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Yellow Journalism Today

Words: 1442 Pages: 5 7389

The word ‘Yellow Journalism’ was first heard in the 1890s to describe the methods and styles used by Joseph Pulitzer concerning the New York City newspaper. His competitor in the field of print media was William Randolph Hearst. Both authors were covering the exclamations of the war that created a lot of alarm among the […]

Topics: Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, News

Social Media Addiction Essay

Words: 1037 Pages: 3 16511

“78.8% of traditional media reporters polled used social media to check for breaking news.” Social media has a huge impact on society today and is one of the best ways to stay updated. It has become a part of our everyday life. Nothing spreads information faster than social media. Social helps many people stay updated […]

Topics: Communication, Crime, Facebook, News, Social Media, Social Networking

Fake News: a Major Problem in Today’s Society

Words: 2294 Pages: 8 26058

Fake news is becoming a significant problem in today’s society. People know what fake news is but fail to differentiate between fake and accurate news. Fake news is seen on almost all social media platforms. It is designed to attract the viewers’ attention and misguide them. Tom Nichols, author of The Death of Expertise, believed […]

Topics: Communication, Facebook, Fake News, Mass Media, News, Social Media

Celebrities Private Life

Words: 582 Pages: 2 4910

Celebrities are continually encircled by open consideration, and it’s difficult to envision that they can be separated from everyone else for some time.  With paparazzi consistently waiting to pounce and various approaches to interface with online media, it tends to be hard to get your life far from the public eye, however certain celebrities are […]

Topics: Common Law, News, Public policy, Social Issues

Corporate Monopolization of Media Ownership Represents a Threat to Democracy

Words: 2188 Pages: 7 3900

Everywhere throughout the country, nearby media outlets are losing their autonomy. Since loose controls on media proprietorship opened the entryway for a progression of corporate buyouts and mergers, a contracting number of companies have unbalanced impact over the stories and suppositions heard by a larger part of Americans. This has upsetting results for our majority […]

Topics: Democracy, News
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Objectivity the Core to Professional Journalism

Words: 429 Pages: 1 4268

No matter your political views, gender or age, America loves to bash the news media. Once the nations most trusted initiation the news media have fallen from favor.The media has been around since 1927 people have trusted the media for news,and factual information on daily events.After reading about the topic of media it is clear […]

Topics: Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, News

The Impact of Television on Modern Day Society

Words: 704 Pages: 2 5304

In modern day society, TV has impacted and influenced the lives and ideas of many individuals, often helping to control the ideals of societies as a whole. The television was introduced in 1954 and to this day, television has influenced millions around the world from inaccurate reflection of reality, perpetuation of of stereotypes, or even […]

Topics: Gender, Homosexuality, News, Stereotypes, United States

Social Media and Politics. Democracy

Words: 1040 Pages: 3 8475

The social media age has completely dominated current day society. This time twenty years ago, information simply could not be accessed and spread in the instantaneous manner it is now. Social media has done great things for democracy: access to social media aids in obtaining educational information, increases voter activity, and it also promotes collectivity. […]

Topics: Bias, Democracy, Facebook, News, Social Media

Top Blockchain Blogs

Words: 954 Pages: 3 4654

There’s lots of great information across the web for aspiring crypto investors or for those who want to learn about the advancement of blockchain technologies in general. We’ve assembled a list of our favorites to help you zero in on the information you’re looking for faster. Subscribe to these great blogs and accelerate your blockchain […]

Topics: Blockchain, Blog, News

The Future that Journalism Holds

Words: 946 Pages: 3 5176

Journalism continues to evolve at the same rate as the country’s interpretations of the First Amendment. Because of the continual advances in technology around the world, society must question the state of journalism, and whether or not its older principles are still applicable to modern standards. As Stephen J.A. Ward highlights in his article Digital […]

Topics: Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, News

Democratization of Digital Media Technologies and their Impact on Journalism

Words: 2813 Pages: 9 5600

Introduction Today, essentially all of the functions that take place in our daily lives banking, shopping, business, communication, education, movie and TV show streaming, package shipping, news and gossip consumption you name it can be done online, all thanks to digital technologies. “Technology and “digital media are such popular terms these days. This is because […]

Topics: Blog, Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, News, Radio, Social Media, Television

Facebook and Fake News

Words: 1612 Pages: 5 7307

Introduction Since the 2016 election, the media issue of fake news has become a major topic of discussion. Fake news are invalid news articles and coverage that are meant to stir controversy and spread false information. The media has played an extremely huge role in the development and spread of fake news, particularly Facebook. However, […]

Topics: Communication, Facebook, Fake News, Mass Media, News, Social Media, Youtube

Three Major Ways Social Media has Advanced Journalism

Words: 512 Pages: 2 4854

Since leaving Chapman University I have held three different positions in the field of Journalism. I have worked as a Production Assistant for Dateline News, I have worked as a writer for the local CBS News Station in Los Angeles, and currently I am working as a Broadcast Associate for 48 Hours. Though the job […]

Topics: Communication, Facebook, Journalism, Mass Media, News, Social Media

The Rise of Polar Disparity

Words: 2471 Pages: 8 4507

Why is debating such an important trait to American society? What difference does it make how we talk or get along with one another? If we could only leave each other alone, and stay out of one anthers way, then everyone is happy. However, it is crucial to interact with opponents if we want a […]

Topics: Belief, Black Lives Matter, Compassion, Conservatism, Democracy, Discourse, Empathy, Hate crime, Justice, Mass Media, News

Fake News Epidemic Within Society

Words: 1090 Pages: 4 6590

‘Fake News’ as the false stories that fail to get flagged as inaccurate or just plain false in order to be considered validated, and thus are seen as more accurate. Many individuals then begin to share the misinformation taking it for facts because it has an appealing headline, or because it reinforces their viewpoint. Such […]

Topics: Communication, Facebook, Fake News, Mass Media, News, Social Media

How Journalism has Affected our National Narrative

Words: 940 Pages: 3 4873

In this age of journalism there are numerous factors that play into the production and reliability of the information we receive. Taking into account a time where our country was less technologically advanced, “current news was primarily accessible to those who had seen it first hand or lived within a proximal distance. The evolution of […]

Topics: Bias, Communication, Credibility, Journalism, Mass Media, Narrative, News

Analysis of Semenya Case

Words: 1167 Pages: 4 3895

This section will aim to discuss the information I have gathered from the analysis section. I analysed several different articles ranging from 2009 to 2011, where she was most discussed across numerous media platforms following her significant victory in Berlin. The newspaper articles I investigated were most prominent between August and September 2009, as this […]

Topics: Bias, Communication, Gender, Masculinity, News, Sexism

Criminogenic Media

Words: 390 Pages: 1 4009

For a long time, lots of experts argued that there is an appearance of criminogenic media, which refers to the hypothesis that media content is a direct cause of crime (Surette, 2015). However, consensus does not exist. Some experts pointed out that the relationship between crime and media are not in a direct effect but […]

Topics: Crime, Mass Media, News, Popular culture, United States

A Comparison between China and Hong Kong during the 2000s:

Words: 2140 Pages: 7 4020

Abstract This paper claims that, for cultural reason, Chinese television has maintained its ways to function as a mass communication medium throughout years; accordingly, Hong Kong TV and society are influenced by China’s use of technology to some degree even though the city is run under “One Country, Two Systems.” After investigation, I found the […]

Topics: Censorship, China, Communication, Mass Media, News

News and Democracy in Different Media Systems

Words: 2919 Pages: 10 4545

Many decades ago, Siebert, Peterson, and Schramm (1959) posed a question related to the concepts of the press and its role in society, “Why is the press as it is? Why does it apparently serve different purposes and appear in widely different forms in different countries?” The answers to these questions led the authors to […]

Topics: Communication, Democracy, Freedom Of Speech, Journalism, Mass Media, News, Policy, Social Media

Problematic Issues of Fake News

Words: 1249 Pages: 4 9326

In recent years fake news has become more problematic due to the attention it has been receiving. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it is taking credibility away from all journalist, and is even giving other countries the confidence they need to wrongfully punish journalist for fake news. It has also made […]

Topics: Communication, Credibility, Donald Trump, Fake News, News, Social Media

An Issue of Fake News in World

Words: 2147 Pages: 7 15606

Introduction Now-a-days, Technology is present everywhere. Its impact is seen in every part of the world. This growth of technology introduced lots of improvements in everyday life like online news, Virtual Friendships, Sharing photos and documents etc. While these can be the positive impacts, there are many negative impacts too. One of such negative impact […]

Topics: Communication, Facebook, Fake News, Mass Media, News, Social Media

Unusual Archaeological Discovery of the Tomb of a Warrior

Words: 1883 Pages: 6 1175

Archaeologists who were originally under the belief that they were trying to dig the site of an ancient house in Greece recently discovered something much more uncommon: a loaded Bronze Age warrior’s tomb, filled with precious metals and colorful gemstones. The tomb, which dates back about 3,500 years to 1500 B.C., was uncovered by an […]

Topics: Bible, Discovery, News

What do we Call Investigative Journalism?

Words: 679 Pages: 2 4029

Investigative journalism It’s almost morning and the grass is wet with the morning dew, everything is calm and quiet and it seems like nothing can ruin the silence. And in that silence there is a man walking with a cart with clothes and empty boxes in it. Homeless. A car drives by and stops at […]

Topics: Homelessness, Journalism, Mental Disorder, News, Veteran

Media: a Stereotyped Portrayal of Women

Words: 3081 Pages: 10 6732

Introduction Media’s Usage of Stereotypes Mark Twain observed that when it comes to media you have two choices: ignore it and be uninformed or adhere to it and be misinformed1. Media has become a black hole of information, and most people cannot distinguish accurate statements from the inaccurate. Over the course of media history, women […]

Topics: Advertising, Gender, Gender Roles, News, Sexism, Social Media, Stereotypes

Seven Commandments of Fake News

Words: 1455 Pages: 5 5110

The insidious nature of fake news is apparent throughout many different cases, with layer upon layers of puppeteers ultimately pulling the strings of other puppeteers. However, the audience are not the only ones being manipulated in some of these cases, but the reporters and networks themselves are proven to be malleable in the hands of […]

Topics: Communication, Fake News, News

Public Opinion: Mass Media and Social Media

Words: 926 Pages: 3 3664

Public policies are created to ensure the public’s safety and well-being. From amusement park regulations to laws on drinking and driving to more political issues, lawmakers put these policies in place for the best interests of the people. Sometimes the public does not find favor with these policies and have a different outlook of what […]

Topics: Facebook, Fake News, News

Analysis of the Watchdog Role in Journalism

Words: 946 Pages: 3 6119

Chapter 10 of The Press explores the definition, key elements, and importance of Watchdog Journalism. Watchdog Journalism is a concept that has been and currently still is used in public journalism. It is an important foundation for bringing forth news to the public that may otherwise stay hidden. To begin, journalism has due-diligence to the […]

Topics: Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, News

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technologies

Words: 1229 Pages: 4 5472

In today’s world, technological abundance is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we can access information and contact others at anytime and anywhere. With the help with ships, trains, and planes, we can travel to different places in a short time. On the other hand, our surroundings become increasingly technological and dazzling, […]

Topics: Advantages of Technology, Attention, Human Nature, Information, Memory, News, Social Media

Role of Newspapers for Society Today

Words: 591 Pages: 2 9461

Newspapers have an important place in the world today. The presence of newspapers is must on the breakfast table. They are the mirrors of the world. The press is referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy. Newspapers are the mightiest of the mighty. They are the custodian of truth and human rights. They serve […]

Topics: Advertising, Communication, Mahatma Gandhi, Mass Media, News, Newspaper
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