Advantages and Disadvantages of Community Service

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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I have been volunteering at the First Baptist Church. After I completed my last day with a group of special needs kids, I started to reflect on my time spent there. I then understood that these encounters have transformed me. I have begun to offer back to my community, however, the community has already given me something as well: another viewpoint on life.

It has led to me having a closer association with my neighborhood community. The chesterfield community is a major piece of what makes Virginia one of a kind.

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From neighborhood clean-ups to playing soccer with special needs kids, there are numerous individuals from this community devoted to improving everyone’s life. The Church has discovered numerous ways for students to give back to the community and I have taken part in a few of these activities. After working with this community, I have started to feel a closer association with the individuals that live in it. Never again am I simply existing—I am now a part of the community.

Community service has taught me how to be appreciative. Far too often we tend to take things with a pinch of salt. I know that I have my fair share of times. Whether it be that I come from a wonderful home where I never had to ever wonder when my next meal was, or that I’ve had a multitude of things given to me in life. I definitely have been a little bit too spoiled. After spending this year working with children of all ages and backgrounds, I have realized how lucky I really am.

I have met some amazing individuals. The individuals that I have met while volunteering molded me into the person I am today. I have met others like me who like to give back to their community, and I have met people who are profiting from the work we have put in. These incredible people have a story and through volunteering, their story is shared.

I have been affected by having ADD and APD. They have made studying and paying attention during class extremely hard. I’ve had to try different ways to focus such as taking prescribed medicine, sitting up front by the teacher, and distancing myself from friends. I still have difficulties today but I’ve learned how to deal with it to maintain good grades. Making sure to ask for help if I don’t understand something, if I didn’t hear them correctly, or if I was distracted.

Utilizing your time or abilities to reward beneficent associations locally can be a very compensating experience. Volunteering offers you the chance to have an effect on the existence of others, regardless of whether straightforwardly or in a roundabout way. While there are various enthusiastic and mental advantages related to volunteering, there are some likely disadvantages. Basing on my experience, before you settle on the choice to volunteer, think about the advantages and disadvantages.

Contingent upon the kind of work you’re doing, volunteering can be tedious. You may get going doing one assignment, however, before you know it, you’ve consented to take on different exercises all for the sake of offering in return. In case you’re working all day, going to class or attempting to raise a family, the time you spend volunteering may bring about different parts of your life being dismissed. On the off chance that you as of now have a full timetable, search for volunteer freedoms that require a couple of hours of your time every month so you’re not overextended.

While volunteer or free work can be sincerely fulfilling, you’re not getting any financial payment for your time. At times, you may even wind up going through cash when you volunteer. While the IRS permits you to take an assessment derivation for certain volunteer-related costs, you can’t deduct the worth of your time or abilities. In case you’re independently employed or you regularly get paid to do the sort of work you’re volunteering for, the absence of pay may mean your general pay endures. Volunteering might be a smart thought on the off chance that you’re wanting to transform the experience into a potential open position, however, you should ensure you can cover your everyday costs until an offer goes along.

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