Black Heroes and their Importance to Culture as Well as their Importance to Black History Month

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Today I will talk to you about black heroes and their importance to culture as well as their importance to black history month. The three heroes we will mainly be focusing on are Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks. We will be focusing on three important topics influence, culture, and unsung heroes. At the end of this report you will gain a better respect for African American heroes and why we celebrate them.

Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, his dream was that everyone would be treated equally not by the color of their skin but the content of their character.

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Martins purpose for sharing his dream he wanted everyone to be accepted by the way they carried themselves and treated one another not by how they looked. Harriet Tubman led slaves out of slavery through the underground railroad. Harriet was a brave and courageous woman because not only did she save slaves she went back to get more slaves risking her life, theirs and their freedom. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus because she felt that African American men and women were being mistreated. Rosa took on an act of courage because she knew the repercussions of doing what she did, but she stood her ground anyway. Rosa Parks was the cause of the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, this boycott took place from December 5,1955 to December 20,1965. This boycott meant that men and women of color would not ride the bus to work or school which led to economical issues. The three heroes we just talked about made a mark on history and impacted the future of the world; forever without their courage and bravery who knows where African American’s would be today.

The impact that these three individuals had on society should be acknowledged. Martin Luther King taught and practiced non-violence and led peaceful protests. Martin also taught us how to stand together in times of struggle. Without Martin Luther King Jr who knows where African Americans would be or what they would be doing. We celebrate black history month for these many reasons without these three heroes and plenty more we wouldn’t be able to all be treated equally.

Even though we have a lot of common heroes there are many unsung heroes. George Washington Carver was born in Diamond Grove into slavery; George overcame his obstacles and became a scientist and an inventor of medicine. Grace Brooks in her day and age was a midwife and delivered babies of all kinds. Grace used her skill and became successful she also became the very first women to own property known as ‘’ The Hill.’’ Rodney King was a victim of police brutality in 1991. Rodney opened the eyes of the world to police brutality as he talked about being beat. Rodney said he loved people of all color and he wants everyone to be equal.

In conclusion to this report it has really made me gain more respect for these heroes and many unsung heroes because they had to face many trials and tribulations to achieve their goals. If it weren’t for these heroes, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I know truly understand how hard it was to go through slavery and deal with problems the peaceful way.

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