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Democracy Essays

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Changing Nature of Indian Party System

Words: 2203 Pages: 7 12500

Introduction In the modern time political party has many important role of pre-condition of democratic system. They show a crucial link among society, various institutions of government and the people. And every political party has its own ideology.The party system originated from a ‘political center’ in political center there were general socio-economic background, the people […]

Topics: Democracy, India, Mahatma Gandhi, Political party, Social Class

Democracy and Education

Words: 1834 Pages: 6 10489

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education (Woolley & Gerhard, 1938). Education empowers the people who ultimately should be the ones who determine public policy. Democratic ideals can only be sustained if society […]

Topics: Brown V. Board Of Education, Citizenship, Democracy, Policy, Social Issues, Social Mobility, United States, Voting

How does Socrates Vision of Athenian Democracy Differ from that of Pericles

Words: 916 Pages: 3 5043

Both Pericles’ Funeral Oration from Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War and Plato’s Apology of Socrates describe the Athenian democracy and society, however, they are very opposite views. According to Pericles, the written as well as unwritten laws of democracy, such as the administration being in hands of many citizens who are also the judges […]

Topics: Democracy, Plato, Socrates

Strengths and Weaknesses of American Democracy

Words: 3092 Pages: 10 10350

The American democracy is based on a government by the people, which means the power is vested in the people themselves. The people elect representatives who conduct their power in a free electoral system. The Declaration of Independence, which says that all men are created equal, was written on the premise of a democracy. In […]

Topics: Democracy, Justice, Policy, Separation Of Powers

Jeffersonian & Jacksonian Democracy

Words: 1031 Pages: 3 7289

Jefferson and Jackson are the two presidents who are very similar in their political views. These two presidents have stemmed off of each other’s ideals as leaders. Both Jefferson and Jackson believed in the power of the people. they were both on the democratic side and wanted to hear where the people of the United […]

Topics: Andrew Jackson, Democracy, Policy, Populism, Social Media, Thomas Jefferson, United States
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Human Rights and Democracy

Words: 2967 Pages: 10 5146

Governments across the globe provide basic rights, laws and freedoms for the citizens of their countries to live by. These rights and freedoms vary from country to country with some countries being granted more freedoms than others. Democratic countries are known for granting their citizens a vast amount of freedoms and rights. Research has shown […]

Topics: Crime, Democracy, Human Rights, Justice, Policy

The Pros and Cons of Democracy

Words: 1086 Pages: 4 5380

We all live in the United States a country a freedom, a country of democracy, living in a democracy has many good and many bad factors although other systems are less desirable it is important to know democracies flaws. Starting out with what’s good with democracy and explaining what a democracy is. Living in a […]

Topics: Democracy, Policy, Populism

Democratic Irony of the US Constitution

Words: 1090 Pages: 4 4154

Democracy is defined as “a government by the people,” especially referring to “rule of the majority” and “given to them directly or indirectly through a system of representation” by Merriam-Webster. It is the most popular government throughout the world, manifesting itself in different forms. Democracy is one of the five founding principles of America; so […]

Topics: Constitution, Democracy, Donald Trump, Gerrymandering, Hillary Clinton, Justice, Policy, Voting

Why Public Speaking is Important

Words: 1054 Pages: 4 70612

Singapore is a strong country led by some of the greatest leaders which one is known as Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Kuan Yew fought for not having democracy, always thought fundamentally competitive, and accomplished a lot. Lee is was born in Singapore on September 16,1923 , then became Singapore first Prime Minister, also he was […]

Topics: Democracy, Public Speaking

Democracy in Indonesia

Words: 1393 Pages: 5 4393

Introduction Democracy is a government system made for the people, from the people, by the people . . therefore the center of democracy itself is the movement carried out by the people or the power held by the people. understanding of democracy according to experts such as; Merriem: According to Merriem, democracy is defined as […]

Topics: Democracy, Justice, Policy

Democracy in Ancient Greece

Words: 351 Pages: 1 5486

How did people in Athens and Sparta obtain the right to participate in public life and make decisions affecting the community? To be eligible to participate in government in either Athens or Sparta, one had to be a free male citizen of the polis. Athens had an additional requirement that the individual male be born […]

Topics: Citizenship, Democracy, Justice, Policy, Sparta

Common Sense (PDF Edition) by Thomas Paine

Words: 957 Pages: 3 3705

“Common Sense (PDF edition) by Thomas Paine is a short and brief pamphlet on arguing about American Independence. It was published in 1776 as we all know the year of America’s Independence. There were many events that led to the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Some to note would be the Sugar Act, […]

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Common sense, Democracy

A Study on the Relationship between Democracy and Involvement in Multilateral Institutions

Words: 929 Pages: 3 3998

As countries have mobilized, expanded and specialized in trade, and advanced in technology, the involvement in multilateral organizations has been a great way for states to cooperate with one another for a mutual benefit toward the greater good. A multilateral organization (MLO) is a group of at least three states in which they unite to […]

Topics: Brexit, Democracy, European Union, Policy

Democracy and Islam

Words: 1147 Pages: 4 4440

Based on what I have learned and researched throughout this course on Islam and Democracy, which include four examples of arguments regarding Islamic principles which illustrate the compatibility of Islam and Democracy and these include are the Islamic principles of Consultation (shura), the Quranic injunction:”there shall be no compulsion of religion” found in Sura (verse) […]

Topics: Democracy, Islam, Liberalism

Electoral College Alternatives

Words: 1306 Pages: 4 4191

The Presidency and the election surrounding the Presidency it is one of the most essential events in American politics. The office of the President is the highest office in the United States. Given this stated fact, there is always controversy surrounding the Presidency and how people are elected into the position. Looking at the United […]

Topics: Accountability, Democracy, Electoral College, Voting

The Handmaids Tale Analysis

Words: 1464 Pages: 5 4064

“The story is told by Offred a Handmaid; she lives in Gilead which was once Boston. Handmaids are fertile women who are forced to carry children for the rich Elites in charge. All gender roles are reassigned by a new government, one that leads by Theocracy. The citizens are forced to follow the book of […]

Topics: Citizenship, Democracy, Gender Inequality, Justice, Leadership, Oppression, Social Issues

What Democracy Mean?

Words: 2170 Pages: 7 4525

Democracy. This concept of government that many throw around, but few can truly describe. There are many quotes to describe that to understand something, it first must happen to you; however, Democracy is an everchanging concept that we have been a part of for nearly 250 years and that’s just the American version… yet most […]

Topics: Democracy, Justice, Policy, Separation Of Powers

Constitution and Democratic Governance in Demands for Democratic Principles

Words: 2973 Pages: 10 4408

In any democratic country, the law demands that opinions of citizens are recognized in the governance processes so as to embrace its principle. Thus, the constitution should point out the democratic principles that correspond with the public opinion so that moral rights of every individual regardless of the political affiliation, are recognized via their contribution […]

Topics: Citizenship, Constitution, Democracy, Human Rights, Justice, Policy, Rights, Separation Of Powers, Virtue

Democratic Society and Racism

Words: 502 Pages: 2 2208

I think identity would be the most difficult political conflict to resolve because unlike the others, identity is something nobody can change. Your ethnic background, your race or sexual identity is something that is permanent. Identity influences and shapes people, and because we all have different identities this can create conflicts that cannot easily be […]

Topics: Democracy, Identity

History Civlization i

Words: 866 Pages: 3 3696

Athenian Democracy Democracy is a governing system in which supremacy and power is vested in the hands of the people. It is exercised through voting to determine the will of the majority. Athens was an example of a democratic city as described by Pericles who once said that it respected the will of the majority […]

Topics: Democracy

“Democracy in America” by Alexis De Tocqueville

Words: 986 Pages: 3 3176

Alexis de Tocqueville begins his volume with a detailed description of the geography of North America, with his focus on the “external form.” He speaks to the most important features of the region, the Rocky Mountains and the Alleghenies, as well as the Mississippi River and its valley. Tocqueville describes the scenes of the first […]

Topics: Democracy, Justice

How is Democracy both Equitable and Unjust

Words: 2916 Pages: 10 4567

A democracy is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as: “a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections”. All throughout history, humanity has tried many different methods of governing the people, with democracy being […]

Topics: Democracy, Gerrymandering, Justice, Policy, Voting

Democracy is Government by the People

Words: 519 Pages: 2 4104

“Democracy has been through a lot of changes from the 1800’s until this present day. Encyclopaedia Britannica says that a Democracy is government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and is exercised by them. Democracies are based on “rule of law.” US history.org states that the Greeks are […]

Topics: Andrew Jackson, Democracy, Jacksonian democracy, Justice, Liberalism, Thomas Jefferson, United States

Nigeria and Democracy

Words: 1775 Pages: 6 8287

To define, a democracy is a governmental system by the people with the rule of majority for elected officials. According to Freedom House, currently as of 2018, only 39% of the world’s population is free, while 24% is partly free, and 37% is not free – based off of democracy. Freedom House stated that 2017 […]

Topics: Democracy, Marriage, Nigeria

Liberal Democracy

Words: 1528 Pages: 5 5023

Liberal democracy and populism are both ideologies/political approaches committed to the idea of popular sovereignty, which appeal “the people” and support the rights of the individuals over “the elite” or those who are more powerful than the ordinary people. Despite that, both these concepts rely on incompatible conceptualizations of the people and as a consequence, […]

Topics: Democracy, Policy, Populism

United States: Democracy

Words: 1237 Pages: 4 4313

The United States has operated on an electoral based democratic platform for over 200 years, back as far as 1776 with the dawn of American democracy. This system of election to power has changed and evolved over the history of our country, but no change perhaps more influential than that made in 1804 with the […]

Topics: Democracy, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Voting

The Aspects of Ancient Classical Literature

Words: 3304 Pages: 11 4251

This paper is about exploring the aspects of ancient classical literature that have somehow influenced the modern world or the aspects existed in ancient classical literature which are still existing in our lives one way or another. The most important aspect we have taken from ancient Greek culture is democracy. Democracy was the widely discussed […]

Topics: Aristotle, Democracy, Gender, Happiness, Homosexuality, Love, Virtue, War

Should the Electoral College be Banned

Words: 1512 Pages: 5 6472

The electoral college was created as one of many methods for electing the Presidents. It is one of the most efficient voting methods and has proven to on many occasions that it is the ultimate one. To determine the president, five hundred thirty-eight electors from the states cast a ballot for the candidate receiving the […]

Topics: Accountability, Democracy, Electoral College, Voting

Democracy Individual Interests against the Common Good

Words: 1624 Pages: 5 4688

Introduction Democracy is a political system, a system of institutions that guide how citizens of a country live and how society functions. John Dewey was a political philosopher who claimed that democratic institutions are not enough; people must behave democratically to maintain this system. People need to cooperate, share different ideas, and be involved in […]

Topics: Common Good, Democracy, Individualism, John Dewey, Oppression, Policy, Rights

The Direction of Democracy

Words: 1707 Pages: 6 4165

With the recent election won by President Trump, a person who had little to no political background really questioned the direction in which democracy is going. I believe that President trump did not win the popular vote in this election because of his lack of participation in politics. This shocking outcome of the presidential race […]

Topics: Democracy, Donald Trump, Justice, Policy
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