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Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Style

Taking great interest in landscapes, Leonardo da Vinci frequently used rocks and motifs in his paintings (Delieuvin 144). For example, in his painting, the Annunciation the artist was attentive in producing a persuasive illusion of the nature features of the painting using light and dark oil paints to create dimension (Brown … ). Leonardo’s intent […]

Pages: 1 Words: 325 Topics: Leonardo Da Vinci, Painting, Vision, Visual Arts

Starry Night Visual Analysis

For this paper I will analyze Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, using the six perspectives we learned in class. I will start with my personal perspective before I begin to delve deeper into the historical, technical, ethical, and cultural perspectives. Once I’ve more thoroughly examined the image from these perspectives, I will use what I […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2245 Topics: Art, Painting, Vincent Van Gogh, Vision, Visual Arts
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Starry Night Painting Anlysis

Vincent van Gogh was a post-impressionist artist. Van Gogh sought refuge from severe depression at the Saint-Paul asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. In 1889, while looking out a window, he became inspired to paint Starry Night. He wrote this to his brother Theo, “This morning I saw the countryside from my window a long time before […]

Pages: 2 Words: 558 Topics: Painting, Star, Vision, Visual Arts

Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo

Both Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo belonged to the period names High Renaissance. This beginning in 1490’s and ending in 1527. This period was also referenced as the “Hochrenaissance” in the early 19th century. Leonardo Da Vinci was a well-known painter throughout renaissance. He was not just a painter but also a scientist, inventor, and […]

Pages: 2 Words: 628 Topics: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Painting, Vision, Visual Arts

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