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Language Essays

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Interpersonal Communication and Cultural Stereotypes

Words: 1386 Pages: 5 7541

Abstract This paper explains how intercultural communication and cultural stereotypes can be influenced among individuals from different cultures. It also explains how intercultural communication of individuals can be judged, how language can be a barrier in relationships, and how diversity can influence stereotypes. Culture is the way of life. Communication is important in everyday lives, […]

Topics: Communication, Language, Nonverbal Communication, Semiotics, Stereotypes

Dyslexia as a Common Disease

Words: 1038 Pages: 3 5651

Dyslexia Learning to read and write can be a challenging task but imagine if you had a learning disability. This task would become much more difficult and you would have to work twice as hard as your peers. Although there are many different types of learning disabilities, this paper will be discussing the learning disability […]

Topics: Communication, Dyslexia, Language, Learning, Learning Disability, Nervous System, Neuroscience, Reading

Esperanza in ‘House on Mango Street’

Words: 1836 Pages: 6 4837

The American Book Award is not easily achievable, however, The House on Mango Street is highly known due to it is required to read in Middle Schools, High Schools, and some Universities across the country, The House on Mango Street is known for its vignettes that is filled with literature and the struggle of Esperanza, […]

Topics: Language, Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street

Four Components of Developing Successful Reading Skills

Words: 1283 Pages: 4 3745

Oral language Oral language is an important medium of communication among a child. It is crucial means through which a kid can be able to evaluate and be able to describe and control her practice. Many children oral language is the main intermediary of culture. In schools, the oral language at the basic level is […]

Topics: Child, Communication, Language, Learning, Semiotics, Teacher

Linguistic and Cultural Relativity

Words: 2595 Pages: 9 1871

People from various regions may speak a particular language with a certain accent in common. For example, they can speak Standard English but with a regional accent. Some people use Received Pronunciation accent along with a regional accent. However, one should not refer to Standard English as Received Pronunciation as it is only concerned with […]

Topics: Language, Social Class
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Differences between Chinese and American Cultures

Words: 1514 Pages: 5 4291

Growing up near a neighbor that was a different culture than me was insightful. We were the same age and went to the same school. His name is Francis Kimura. It was neat to watch the way he did traditions and to see what he valued. He was adopted when he was ten years old. […]

Topics: China, Christmas, English Language, Language

Swahili People Group

Words: 339 Pages: 1 3831

The people group I decided to chose was the Swahili people group. The Arabic culture has proved to have had the biggest influence in determining Swahili traditions. A major component of the Arabic culture is the Islamic religion. Islamic traditions have been adopted by the Swahili people and take part in almost every aspect of […]

Topics: Africa, Arranged marriage, Cultural anthropology, Islam, Language, Marriage

Effect of Writing Anxiety on Students’ Performance

Words: 604 Pages: 2 4391

Writing is one of the important language proficiency for academic and occupational aim that almost all people use to accomplish their purposes in their daily activities.  A great number of researches have been done to investigate the effect of writing anxiety on students’ performance in the target language in different parts of academic setting in […]

Topics: Anxiety, Clinical Psychology, Confidence, Language, Mental Disorder, Motivation

Dominance of English in the World

Words: 2670 Pages: 9 6298

1. Introduction As English has established its position as the commonest language in the world, its imperialistic and dominant aspects have been often discussed among scholars. It is even argued that the world has been dominated by English and its speakers and English has had strong power. Indeed, English is spoken by a variety of […]

Topics: Communication, Cultural Assimilation, English Language, Hegemony, Language, Learning, Linguistics, Semiotics

Early Childhood Language and Literacy Development

Words: 2658 Pages: 9 4902

Early childhood language and literacy development for the children aged 0-8 years old is strongly influenced by the linguistic environment of the child. “”Many educators and researchers have attempted to address the literacy skills that children will need to succeed in the 21st century and, in doing so, have discovered something of a paradox. Young […]

Topics: Childhood, Curiosity, Early Childhood Education, Health, Language, Literacy, Preschool, Reading, Research

Why Might it be Important to Learn a Second Language?

Words: 1018 Pages: 3 3571

Today, the world is dominated by an economy which is dynamic in nature. With the advent of new thoughts and their infusion into trade and commerce has made the society being solely led by business. The theory propounded by Charles Darwin, survival of the fittest is now being hailed as the ultimate principle in the […]

Topics: Employment, Language, Research

Creolization as a Cultural and Linguistic Event

Words: 1136 Pages: 4 3697

Language is one very important aspect of the society and is the basis of communication, and without this, the essence of living won’t be in existence. Though time then languages may develop and through the man dialects, a new language may come up as a result of the fabrication of the same and the essence […]

Topics: Language

Steve Jobs: Find your Passion

Words: 440 Pages: 1 3716

Steve Jobs, the man who influenced modern technology and founder of the billion dollar company Apple, empowers the graduating class of Stanford during his commencement speech. He urges them to be bold in pursuing and finding what they love while warning them to be conscious of how limited time is. It is through his use […]

Topics: Communication, Language, Steve Jobs

Analysis of the Character of Marjorie and Gerald their Achievements in Speech

Words: 1776 Pages: 6 951

Sustaining a left ischemic middle cerebral artery (MCA) cerebrovascular attack would result in significant deficits in many areas of speech, language, and swallowing. The primary area responsible for language comprehension and formulation in both spoken and written forms is Wernicke’s area. In Marjorie’s case, damage to this region would result in Wernicke’s aphasia, a language […]

Topics: Language, Reading

A Korean Adoptee’s Experience

Words: 3206 Pages: 11 3692

Since 1948, roughly fifty percent of the children adopted to the United States have been children from Asia, they represent the largest fraction of the eleven thousand to twelve thousand children who have migrated annually over the last decade to join their American families (Tuan 4, 2011). Such a large portion of children who are […]

Topics: Adoption, Community, Family, Language, Racism, Social Issues

King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail

Words: 1302 Pages: 4 4687

Cheimi Reyes Letter from a Birmingham jail, written by Martin Luther King Jr, depicts the visceral experience of black minorities during the 1900s. including a response to the clergymen who criticized him for his non-violent efforts. These clergymen had accused King of being an outside agitator whose demonstrations were “unwise and untimely.” Dr. King structured […]

Topics: Language, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Police Brutality, Racial Segregation, Racism

Swear Word

Words: 396 Pages: 1 3552

An example word would be a swear word. They are usually sexualized words, or impious towards religion. Since ancient times, religious officials have re-enforced taboo words. Slang words defy the structure of grammar. It has been observed that signs of impolite, physical attraction have also appeared. Swear words have the ability to express strong emotions […]

Topics: Anger, Communication, Emotion, Language, Neuroscience, Peer pressure, Social Psychology

Alzheimer’s Disease and Relate Dementia Reform Health Care

Words: 1933 Pages: 6 4246

Executive Summary The “model minority” stereotype and lack of disaggregated data, emulate inaccurate representation of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, causing older adults, in particular, with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, to experience language and cultural discriminatory barriers, impacting the accessibility of appropriate health care services. Advocating for linguistically and culturally appropriate […]

Topics: Alzheimers Disease, Caregiver, Community, Dementia, Disease, Health, Health Care, Language, Linguistics, United States

Demonstrative Speech of American Sign Language Phrases

Words: 569 Pages: 2 3960

The presentation is going to last 5.5 minutes, and the speaker is going to demonstrate skills that and knowledge of the topic discussed. There is going to have a specific way that the introduction is going to be put, steps to follow and a valid conclusion. The theme chosen will work as long as it […]

Topics: Communication, Language, Semiotics

How the Immigrants Identify themselves with their Culture

Words: 1440 Pages: 5 4641

This assessment was done to identify family history and the life they have gone through in the United States. It is important in identifying how immigrants perform in the new environment they are in. It is carried out to show whether the immigrants still identify themselves with their culture and if they still remember it. […]

Topics: Cultural Diversity, Immigration, Language, Marriage, Research, Tradition

A Cultural Value

Words: 682 Pages: 2 6643

A cultural value is a term which is widely used to describe the people’s way of living in their own community. This can as well be discussed as the people’s way of life which is considered to be acceptable and it does not offend anyone in the community at large. It also clearly explains how […]

Topics: Belief, Community, Generation, Language, Learning, Social Norm

Feminism in “Family Bonds/Conceptual Binds” by Oyeronke Oyewumi

Words: 3004 Pages: 10 4561

Nigerian sociologist Oyeronke Oyewumi is specialized in the sociology of gender, culture, race, knowledge, sociology of inequalities, decolonial, and pan-African studies. In African studies, the production of knowledge has been a privilege of the West, that is, Western constructions are assumed universal too often. In Oyewunmi’s article, “Family Bonds/Conceptual Binds,” she argues that feminism is […]

Topics: Family, Feminism, Gender, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles, Kinship, Language, Marriage, Patriarchy, Sex, Social Status

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Language Discrimination and Color Perception

Words: 585 Pages: 2 4607

It is compelling how there exists a connection between language use and thoughts and behaviors. The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis is the theory that thoughts and actions of a person are influenced by the languages that a person speaks. Winawer et al., (2007) further investigated how color perception is indicative of cultural differences and the effects of […]

Topics: Communication, Discrimination, Epistemology, Language, Perception, Semiotics

Globalization in Context: Diminishing Religious Differences

Words: 521 Pages: 2 4375

The idea of globalization doesn’t just apply to the modern day spread of economic and political benefits to individual countries, but it also applies to the diffusion of culture or even the combination of cultures. It is known that globalization isn’t static, as it promotes change, but also creates more awareness in areas. An example […]

Topics: English Language, Globalization, Language

Research Related to Learning a New Language

Words: 1217 Pages: 4 1058

There have been many research findings when it comes to the topic of bilingualism. Whether it is how it comes with good or bad things, how it can affect your cognition and even what it takes to possibly learn a new language. We have seen the positives with being bilingual and that is having better […]

Topics: Language, Learning

How we Come up with Sexism in Language

Words: 804 Pages: 3 182076

The overall theme of Sexism in Language is how the way we speak, whether it is a conscious realization or not, places women in a position that is subordinate to men. Three main points are brought up in this film. These are: words people use that convey the misguided notion that men are superior to […]

Topics: English Language, Language, Sexism

Deaf Like me

Words: 912 Pages: 3 3526

Hearing impedance or absolute deafness, obviously, is a dismal finding both for a youngster and his folks. It is difficult to acknowledge the way that the little individual is denied the chance to take a particularly rich and different universe of endless sounds for an entire life. Also, it is a lot harder to understand […]

Topics: Health, Hearing Loss, Language

Benefits of being Bilingual

Words: 929 Pages: 3 4283

Bilingual is defined as, “using or capable of using two languages with nearly equal or equal facility” (Rathus, 2017). Bilingualism is continually being studied with some research suggesting it negatively impacts a human’s cognitive development while others show it to have a positive influence throughout one’s lifespan. Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism on […]

Topics: Communication, Human Nature, Language, Multilingualism

Realization in Life through the Language

Words: 899 Pages: 3 4073

Ironically, growing up in a Mexican household I was taught to speak English rather than Spanish. English is known for us to be a universal language that can bring many opportunities; making English prefered over our mother tongue. Some of the opportunities English promises are access to higher education, better jobs, and social status. Although […]

Topics: Language, Linguistics, Multilingualism

Being Kind to Others

Words: 560 Pages: 2 3945

“Kindness is the language which the hard of hearing can hear and the visually impaired can see”- Mark Twain. Right said ‘Mark Twain’. Kindness is the widespread language that is appreciated past the limits. Every single individual comprehends and communicates in this language. A thoughtful gesture never goes vain. On the off chance that you […]

Topics: Human Nature, Language, Metaphysics, Social Institutions
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