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Islam Essays

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Does Religion Cause War?

Words: 984 Pages: 3 9560

“There has been many wars that have taken the lives of many throughout human history. Wars for authority, revenge, and economic gain have left their mark in our literature. Unfortunately, Religion has been a very prominent influence that has started many of these man-made catastrophes. This is due to the difference in ideologies between two […]

Topics: Belief, Christianity, Crusades, God, Islam, War

Women Rights in all Countries

Words: 1808 Pages: 6 4300

One of the most important targets of humanity is that everyone benefits from human rights equally. Human rights are fundamental rights and these rights appeared with the beginning of humanity. Human rights can be considered natural rights because the origin of these rights is natural law. These rights were considered only for men in the […]

Topics: Discrimination, Feminism, Gender, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Identity Politics, Islam, Justice, Marriage, Rights, Sex, Sexism, Social Issues, Violence, Violence against women, Virtue

Tracing Christianity Throughout Western Europe

Words: 1024 Pages: 3 4048

Christianly devolved in the Roman Empire when the Emperor Tiberius ruled Judea. In Judea, Jesus who was a Jewish man, walked around giving teachings. These teachings attracted people to him; these people were called his followers. Jesus was later killed due to him causing conflict with the Romans. According to McKay et al., Jesus’s crucifixion […]

Topics: Christianity, Crusades, Islam, Jesus

Was the First Crusade Really a War against Islam?

Words: 653 Pages: 2 3892

The First Crusade is remembered as one of the cruelest acts of war with the slaughter of 3,000 Muslims and Jews in the city of Jerusalem (Morton). The instigation of this horrific event is conceived as a war against Islam, but further investigation of the events that led up to this point in history contradict […]

Topics: Christianity, Crusades, Islam, Theology

‘The Big Sick’ Movie Review

Words: 3168 Pages: 11 4520

The Big Sick is a movie that features culturally specific material that is extremely engaging and interesting. The main character of the film is Kumail, a Pakistani immigrant that lives in Chicago with the rest of his family. This includes his brother and his wife, his father and his mother. It is very important to […]

Topics: Arranged marriage, Family, Islam, Marriage, Narrative, Social Norm, United States
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Islamic Architecture

Words: 817 Pages: 3 4335

The principle objectives of this essay would be to highlight the key characteristics of Islamic architecture and interior design. It will also bring to notice how they have become distinctive features of the particular architectural style. Commencing by examining its genesis, the essay will continue to traverse through the geographical contrasts that brought about great […]

Topics: Islam

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist Minister

Words: 1020 Pages: 3 3641

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister, believed that all people were equal in the eyes of God. Dr. King believed that discrimination against African Americans violated the basic principles of which the United States was founded on—such as the pursuit of happiness—and therefore sought to end segregation in the South (source). He studied […]

Topics: Discrimination, Identity Politics, Islam, Justice, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Prejudice And Discrimination

Theme of Betrayal in the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Words: 468 Pages: 2 968

Firstly I would like to start by explaining what the difference between pashtuns and hazaras are in the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini’s in afrighanistan there are two different races and ethnics groups. The first group are called pashtuns and they are known for being the sunni mislims, they are also known for […]

Topics: Culture, Islam, Politics

Terrorism Effect on a Muslims

Words: 1673 Pages: 6 4114

The best proof is that the person suspected of being responsible for the September 11 terrorism launched in the World Trade Center, Osama bin Laden, is one of the richest men in the world. Instead, of using his wealth to educate the Afghans, he is taking advantage of their ignorance to utilize them for his […]

Topics: Belief, Islam, Judaism, Organization, Poverty, Terrorism, Violence

In Sexuality and Islam, Dialmy

Words: 585 Pages: 2 4023

In Sexuality and Islam, Dialmy (2010) explains the current view on human sexuality by Muslims. The author achieves this aim by describing the current sexual practices observed by Muslims, the extent to which the current practice differs from Islam sexual norms, and what the Sunna and Koran define as sexual norms. According to Dialmy’s (2010), […]

Topics: Gender, Homosexuality, Human Sexuality, Islam, Marriage, Sex, Social Norm

Islamic Society of Akron Kent

Words: 1477 Pages: 5 3796

I visited the Islamic Society of Akron Kent on October 26th. Heading into the site visit I was very anxious because I thought I would somehow offend the members or their religion. I felt this way even though I knew that the member would be inviting and understanding that we were new to the religion […]

Topics: Hijab, Islam

Islamophobia: a Rising Ideology Around the World

Words: 2549 Pages: 8 5474

For centuries, minorities have been suffering in first world countries from decisions made by certain elites in power. Whether it be in Western countries like the USA, or European countries like France, many groups have faced discrimination based on their skin color, race, or religion. This research focuses on a specific group of minorities; Muslims, […]

Topics: Discrimination, Hate crime, Islam, Islamophobia, Prejudice And Discrimination, Social Issues, Social Media

LGBTQ Rights in Afghanistan

Words: 646 Pages: 2 4180

Afghanistan is an Islamic country and 99% of the people that make the population of Afghanistan is Muslims. Afghanistan’s constitution and laws are depending on the official religion which is Islam. Homosexuality has never been approved by any law in Afghanistan. Homosexuality is a forbidden matter in Afghanistan. They barely speak about it in media […]

Topics: Gender, Gender Equality, Homosexuality, Human Rights, Human Sexuality, Identity Politics, Islam, Justice, LGBT, LGBT rights

Sexy Advertisement Essay

Words: 1148 Pages: 4 3918

“Malaysia is known as a multiethnic nation joined with Malays, Chinese and Indian. As indicated by (Asmah, 1983), Malay alludes to an individual who can talk Malay language fluently. Besides, Malay is an individual who exercises on Malay tradition and hone Islam (Asmah, 1983). Malays are known as the dominant ethnics in Malaysia with a […]

Topics: Advertising, Communication, Islam, Sexism

Christian Vs Islam

Words: 696 Pages: 2 3837

Christianity and Islam are widely practiced across the world and bring two vastly different cultures. In the United States, Christianity is the most popular, while Islam is slowly growing and is more accepted in the larger cities. Deerpark, MI is where the majority of Muslims have flocked to and as a result, the entire city […]

Topics: Christianity, Faith, God, Islam, Jesus, Violence

Religion’s Role in Gender Equality

Words: 1655 Pages: 6 6510

In today’s society and looking back, gender equality is something that the human race, in general, has struggled with since the beginning of our existence. Modern society likes to blame certain groups more for the gender inequalities we are facing than others. More often than not the finger pointing ends up turning to religion. In […]

Topics: Adam And Eve, Catholic Church, Christianity, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, God, Hijab, Islam, Theology

Definitions of Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Words: 1854 Pages: 6 3916

Terrorism can never be justified is an act of violence that relies on psychological effects of fear, shock, horror, and outrage although it produces a great deal of physical harm as well, used to promote an individuals or groups agenda that is usually political, religious, or nationalism. Terrorists direct their violence towards civilians killing many […]

Topics: Islam, Justice, Patriot Act, Social Issues, Terrorism

The World’s First Civilization

Words: 622 Pages: 2 3602

From the 8-13th century in Islam, is referred to many scholars as the Islamic Golden Age. In today’s world, Islamic people are known to dislike the interest of freedom in religion, education sexuality etc. But few realize that centuries ago Islam was nothing like that. As a matter of fact, they embraced it. Because of […]

Topics: Civilization, Islam

The Start of the First Crusade – Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasty

Words: 561 Pages: 2 3980

Part A1 The start of the first Crusade was that the followers of popular preachers believed they were witnessing mankind’s last days and that a messianic figure would destroy the Muslims who were “infidel” and free the Holy Land. This inspired thousands of people to leave and march toward Jerusalem. The followers believed their faith […]

Topics: Crusades, Islam, Middle East, Silk Road

The Differences between ISIS and the Islamic Empire of the 1200s

Words: 609 Pages: 2 4000

“ISIS kidnaps more than 140 Kurdish schoolboys in Syria, forcing them to take lessons in radical Islamic theology”. This was from an article, going over news and damage that the terrorist group named “ISIS” has done. ISIS consists of religious men who believe that they should stay true to hateful crimes such as killing, and […]

Topics: Isis, Islam, Slavery, Social Issues, Terrorism, Violence

Essay about Muslims of India

Words: 960 Pages: 3 4314

What is the quest for the Muslims of India? World War 11 concluded and left the Indian nation with uncertainty for the future unity of India. The fact that Hindus outnumber Muslims by a three to one margin has created conflict and fear. The Indian National Congress presents as a supposed voice for all of […]

Topics: Hinduism, India, Islam, Islamophobia, Mahatma Gandhi

AL Qaeda and ISIS Manuals

Words: 2127 Pages: 7 4165

1.How does each document reflect the world view of the organization’s founders? What specific concepts let you know that you are reading an Al Qaeda vs. an ISIS document? These two documents (The Al Qaeda Manual and The Management of Savagery) sever as a blueprint that guides the operation of AL Qaeda and ISIS. Need […]

Topics: Isis, Islam, Terrorism

Holy Quran’s Verses Refer to and Put Emphasis on the Notion

Words: 755 Pages: 3 3698

“Many Holy Quran’s verses refer to and put emphasis on the notion that the fostering parent should not take or attempt to take the position biological parents of the adopted child. But rather, they should consider themselves as custodians and guardians for that child. They are merely considered trusties under the Islamic adoption law, and […]

Topics: Adoption, Family, Islam, Parent

Global Terrorism and New Media

Words: 1143 Pages: 4 4126

“The post – Al Qaeda generation” Philip Seib and Dana M. Janbek in their book Global Terrorism and New Media have relied on years of research to provide this insightful insight into how terrorist groups have comprised and exploited the new media, and its “success has been enabled in part by clever use of new […]

Topics: Communication, Globalization, Islam, Terrorism, Tourism

Does Religion Make Peace and War?

Words: 830 Pages: 3 5191

“Religion provides us with a set of beliefs and principles. About 4/5th of the world follows a religion and faith. With such a large amount of people who follow a religion there is also a larger amount of dispute due to differences in religion. These disputes often lead to war. There are different religions and […]

Topics: Belief, Catholic Church, Christianity, Cold War, Crusades, Islam, Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther

A Religious Perspective of the Medieval Period: an Odyssey

Words: 3357 Pages: 11 4044

The medieval period, also known as middle ages, covered the era between the 5th and 15th centuries. Christianity was the state religion during the Roman Empire. However, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, and some other reformers questioned Catholicism and established Protestantism, which derived norms from teachings in the Bible. Islam was the other significant religion of […]

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Catholic Church, Christianity, Crusades, Islam, Judaism, Martin Luther, Middle Ages

Islam and it’s Fundamentalist Affect on Public and Women’s Affairs in Pakistan

Words: 2457 Pages: 8 3019

Since Partition, Pakistan has experienced periods of industrial and infrastructural prospering. Yet among such growth, there have also been schemes stirred by corrupt politicians and religious strifes. Religious-affiliated stirrings and their public effects are especially prevalent with women and their civil and sexual rights are both clear yet secluded. Pakistani national identity is rooted in […]

Topics: Islam

Saladin: Story of a Hero

Words: 385 Pages: 1 4023

I am quite the history fanatic and an avid collector of books, and I have quite a few texts on Arabic/Middle Eastern history. While they range from ancient to modern, one of the most interesting people I have read about was Saladin, a Muslim leader (both military and political) who lived during the 12th century […]

Topics: Crusades, Islam, Middle Ages, Middle East

Poverty Film “Bacheha-Ye Asena”

Words: 610 Pages: 2 3569

The film of the children of heaven, made in Iran, was produced in 1997 under the direction of Majid Majidi. The name of the movie as an original is “Bacheha-Ye Asena and it cost quite low budget. The film features a plot about a family’s poverty. The concept of poverty is expressed by the sharing […]

Topics: Film Analysis, Islam, Popular culture, Poverty

Relations in India

Words: 1070 Pages: 4 3942

Throughout history the roles and relations between the different genders has dramatically changed. In most societies, gender is a term that is socially constructed in that society plays an important role in shaping the different behaviors and attitudes of the members of society. The differences amongst genders are strongly reflected in the development of certain […]

Topics: Family, Gender, Gender Roles, Hinduism, Islam, Marriage
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