Short Biography of Adolf Hitler

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Adolf Hitler was born on 20 april 1889 in Austria-Hungary where he lived with his family: Klara Polzi (his mother), Alois Hitler (his father)and Alois’s children from his previous marriage. When Adolf became three, they moved to Passau, Germany. There he got influenced by west Germanic or bavarian accents,this would linger in his speech trough adult-hood which in my opinion helped him with his speeches when he came to power.

After living in Germany for a couple of years, Adolf and his family moved back to Austria and Adolf would start attending school.

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An describes him attending a state-owned school after his father retired to Hafeld he started to rebel against the school staff and his father, which resulted in him getting beaten by his father altough his mother tried to intervene. I would suggest that this may have been a core reason for his actions; there are many studies proving that a un loving or abusive household may result in abusive children.

About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse. An example for his abusive personality from his childhood would be his constant bullying of his sister. In my opinion the horrors of the third deutsches reich was closely linked to Adolf’s childhood trauma leading to a “Revenge on the world mindset or a retribution fantasy. Adolf and his family moved Lambach after a failed buisness attempt and Adolf started taking singing lessons in the local church. He considered becoming a priest but never made the decision.

All these years of rebellion and getting beaten resulted in him becoming an outcast. Adolf confessed himself that he purposely did bad in school to let his father see what little progress he made in the technical school which he thought his father would let him devote himself to his own dream. Which stemmed from his father sending him to a secondary school. He and his small group of friends used “Heil!” as a greeting. Austria at the time had good relations with Germany at the time and was even in the same faction in The Great war. The Central Powers led by the Kaiserreich, which he looked up to. After his fathers sudden passing Adolf enlisted in a second secondary school which his mother approved of.

In 1907 Adolf decided to study fine arts in the city of Vienna to support his mother, he was rejected twice, although in my opinion he drew fine for a starving artist. Adolf began to form racist rhetoric and support extreme German-nationalist movements which he was familiar with from a young age. He bagan to look up to populists such as Karl Lueger. Adolf sferved in the first world as an Infantryman and got promoted to become a “Schutze” (Private).

The effects of war on him were his temporary loss of voice due to British mustard gas3, and slight shell-shock4. Adolf was awarded the Iron cross first class, second class, wound badge, Honor cross and regimental diploma. His comrades often saw him drawing or reading political books in the tidy German trenches. After the loss of the Great war, Adolf exploited the bitter loss and gained political power. Adolf was asked to infiltrate DAP the German Workers Party the chairman was impressed by Adolf’s views and oral skills, leading him to give Adolf a political book which followed his racist Ideology.

The first anti-semetic statement made by Adolf was “The aim of the government must unshakably be the removal of Jews altogether. Which anti-semetism was actually common in where Adolf lived. In my opinion he used the Jewish People as a scapegoat for his ideology. Adolf suggested that the name of the party should be changed for a wider demographic, So it became NSDAP in German. He used the economy failing German economy to exploit political power which we see in modern first world countries today. After gaining some traction for his party he attempted a coup but failed, He contemplated suicide but got arrested for treason.

While in prison he wrote “Mein Kamph” (My Struggle). It was a auto-biography merged with a manifesto, where he shared facts about his life but also his beliefs which dominated the politics of the new Germany. An important thing to note is that Adolf Hitler was not a fascist, rather he was a National Socialist (A very right form of left), Not to be confused with Fascism or Nazism8 was a expansionist ideology which criticized marxism for its impossible utopia but also criticized capitalism for it giving stupid people rights.

The difference between National Socialism and Communism9 is that National Socialism maintains private ownership. Nazism is a form of National-Socialism but following Nazi principals and racism, Putting the Aryan Race on a pedestal. National-Socialism hasn’t been used in a non-racist way, since it was only used by the Nazis so its basically Nazism. Fascism on the other hand is founded by Benito Mussolini an ally to the German Reich but doesn’t hold the same views as Adolf. These Ideologies were all based on the principals of Marxism.

Fascism uses other ideologies as tools, such as totalitarianism and censorship, but it doesn’t have too. Fascist put their group above the individual they form from extreme nationalism and marxism. National-Socialism is a racist ideology and should not be condoned same for fascism3 for its uncontrollable nature, Stalin-ism is a close relative which again shouldn’t be condoned. A lot of other countries got influenced by this fascism wave, such as Britain and the British Union of Fascists, Turkey and Millet Partisi, USA and The Silver Legion of America/ These parties barely got any supporters due to the strong hold of democracy10 in these countries.

When Adolf started to rule he issued several rules to attack the non-aryans or which Adolf deemed not pure. His expansion began with the Anchluss11 He then got parts of Czechoslovakia and puppet-ed Slovakia which was unlawful expansion at the time, the French expected the Germans to spare them because of the Maginot Line11 Which they didn’t and after getting several allies and puppeting some more they signed the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact which allowed for technology sharing between The Soviet Union and The German Reich.

They neglected China and made allies with Japan trough.  The actual start of the Second World War was because of German interest in Danzig which Poland refused to give and started a faction war. After the weakening of the allied forces Germany broke the MolotovRibbentrop Pact and proceeded to attack The Soviet Union. Codename Operation-Barbarossa.

The Soviet forces were not ready and suffered greatly but soon the Germans finished their oil supplies thus leaving them without Air-superiority, Tanks divisions or Motorized Infantry. Which The Soviet took advantage of and started pushing the Germans. The US joined the war and helped The British invasion in Normandy14.

In 1945 as the Soviets reached the Fuhrer-Bunker Hitler Shot himself in the head, and his lover Braun took a cyanide pill. Both corpses were taken to a artillery crater Covered with benzine and petrol and burned. Hitlers racial cleansing of Germany also known as the holocaust15 was the acts of crime against humanity commited by the SS and Adolf Hitler. Hitlers cowardice shows how National-Socialism blows up like a bubble without control, and the atrocities committed against man should never be repeated again.

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