Advantages and Disadvantages of Technologies

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In today’s world, technological abundance is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we can access information and contact others at anytime and anywhere. With the help with ships, trains, and planes, we can travel to different places in a short time. On the other hand, our surroundings become increasingly technological and dazzling, which provide a variety of sensory stimuli that constantly distract us. Someone might say technologies is convenient. We can find the information we want in minutes. However, Internet is quite a mixed bag. Without the proper control of the uses of technologies, it will critically distract people, causing memory deterioration, and addicting to the Internet.

There are too many temptations online distract people from their tasks. When we are searching information, the website often fills with advertisements. Although people use all kinds of methods, such as plug-ins, it still pops up now and then. In general, open a web page will pop up five or six ads. It not only prevents people from reading the material, but also makes people who have no self-control forget their original task. Today’s network technology is more and more developed; according to the user’s usual click, many ads are filtered and will automatically provide different ads for different people. This shift makes people more susceptible to these ads. Moreover, social media often distract us from work. When we are doing homework or work, we are often attracted by messages popping up on social media. As soon as the message box pops up, we will click in, put down what we are doing and start chatting with friends or watching the news of stars. According to TeamLease World of Work Report, an average of 2.35 hours is spent accessing social media at work every day and 13 per cent of the total productivity is lost owing to the social media indulgence alone. (2016) Our social and hedonic needs make it easy for us to become addicted to social networks and make it a habit. Furthermore, gaudy type setting affects people from working. Some people create fancy websites to get people’s attention, but it’s not good for reading. Too many images and unusual fonts make reading more time- consuming and distracting. In general, the Internet is a world that let us focus on distracting.

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All kinds of information online will deteriorate our memories. Internet brings negative effects while brings convenience. Fake news online often messes with our memories. As the Internet makes information spread more quickly, it leads to the rampant fake news. A photograph surfaced of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s children, who each wore a shirt with one letter of their last name. The children mistakenly lined up spelling out “MONEY”, rather than “ROMNEY”. Or at least that’s what the picture will have you believe. In reality, the children lined up properly, spelling their own last name, and someone later simply switched the letters on the image. (2012) People believe this despite the fact that the photos are fake. The process that occurs during the initial receipt of an error message can make it difficult to correct its effects later on, because people always believe in the initial memory, a preconceived feeling. And as social networks powerfully shape memory, people don’t need many cues to conform to mainstream memory — even if that’s wrong. As time went by what did not happen came true. Last but not least, some people will use technologies to multitask which will make them forgot details. In general people think about multitasking as a way of allowing people to deal with many things at the same time in order to increase efficiency. In fact, we are giving ourselves more distractions. Although we did a little bit on several of these missions, these are just the surface, it is not deep enough. For example, when we see cute cats on the Internet, we will search the knowledge of deer, and then find the natural enemies of deer, we will immediately look up the information of that natural enemies, and then we see a news of the natural enemies attack human beings, then we search for the attentions. This causes people to be distracted all the time, and the brain can’t absorb the new knowledge well because people are always shuttling between several knowledge points. People become depend on technology that they don’t need to memorize anything. Now if we have any questions, Google is the answer. Modern children no longer need a dictionary. This does not allow people to really study because the simple Internet access to information. People like this are just imitating robots, they’re not thinking, they’re not innovating. Reviewing the great monuments in human culture, their innovative and critical thinking makes their creations become classics. The paradox of the Internet is that it requires our brains to function constantly but it also creates the habit of not using them.

Some people might argue that technologies is convenient. We can find the information we want in minutes. As a mean of information communication, data transmission and resource sharing, network has unparalleled advantages. Its high efficiency, globality and virtuality are indispensable in modern society. We cannot deny the advantages of the Internet, but we should be aware of the influences. People nowadays are often addicted to technologies. People are looking at their cell phones when they walk, when they drive, and when they eat. Many people who have poor self-control would stick with it after they use once. The convenience, fun and excitement of the Internet make it hard for such people to get away from it. They feel happiness from the network, those things in life cannot get, cannot do are satisfied in the virtual world. No one will know who you are if you speak on the Internet which makes people think they do not need to be responsible. Internet addiction can lead to personal, family, academic, financial and professional problems. They lose interest in other hobbies, and when they leave the computer, they will feel anxious or depressed. Addicted to Internet not only would disrupts brain activity in the areas of emotion, attention, and decision-making?but also impacts people’s health. Their dependence on the Internet is reflected in the time out of control of the network operation, trapped in it, as soon as they stop surfing the Internet they will have a strong desire and impulse. In addition, attention cannot be focused and maintained, sensory perception ability is reduced, memory is impaired, and logical thinking activities are slow; They are depressed, pessimistic, lack of interest in life, and often make poor decisions due to a loss of self-esteem and self- confidence. Moreover, long time surfing the Internet and disturbed sleep rhythm led to the brain nerve center continuously in a highly excited state. This causes a series of complex biochemical changes in the body, leading to autonomic nerve dysfunction, endocrine disorders, immune function decreased. Long keystrokes can cause wrist syndrome. Staring at a computer screen for a long time can cause vision loss, and sitting rigidly in front of a computer for a long time can lead to lumbar muscle strain, spine pain and deformation.

All in all, when people stayed in the world that technologies are highly developed, they are exposed to technological distractions, which keep people to be addicted to it. In a long term, it will confuse and damage our memories.

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