Analysis on Freedom and Democracy

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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This essay analyzes how powerful people like Nelson Mandela, Fredrick Douglass and Benazir Bhutto have fought for the liberation and independence of their country. These people have faced a lot of challenges in their fight for democracy and freedom.

In many countries in the world many leaders have really suffered so that the democracy can be attained. These leaders had efficient qualities and were brave and this made them to achieve what they fought for. These articles explain how it took the strength of some people to bring freedom and democracy.

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It was not happy to attain independence and is only by the determination of these heroes made it easy to attain liberations.

Some of the leaders were assassinated, threatened, isolated from their families and even others were imprisoned and enslaved. This essay gives some of the examples of what happened to only a few leaders who were just, fair and believed people should have rights to live and rights to get equal distribution of resources.Bhutto being powerful women was able to liberate her people and tried to bring democracy even though the Islamic was against it. Bhutto faced a lot of threat when her brother was killed but this due to the determination to bring the democracy.

She has faced several challenges at time she was sent to exile and many times her enemies have tried to kill her even by sending the suicide bombers. She was assassinated but the surprising thing is that wrote a book on reconciliation which she described the need for the democracy in the Pakistan.

In her book had some reference about Muslim on some of the inhuman things they were doing even though they believed in God. Islamic had their own principles which were not justice, fair and at the same time it was not excised equally. Islamic religion did not mind to take the lives of innocent people because according to them was allowed but Bhutto in her book gave the example of President George bush who believed in respecting the human lives.

The West is responsible for the lack of democracy in the Muslim countries. The religion of Islamic is not the root of the problem however, the exploration of the religion by extremists remains a very significant and ongoing problem (Dickert, p180, 2015). She was able to explain extremist have gotten chance to exploit people using the religion principles. This is the reason why she has tried as much as possible in order to ensure that the knowledge about freedom and democracy has been heard. She told them what was against their religion. She tried to bring the spiritual development and democracy.

She brought the concept of the democracy from brutal dictatorship which the Islamic wanted. This has made the country to have peace and freedom. Colonies had made it difficult to understand that democracy can work but Bhutto shown it practically that living in democratic was is possible and people stay in peace.Douglass has really tried to fight for freedom even when he was at slavery. This explains that he was very determined and he was not happy the way the rights of the people were not being respected and it was undermined especially the slaves were not given the chance to read and write.

Douglass had courage and was very brave and he tried to fight for the freedom of the slaves. Douglass has had had time in prison where he went through experiences of slavery. Slaves were not allowed to read and write and were treated very harshly. He tried his best to escape from the prison. From his narrative of what had passed through in his life we are able to understand the unethical conditions he passed through but he was very determined and did not give up to fight for the freedom (Douglass, 2003).As well Mandela was put in prison for many years when he moved out of the prison was still focused and pushed for the liberation of freedom for his people. He faced hard times at prison but because of his determination to have freedom did not give up.

He went ahead and ensured that the country has attained the freedom. According to the article about Mandela at prison he tried to bring peace and unity to the other prisoners who were their enemies. Mandera had political views and had good leadership skills and this explains how he was able to bring the freedom among the prisoners. These essays through story of Mandela we are able to understand that Mandela tried to even socialize with the warders to obtain information through accessing newspapers (Zuern, p 81, 2002). He established strategies communicate with each other within the prison. He brought to the light that ANC was just formed to unite the people and bring equality in terms of distribution of resources but it was not suppress the white people.

All the prisoners liked and loved the Mandela’s ideas and after applying them they saw that were successful. When his period of sentence ended did not fear to liberate his people. He knew that when the freedom of people is oppressed that the he did not have freedom within him. A man who takes away the freedom of another man’s freedom is hatred of freedom he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow mindedness. I am not truly free if am taking away someone’s freedom, just as am not free when my freedom is taken from me (Nelson, p 149, 1973).

Mandela used that quote to crave to liberate his people from the hands of hatred of freedom. He was determined and brave and as leaders we are supposed to be courageous. He did his best and was able to liberate his people and brought equal redistribution of the resources and the people were able to live in peace. Therefore, it can be defined that all this articles emphasizes on how these powerful leaders tried their best to attain democracy and freedom.In conclusion, from the experiences of our leaders discussed above, it is true that they were really determined to liberate their countries.

Even though they passed through difficult situations and suffering at the end people got democracy. As a political leader they were prepared for everything and did not have fear because they were on the right track. Mandela stated that those who deny other people freedom are hatred to freedom. Therefore, with the revolution the people have been able to get their freedom back. The essay shows clearly that the revolution it was not easy and it required knowledge and sacrifice which these examples given in this essay did.


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