There is so much to learn about the sphinx. Like when and where it as built, ancient Greek myths, and King Khafre (the head […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology, Oedipus

An Introduction to the Analysis and History of Western Civilization

Words: 703 Pages: 2 1020

Western civilization, which is usually referred to as modern society is primarily composed of Western Europe and North America. The western way of life came about as a result of many different factors, but the key factor was through the assimilation of ancient cultures. The Greek and the Roman cultures are the two major cultures […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Culture, Western Civilization

Ancient Greece at the Met

Words: 622 Pages: 2 3836

Old Greek engineers tackle rigor and excellence of craftsmanship which are the trademark of Greek art universally. The methods they fabricated during the early sixth century B.C. still influence modern architecture. According to Sayre, H. M., (2013) there are two main principal orders in Classical and Archaic Greek architecture. They are commonly called Doric and […]

Topics: Ancient Greece, Architecture
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