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Christianity Essays

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The Difference between a Cult and Religion

Words: 2266 Pages: 8 7362

Images of strange symbols, massacres, and dark woods may come to mind when you hear the word “cult” – a term that has grown to have a lot of negative connotations in our society. It would be strange to even try to compare what we know as a cult to mainstream religions, a conventional part […]

Topics: Belief, Catholic, Catholic Church, Christianity, Crusades, Freedom of Religion

Christianity in the Byzantine Empire

Words: 744 Pages: 2 11181

History has shown us that many factors can come together to spark great civilizations. Of these factors, one of the most important is religion, the belief in and worship of a higher power or lifestyle. The Byzantine Empire, known as the surviving eastern half of the Roman Empire, can be taken as example. After the […]

Topics: Christianity

Nero’s Persecution of Christianity

Words: 1221 Pages: 4 11812

Nero’s horrible persecution of Christians during the first century shaped Christianity into what is now and he helped it spread whether he intended to or not. In his first five years of his rule, he was known to be a generous politician for sharing powers with the Senate and making political trials more open. It […]

Topics: Ancient Rome, Christianity

Symbolism in “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Words: 2006 Pages: 7 5876

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story Young Goodman Brown, Hawthorne is able to utilize both suspense and riddles to capture the focus of the reader. Within the story, the reader encounters witchcraft, rituals, and supposedly double lives that involve multiple characters throughout Brown’s adventure. However, as with most stories, the reader must ask how all of […]

Topics: Christianity, Evil, Faith, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown

Role of Religion in Marco Polo’s Travels

Words: 761 Pages: 3 6682

“The state and foundations of western civilization were breaking at the seams during the 13th century. The primary indicator of this was the destruction of Constantinople by crusaders because of its orthodox roots in 1204. In addition, western culture was facing its own obstacles since the Great Schism wreaked havoc on the power struggle between […]

Topics: Belief, Catholic Church, Christianity, Crusades, Marco Polo, Silk Road
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The Bible and the Power of the Mind

Words: 973 Pages: 3 18573

The Bible often talks about the power of the mind and the thoughts that come from it. Moses, Paul and Samuel talk about the powerfulness of the mind; Solomon, Matthew and Moses talk about how it can be deceived really easily; and David, Luke and Paul talk about God’s blessings that come with opening your […]

Topics: Bible, Christianity, God, Jesus

Importance of Bible

Words: 707 Pages: 2 6775

The mind should be very important to everyone, for it is the gateway for either good or bad to enter through. What enters the mind lurks in the mind. God wants what is paramount for everyone, and for believers to stay true. God wants what is paramount for everyone. Luke 21:14 says, “But make up […]

Topics: Bible, Christianity, God, Jesus, Writer

Does Religion Cause War?

Words: 984 Pages: 3 9722

“There has been many wars that have taken the lives of many throughout human history. Wars for authority, revenge, and economic gain have left their mark in our literature. Unfortunately, Religion has been a very prominent influence that has started many of these man-made catastrophes. This is due to the difference in ideologies between two […]

Topics: Belief, Christianity, Crusades, God, Islam, War

Biography St. Teresa of Calcutta

Words: 1188 Pages: 4 3999

Born on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia, the modern day saint, St. Teresa of Calcutta, was born as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was involved in the Church at a young age, as she received her First Communion at age five and was confirmed at age six. Her mother’s stories of missionary work inspired her […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Mother Teresa

Essay on Medieval Times

Words: 832 Pages: 3 6087

The middle ages began in the 5th century and last until the 15th century. It began with eh fall of the Western Roman Empire and made its way into the Renaissance. In Medieval Europe there was a war in Northern Spain in 792. It targeted the Christian countries. Charlemagne’s army was ambushed by the Basques. […]

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Catholic Church, Christianity, Crusades, Middle Ages

The Racial Oppression Reflection

Words: 810 Pages: 3 2989

The renowned civil rights titan, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was unjustifiably thrown into jail by a system which sought to silence those who would dare to expose its vile racist inequities. King, who was exercising his right to protest, resulted in him being thrown into a cold dark cell in Birmingham. While imprisoned, he […]

Topics: Christianity, Oppression, Theology

Women in Early Christianity

Words: 1215 Pages: 4 4590

The early Christian church was established in a patriarchal society which elevated the male gender so highly at the expense of the female counterparts but so much was done which was not put down in detail. That is why it is sometimes hard to locate the female gender history which much literature is dedicated to […]

Topics: Christianity, Jesus

Biography of Martin Luther

Words: 1525 Pages: 5 4691

Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483, in Eisleben, Saxony Germany. He was a theologian as well as a religious reformer and led the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century. Luther is a significant person in the history of Christianity because through his words and actions there arose a division between the Roman Catholic […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Martin Luther, Theology

Islam and the West: Conflict, Conversion or Coexistence?

Words: 1200 Pages: 4 4335

The history of Islam is inseparable from the history of Islamic society, Islamic system and Islamic civilization. The historical reality of Islam is also reflected in these histories. The history of Islam is characterized by dynamism and political change. Abu Barker’s greatest contribution was to suppress tribal uprisings and maintain the unity of the new […]

Topics: Christianity, Cold War, Crusades, Freedom of Religion, History of Islam, Islam, Middle East

The Potential Limitations of Religious Peasant Revolt

Words: 1872 Pages: 6 4049

Religion served as the animating force behind many of the early peasant revolts, and as such shaped the goals of these revolts, limiting their methods and at times even the parameters of their ambitions. By centering their revolts around their faiths, they illuminated the relationship between the peasant’s religion, and the officials who were imbued […]

Topics: Christianity, Martin Luther, Rebellion, Theology

The Starting Point of Hermeneutics

Words: 349 Pages: 1 4148

When one begins this hermeneutical journey, he or she needs to begin systematically by understanding that all interpretation starts in one of three different categories. Observation: which answers the question: What does the passage say? (Acts 17:11, ESV), “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining […]

Topics: Bible, Christianity, God, Jesus, Martin Luther, Theology

Durkheim on a Definition of “Religion”

Words: 1559 Pages: 5 5964

According to Emile Durkheim, “?A religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden – beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a Church, all those who adhere to them” (Elementary Forms). To analyze this definition, Durkheim describes […]

Topics: Belief, Catholic Church, Christianity, Judaism, Marriage, Martin Luther

Christianity and the New World

Words: 1670 Pages: 6 4339

Christianity has always been in Europe starting all the way from 57 A.D. For many years it has also been threatened. In the 14th century Europe was struggling with conditions of economic and political adversity that had decreased its population and productivity. Once the midevil times came around Europe was losing their identity. Christianity spread […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, God, Jesus, Martin Luther

Fight for our Rights or Fall for Anything

Words: 2229 Pages: 7 3779

“Over the years, countries have gone to war for many things. War has been waged for countless reasons but is still a wrinkle in the brain. We have fought over anything, and everything that truly mattered to us. In the 16th century there were numerous events that led up to the Protestant Reformation. The corruption […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Martin Luther, Theology

Knowledge that God is Good

Words: 1031 Pages: 3 3921

A man who does not know why he believes does not know what he believes, and a man who does not know what he believes will never walk the path of light. The natural tendency of mankind is to root his credence in something because a person they admire believed it first. The danger of […]

Topics: Christianity, Evil, Free Will, God, Martin Luther, Mythology, Salvation, Theology

The Nails that Changed the Catholic Church

Words: 1032 Pages: 3 3765

Martin Luther was born in the year 1483 in Eisleben, Germany. His father worked in copper mines and wanted Martin to grow up to be in business. Luther went to the University of Erfurt in 1501, and only taking him four years to get his degree. Finding himself in the liking of scriptures, he decided […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Martin Luther

Politics Essay – the Longstanding Catholic View

Words: 2450 Pages: 8 4000

Introduction The longstanding Catholic view that church and state should work together yet independently for the betterment of the community and that catholic citizens should use their faith in everyday responsibilities and decision-making, including the political, has evolved throughout time. Religion and politics under Christian thought are not separate domains, since each person much live […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, God, Martin Luther

A Tour of Five Eras Essay

Words: 1195 Pages: 4 3854

The best representatives of Greek and Roman culture for the Greco-Roman room of the museum are the terra cotta amphora Funerary Crater and marble sculpture Emperor Caracalla, respectively (Benton and DiYanni, pp. 38, 61). Funerary Crater, created by an unknown artist in the eighth century BC, is decorated with black-figure images typical of the Geometric […]

Topics: Bible, Christianity, God, Greek Mythology, Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa, Painting, Renaissance, Visual Arts

Purple Hibiscus Setting

Words: 1034 Pages: 3 4158

Religion is a very prominent theme in the book, “Purple Hibiscus”, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Throughout the whole book, there are my factors touching upon religion. Adichie uses different characters to display how religion is used and how people use religion differently than one another. The characters that can be used to discuss the use […]

Topics: Abuse, Catholic Church, Christianity, Supernatural

Depictions of Deities Outside Catholicism

Words: 1639 Pages: 5 3920

You shouldn’t be allowed to worship false idols, stated directly by the First Commandment. Are you allowed to depict other religious deities for decoration? In 1656 AD, as a resolve to the Chinese Rites Controversy, it was decided that you were allowed to show statues of Confucius. On the same note, I agree that an […]

Topics: Catholic, Catholic Church, Christianity, Confucianism

Transgenders in the Church

Words: 990 Pages: 3 4486

As the issue of gender identity and how to handle it has become more prevalent over the recent years, churches in the United States have been forced to make decisions about their ideologies regarding these individuals. As was the case with homosexuals before them, transgender and non-binary persons have long faced discrimination from religious groups, […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Gender, LGBT, Transgender

European Imperialism in Africa

Words: 621 Pages: 2 7700

During the 1800s, the colonization of Africa was taken over by Europe. The countries gained money, resources, and the power while imperializing the countries of Africa. The Europeans were fascinated by the geography and the resources that Africa had to offer. Although, the imperialism did have an impact on the future of Africa. The European […]

Topics: Africa, Agriculture, Christianity, Imperialism, Slavery, Trade, United States

Concept of Suffering in Christian Philosophy

Words: 2772 Pages: 9 3952

Philip Melanchthon 1497-1560 Melanchthon is an awful lot much less concerned with the query of the function of struggling within the Christian lifestyles consistent with him; rather, his number one intention is to argue that suffering needs to be understood no longer below Law but underneath Gospel. Afflictions, insists Melanchthon, are not signs and symptoms […]

Topics: Catholic Church, Christianity, Faith, God, Jesus, Martin Luther, Theology

The Catholic Church and the Development of Children

Words: 2014 Pages: 7 3976

The classes provided by the school and the teachers support the children and their parents too as they guide them on the religious development. They have also been provided with the opportunity to have and celebrate sacraments as well as other church events and all these are well taught by the teachers they have around […]

Topics: Catholic, Catholic Church, Christianity, Faith, God, Knowledge, Teacher

Christian Vs Islam

Words: 696 Pages: 2 3875

Christianity and Islam are widely practiced across the world and bring two vastly different cultures. In the United States, Christianity is the most popular, while Islam is slowly growing and is more accepted in the larger cities. Deerpark, MI is where the majority of Muslims have flocked to and as a result, the entire city […]

Topics: Christianity, Faith, God, Islam, Jesus, Violence
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