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Fascism Essays

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Short Biography of Adolf Hitler

Words: 1225 Pages: 4 4620

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 april 1889 in Austria-Hungary where he lived with his family: Klara Polzi (his mother), Alois Hitler (his father)and Alois’s children from his previous marriage. When Adolf became three, they moved to Passau, Germany. There he got influenced by west Germanic or bavarian accents,this would linger in his speech trough […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Fascism, Nazi Germany

Comparison of Donald Trump and Hitler

Words: 1221 Pages: 4 3843

October 15, 2018Godwin’s Law states “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.” I will not trivialize Hitler in this essay, he was objectively one of the evilest people that has ever lived. Hitler among many other things was the mastermind behind mass genocide and used […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Dehumanization, Donald Trump, Fascism, Social Issues

The Holocaust in Two Parts

Words: 728 Pages: 2 5347

The beginning of the Holocaust started when WWI ended. Germany lost the war, and Adolf Hitler got furious at Jews, homosexuals, and religious groups like Gypsies, and also, there was a bit of an economic crisis, so he needed to go Thanos and wipe out pretty much half of all Jews, homosexuals, and persecuted religious […]

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Fascism, Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Racism, World War 2
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