History – Black Power

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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History – Black Power

The Black Power movement emerged in the 1960s and 1970s as a radical shift from earlier civil rights strategies. It emphasized racial pride, economic empowerment, and the creation of political and cultural institutions. Figures like Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael were central to its rise. The movement not only impacted civil rights policies but also deeply influenced African American culture, arts, and the broader fight against global colonialism. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Democracy topic.

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This article tries to keenly examine the race issues that were volatile and deeply running in the bloodstream of the American society.

It brings out various ways through the blacks tried to address this issue. In the Krush groove, music is used. The black power mix tape on the other hand brings out the actual actions that were being performed by the black activists to promote black power. This paper is all about the use of music and activism in promoting black power.

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Martin Luther, a black activist is featured in the black mix tape advocating for black equality and a platform through which the blacks can be heard. He says, If youre not prepared to go to jail or die, then youre not ready for black panthers.

The tape also shows how the activists were arrested and prosecuted just for trying to voice their grievances. This clearly indicates the hardship the blacks went through in order to be heard. Likewise in the Krush groove, the hardship issue is presented but in this case through the use of a song, king of rock.

The following lyrics in the song try to bring out the hardship that the blacks faced now we crash through walls, cut through floors, bust through ceilings and knock down doors. Apart from just this song, the song my Adidas also clearly tries to bring up the issues blacks faced we started in the alley, now we chill in Cali. This clearly shows the struggles the blacks at large faced for them to be heard.

Over a long period of time, blacks were being seen as low class. The black power mix tape is largely based on the popularization of the term black power together with Black Nationalism, self determination the Black Panther party among the blacks. The leaders in the films created civil rights movements that were non violent and promoted political cooperation (Goran et al 188).

Likewise in the Krush groove, the song  cant live without my radio tries to address this issue while my JVC vibrates the concrete, Im sorry if you cant understand, but I need my radio inside my hand, dont mean to offend other citizens. The radio is symbolically used to represent the black culture and nationalism. The song clearly puts out the point that it doesnt matter whether the whites understand it or not, the Africans should be allowed to practice it because it does not offend the whites in any way (Run 78). Apart from the black power movement, the other main thing being advocated for in the black power mix was equality, self love, honor and respect. The movement acts as a role model for other social movements that came up afterwards (John 99).

The Krush groove uses the song Dont you dog me to bring out these same sentiments. The song talks about a boy who was in love with a fly lady who later tore her heart apart and now that hes managed to fall in love again, he urges the new lady to treat him right, reciprocating the same love.The formation of the Black Panther party which advocated for the slogan black is beautiful is also featured in the black power mix tape. The partys formation was influenced by existence of a deaf government, racist police and many other factors.

The blacks fought against what they thought were wrong. The song holy rock in Krush groove tries to encourage the blacks to hold on whatever they believe is right just like a holy rock.In conclusion, the two dimensions offer a varied but rich tale through which the blacks used to fight for their equality and they remain relevant today since they offer a rare chance of understanding the movement from different angles.

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