Tribalism is a Global Problem

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Tribalism is a global problem (Chua 25). The vice has dominated most spheres of society including politics, economics, and religion. In this, people are discriminated by their tribes. As a result, there is an increasing number of conflicts that are caused by the fact that specific groups are discouraged from doing particular things. “Tribal world” by Amy Chua offers a historical perspective on the key US political events and internal affairs through the angle of tribalism. Amy emphasizes that identity is more important than ideology and economics (Chua 25). He also claims that the administration of the United States has failed to address the issue of tribalism over the years causing detrimental repercussion on its economy. He continues to provide some evidence on how the US can better integrate the recognition that tribalism exists into future policies. Besides, Amy offers a parting shot on how the United States can reduce tribalism through increased mobility and economic stability. According to him, people should first acknowledge that tribalism exists before coming up with policies to eradicate it.

I belong to the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. I was not born in this tribe. Instead, I developed into it after my father got a job in Alabama. At first, I found it difficult to cope with the practices of the tribe but later adapted. The members of this tribe primarily consist of descendants from descendants of Cherokees who escaped the Trail of Tears by hiding in the mountains. In the past, the culture and language of the tribe have been maintained secret due to the fear that the Indian Territory would take it. As such, they did not speak their language publicly and could not teach the kids the language due to the fear that they might speak it in the presence of other people. Unlike other tribes that communicated in Muskogean language, Echota Cherokee Tribe, speaks in Iroquoian language. Traditionally, men in the tribe wore breechcloths that were made using bark fabric or deerskin (Yarbrough 39). They also shaved their hair leaving the scalplock to grow long. They tattooed and painted their bodies with a picture of the culture of the tribe. On the other hand, women wore wraparound, knee-length skirts which were made from the bark fabric. The kind of clothes worn by the tribe is mainly influenced by the availability of trade cloth and the trends in the American culture. The characteristics indicate that the tribe is willing to preserve its culture no matter the circumstances.

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Over the years, the tribe has developed the spirit of perseverance and survival with the objective of reclaiming our heritage. The cohesion has given us the opportunity of making well known who we are. The culture also provides us with the privilege of resolving to preserve the heritage by creating more job, education, health services and training to our people. These efforts have helped us to balance between our wants and the expectations of Mother Nature. Echota Cherokee Tribe is recognized as one of the civilized tribes in America. We have progressed in our way by watching and learning from our non-Indian neighbors. Echota Cherokee Tribe is also well known for developing alphabets and learning how to write in one generation. These qualities have equipped the current generation with ambition and endurance on how to preserve our culture. Besides, the tribe strives to maintain the dignity of the American Indians by treating others respectably and courteously.

Being a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe helped me overcome different hurdles of life. The tribe has influenced me to embrace and celebrate diversity. In this, I have learned the importance of respecting the culture and attitudes of other tribes. Also, the spirit of perseverance makes me feel that I can accomplish anything in life if I persist. The tribe is at odds with Lakota tribe over the allocation of resources such as land. The disagreements about the distribution of lands later lead to conflicts among the two tribes. Also, political disputes between the two tribes lead to tribalism. According to Amy Chua, people need to come up with measures that discourage tribalism. As such, all tribes should endeavor to collaborate with the goal of enhancing equality and cohesion. This, in turn, leads to social and economic development in a country. I can avoid tribalism by respecting and understanding the culture of other tribes. In this, I should not make judgments on why a specific group does things in a certain way. Mutual respect between Echota Cherokee Tribe and other tribes will eradicate the possibility of tribalism. I can reach other tribes by participating in national events such as sports where I get the opportunity of interacting with people from diverse tribes. Also, it can use social media to reach other people from other tribes. In this, I can post positive messages about the other tribe while condemning factors that lead to tribalism.

In conclusion, Echota Cherokee Tribe should strive to eliminate all factor that can encourage tribalism. According to Amy Chua, tribalism is a growing problem that has adverse effects on the economy of a country. Tribes should stop viewing other tribes as immoral and evil. Instead, they should regard them as their partners in social, political and economic development.

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