How did the Treaty of Versailles Caused World War 2

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The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Those who act selfishly and maliciously are not particularly part of the majority in their ways of thinking and behaving. All it takes is a few good people to get the tail blazing and doing what needs to be done to keep evil from prevailing. Over the course of history many have been the victims of tyranny and overt xenophobic ruling. World War II and the Holocaust were two key points in history where horrible people did horrible things but because of the interference of others they were not able to expand their rule and hateful views globally.

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If anything, more compassion was developed for their victims and more animosity towards the rulers like Hitler and Mussolini.

World War II began when France and Great Britain declared war on Germany after its invasion of Poland, but there are a variety of factors that led to the actual war. The Treaty of Versailles of 1919 is when things began to truly go sour for Germany, they were blamed for World War I and obligated to pay a ridiculous amount of money for reparations to the rest of Europe. Germany’s post war economy was in shambles and they could not afford what was being asked of them and then Adolf Hitler came about and was made Chancellor. His rise to power and eventual alliances with Fascist Italy and militarized Japan and the Soviet Union made the perfect formula for Germany to create a takeover. When the Neutrality Act was passed in 1935, which prevented the United States from providing aid to anyone in the war, a blind eye was turned to the potential evil that would eventually occur in Europe and Asia. The United States would be the equivalent of good men doing nothing. The overt lack of interest in foreign affairs as a way to ensure the safety of America obviously was not successful. Hitler gained the support of other evil men who governed large groups of people and militaries which set the course for his eventual takeover of Poland. Japan had invaded China massacring a quarter million people and Italy invaded Ethiopia both without consequence. Hitler thought he was too powerful because there was no one telling him otherwise.

Because Hitler was convinced the Allies would not use force, German forces walked into the Rhineland and took it. The French would not act without British support, and the British saw it as a reasonable act since the Rhineland was theirs to begin with. The German people saw Hitler as a courageous leader who wasn’t afraid of restoring Germany to its former glory for the occupation of the Rhineland which happened on March 7, 1936. Hitler began to threaten with a World War if Czechoslovakia did not give up the Sudetenland (home to over 3 million ethnic Germans). The Sudetenland contained Czechoslovakia’s heaviest defenses and industrial resources. He only did this, because by now he knew neither France nor Britain would react. Hitler was given what he wanted by the Allied powers. He assured them that these were the last of his requests. At the same time, he prepared his armies for an invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Hitler saw the German people as the leading race of Aryans. They were the supreme race. They were threatened by the Slavic people in the east (Russia). In order to combat these people Hitler believed that owning more land would put him in a position in which he could take Russia and enslave/exterminate its people. After the Russian revolution Hitler believed Russia was in prime condition to be taken over. Hitler’s views were obvious because he had written them in Mein Kampf. Although circumstances sometimes forced him to contradict his core beliefs, he maintained them nonetheless.

Hitler was an evil man, but he was an intelligent man. He did have anti-Jewish beliefs early on in his political career, but the Holocaust was the climax of his bigotry and xenophobia. He took small steps towards purifying Germany. Initially the concentration camps were meant for political prisoners but slowly he began incarcerating mentally ill, physically deformed, people with congenital diseases and eventually the Jews, homosexuals and gypsies. When the Nuremberg Laws were released revoking Jewish citizenship and prohibiting marriage and relations between Jews and Germans. Slowly but surely his dream was coming to light. After the T-4 Program was initiated it was the beginning of the end for anyone who was different. They began to euthanize as opposed to sterilizing. Initially the Jews were not part of this program but eventually they were the main victims of this atrocious act of inhumanity.

Hitler had done so much to ensure that he was the sole leader of Germany. After Hindenburg’s death in August of 1934, he created a new political position combining the powers of the President and the Chancellor, the Fuhrer. Because there was no one going against him his evil ways triumphed. Without the checks and balances of other parts of the government, he met virtually no opposition to his extermination, if anything he was encouraged by his brain washed supporters. All those who did oppose need not announce it because in doing so were signing their own death certificate. But in the end Hitler was unable to fully expand his regime globally because good men like the leaders of France, Britain and United States gave him a run for his money. Good men are the reason all of those countries have been able to recover from the trials of prejudice.

Germany must have the will to retake their rightful land in order to survive as a sovereign nation. Without acquiring more land Germany will be forced into becoming a slave nation to its neighbors. Germany must have the will to retake their legitimate land with a specific end goal to make due as a sovereign country. Without getting more land Germany will be constrained into turning into a slave country to its neighbors. Germany must get land and after that settle, and not simply plant states. Russia has taken from the German individuals. The Jews are presently settling inside Russia, and they can’t dispose of them. The Jews can’t continue growing perpetually, in light of the fact that it isn’t a sorted-out body. On the off chance that the Jews crumple, so will the Russians. He has beliefs slightly similar to those of the settlers that came to America in regard to manifest destiny. He trusts the Germans are picked individuals that are intended to grow, and escape from the confinements that they are holding fast to. He likewise has a profound contempt towards the Jewish individuals. He sees the Russians as foes.

From this text, Hitler would most likely try to expand Germany’s territories to what they were before The Great War. He would likewise lead Germany toward changes for against Semitism. From this content you would anticipate that him will endeavor to assume control over the world keeping in mind the end goal to set up the Aryan race as rulers. You would likewise not anticipate that him will confer the Holocaust. Hitler would simply be an against Semitic, nationalistic government official

The theme connects with Germany’s initial land grabs in the months leading up to the war. We have had a comparative occasion lately in Ukraine. Putin sent in Russian troops into a sovereign country to secure ethnic Russian. He attached Crimea under the standard of a hero that was there to guarantee the wellbeing/interests of ethnic Russians. Hitler attached Austria under the falsification that they were freeing them, and that the Austrians were settling on the decision to join with Germany. Putin additionally issued a submission to the general population of Crimea, however it’s anything but difficult to perceive how a vote could be convinced when you as of now have equipped officers walking through your boulevards. Hitler tried the same thing Napoleon tried about a hundred years prior. Hitler like Napoleon failed to prepare and plan for the Russian winter. They both underestimated the Russian people’s resolve to fight back against aggression. They underestimated to which extent they would go to defend their lands.

The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Good men need not sit by and watch others suffer at the expense of their own safety; this is what should have been learned from history. Looking around in America today, obviously there is still more work to be done. Donald Trump is one of the most distasteful, dishonest, racist, xenophobic, idiotic, egotistical presidential candidates we have ever seen, next to Hilary Clinton of course. Our country is truly suffering the way post war Germany was suffering and I think Hillary Clinton would make a better comparison to Hitler than Trump. She has the way of being not what everyone wants but seemingly the lesser of two evils, which really should not mean much.

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