Demonstrative Speech of American Sign Language Phrases

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Demonstrative Speech of American Sign Language Phrases

This essay will outline a demonstrative speech teaching basic American Sign Language (ASL) phrases. It will include explanations of key phrases, tips on sign language structure, and the importance of non-verbal communication in ASL. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Communication.

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How it works

The presentation is going to last 5.5 minutes, and the speaker is going to demonstrate skills that and knowledge of the topic discussed. There is going to have a specific way that the introduction is going to be put, steps to follow and a valid conclusion. The theme chosen will work as long as it supports a specific criterion and measures to accomplish the objective. The speech needs to use a visual aid since it is dealing with the deaf. The visual will enable in clear understanding of the topic.

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How to choose a topic

Choose a unique and creative idea. Most importantly, DO NOT select to demonstrate something that people would already know how to do. For example, do not teach us how to make Kool-Aid, put a stamp on an envelope, or tie a shoe. Also, choose a topic that will include enough steps to meet your time requirements, and that will be intellectually stimulating.

The following are the phrases that are supposed to be used in demonstrative of the ideas1. How to compose it2. How one can do to fix the same. 3. How it is going to be used 4. How it is going to work at the end. In the phrases, the topic that is going to be handled is explained to the audience using the sign language. A central idea needs to be devised at the end of each sentence to make it have a sense and meaning.

How to introduce the demonstrative speech

After deciding on the topic that is going to be handled ones writes an efficient and something that is interacting with the main ideas. One way is by creating attention of the worth of the work that is going to be taught in the lesson. An example is informing of the audience the way sigh language works and some of the ways to construct the sentence.

After how to come up with a simple phrase then one can learn that it is expressed as a spoken language. Use hand motions to communicate the idea. An example of the sentence delivered is “you are my friend.” The model given the word is expressed in a spoken language.

Type of sign language

There are two main categories of sign language that are used in America. One of them is called the ASL (American Sign Language). It is the type of sign language where every word does not contain one meaning. For example the sentence “you are my friend.” The speaker while expressing the sentence starts with the word “you” which is represent extending of the right index finger pointing at another person.

The other word that follows is “are” which is represented by the letter to make the sigh of R one spreads the index finger then wraps it with next finger around. The same can be shown as a full now as “are” put one’s fingertips under the chin and arc outward. The other is called the signed language where it just uses one hand to gesture in the representation of each word that is spoken. After delivering of the topic taught to class one then starts to access the knowledge acquired at the end. The main idea of expressing the sign language as a spoken language whether it has been achieved. Another is to impart knowledge on the audience of the sigh language by introducing of type and how they are demonstrated.

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