Adoption is at the Core Center of Islam, and it is Considered a Fundamental Element

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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It is clear how adoption is at the core center of Islam, and it is considered a fundamental element in it. The term ‘orphan’ alone has been mentioned 23 times in the Holy Quran, and it has been used in 12 different surahs in 12 different contexts. The utmost well-known orphan figure in the Islamic culture is the Prophet himself, peach be upon him. Prophet Muhammed’s father died before he was born and he was a complete orphan by the age of eight, when both his mother and grandfather passed away right after each other.

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This left Prophet Muhammed under the custody of Abu Talib, his uncle, who raised him up until his own death. Abu Talib, took care of the prophet and mentored him through out his entire life. As cited in the Holy Quran: “Did He not find you (O Muhammed) an orphan and gave you shelter? And He find you lost and gave you guidance. And He find you in need and made you independent. Therefore, do not treat an orphan with harshness, nor drive away a requester. But the grace of God – repeat and proclaim” [Quran 93: 6] (Barakat, 2014).

Adoption is highly recommended and deeply embedded in the roots of the Islamic culture and there are numerous references that show how Islam instructs Muslims to show compassion and justice towards orphans. It also shed light on the importance of taking in both homeless and orphaned children and giving them care. The notion of children’s adoption is well established in Islam, and given these facts, it is staggering to hear and see Muslims claiming that adoption is prohibited in Islam. However, the Islamic views and practices regarding adoption are different from the customs and practices of adoption in non-Islamic parts of the world like the U.S. and Europe. The confusion comes from the precision of the characterization of ‘adoption ‘and what is meant by it in the Quran (Abraham, 2019). There is beauty in the Islamic culture that should not be lost or overshadowed by the technicality and formality of the law that no longer serve the true purpose behind its meaning to cater to and provide for orphans.”

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