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Diplomacy Essays

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The Guns of August (1962) by Barbara W. Tuchman

Words: 1134 Pages: 4 1966

The book “The Guns of August” explains many topics throughout it, such as, imperialism, political alliances, the diplomacy of royalty amongst national rivalries, and even the social darwinism in the years leading up to the Great War. The Great War lasted from 1914-1918. This book starts by explaining the scene of the funeral for King […]

Topics: Diplomacy, Military, World War 1

America’s Role in the World after the Civil War

Words: 972 Pages: 3 4442

As the civil war came to an end Americas southern territory was in a horrible economic place it was, looted burned, and destroyed by the unions strength to defeat the confederacy. America saw this as a time to reconstruct morally, socially, and economically. During post-war northern Americas industries soared with the help of tariffs passed […]

Topics: American Civil War, American exceptionalism, American Imperialism, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Imperialism, International Relations, United States

Isolationism of the United States

Words: 1479 Pages: 5 5425

“In his First Inaugural Address, Thomas Jefferson—a founding father and the third President of the United States—said, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” In the centuries since, the American empire has rarely held fast to this principle, particularly in the decades prior to the Second World War, as the […]

Topics: American Imperialism, China, Diplomacy, Economy, European Union, Foreign Policy, Imperialism, International Relations

Russian Global Expansion

Words: 1263 Pages: 4 4704

A general consensus has formed among the leaders of Western nations and among western-oriented international organizations like NATO and the European Union (EU). “Not only have spheres of influence returned in the twenty-first century, but they have come back because of Russia’s desire to disrupt the post-Cold War peace.”. Russia’s current policies have two distinct […]

Topics: American Imperialism, Cold War, Democracy, Diplomacy, European Union, Foreign Policy, International Relations, United States, Vladimir Putin, War
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