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Social science Essays

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The World on the Turtle’s Back

Words: 519 Pages: 2 4103

Great A’Tuin is a rare fictional giant tortoise species living in outer space. On the turtle’s back are four giant elephants, which, in turn, hold on their backs a huge Disc covered with a blue dome of the atmosphere. The elephants are named Berilia, Tubul, Great T’Fon and Jerakin. According to the theory of the […]

Topics: Earth, Human Nature, Social science

Data Mining in Social Media Marketing

Words: 2710 Pages: 9 1918

Advertising is an effective way to promote a business, product, or service. It is a process that can be used in multiple formats, with online, television, and video being some of the more effective ways in our generation. More than $500 billion is spent on advertising each year; roughly $4 billion is spent on Facebook advertisements alone (Kwiatkowski). […]

Topics: Morality, Social science

The Purposed Next-Generation of Epidemiological Crime Models

Words: 542 Pages: 2 3330

After decades of rising crime in the United States, the crime rate has unexpectedly plummeted, a trend that has continued up until very recently. Although crime was a topic of interest long before this phenomenon occurred, the drop has provided opportunities for researchers to explore the determinants of crime and the effectiveness of different methods […]

Topics: Crime, Disease, Role Models, Social science

The Effect of Poverty on Child Obesity

Words: 2184 Pages: 7 1772

Examine the effect of poverty on child obesity through the lens of Karl Marx’s Conflict Theory. For this paper, a focus was placed on examining the link between children in lower-income flower-in communities and an increased occurrence of childhood obesity. The paper reviews current literature on this social problem and provides sociological background information, the […]

Topics: Fast Food, Health, Social science

The Literary Work, Utopias: a Brief History from Ancient Writings to Virtual Communities

Words: 933 Pages: 3 3820

Written by Howard Segal explores the past and present ideas of utopias. It features the first ancient Greece utopia all the way through the virtual world which engulfs people today. Segal explains the reasons behind a utopia and what purposes they serve, he also explains how the utopias themselves have changed over time as with […]

Topics: Book, Book Review, Social science, Utopia
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Career Exploration

Words: 923 Pages: 3 1288

For my first journal, I am writing about the lifespan development. The physical and cognitive moves occur in every part of a person’s life. Lifespan development inspect how we adjust and grow from conception to death. It can be achieved based across three developmental areas: physical development, biological development, cognitive development, and socioemotional development. Theories […]

Topics: Career Goals, Health, Social science

My Experience in Helping People with the Help of Psychology

Words: 696 Pages: 2 3603

Since I was first introduced to the subject science, I was very passionate about it. I often sit there and observe people wondering, why they are so diverse? Struggling with attention or eating disorders? As well as finding out the answers to these questions, I want to help people and I am confident that Psychology […]

Topics: Human Nature, Neuroscience, Personal Experience, Social science

Personality Temperaments

Words: 1882 Pages: 6 1325

There are unique qualities each person brings to their organization through differing personality types and temperaments. Knowing and understanding personal differences and personality diversity can unlock employee potential, increase performance and boost job satisfaction. Understanding one’s personality type can illuminate preferences, strengths, weaknesses and areas for continued improvement. Furthermore, personality differences are connected to distinct […]

Topics: Personality, Psychology, Social science

My Love for Mathematics Since Childhood

Words: 811 Pages: 3 4441

It all started from my childhood, I loved mathematics to the extent that I used to teach pupils like me. At primary 3, I became the best student in mathematics and was given six books as a prize. Many parents usually strongly urge their children to choose medicine, pharmacy, and the like as their preferred […]

Topics: Computers, Personal Experience, Social science

Med School Personal Statement

Words: 643 Pages: 2 3712

The ability of physicians to examine their patients in intense environments with professionalism and not only nurture patients physically but also emotionally has always intrigued me from an early age itself. However, my love for science and the human body was initially sparked when in 2015 my younger sister slipped from a swing and heavily […]

Topics: Health Care, High School, Medicine, Physician Assistant, Social science

How Software Engineering and Nanotechnology Can be Related

Words: 556 Pages: 2 3649

The technology is evolving every day and humanity is relying on it more than anticipated. Scientists trying to figure out how to preserve the ecosystem with different devices. Today, Software development has been essential throughout research understanding computer language and becoming part of our nature. The next level to really see the future, right in […]

Topics: Cloud Computing, Computer Software, Physics, Social science

How we Can Affect Climate Change

Words: 617 Pages: 2 3990

Research shows that climate change presents a major threat and challenge to society as it is proceeding at an unprecedented rate and can be attributed in part to human activity (Adger, Huq, Brown, Declan, & Mike, 2003; Bajayo, 2012; NASA, 2018). A changing climate can lead to accelerated sea level rises (e.g., Adger et al., […]

Topics: Climate change, Information, Pollution, Social Media, Social science

The Horizontal World: Growing up Wild in the Middle of Nowhere

Words: 413 Pages: 1 3526

The Horizontal World is a biomythography about a farming youth in the provincial Midwest. It follows the tale of the motivation toward resistance and flight that accompanies being brought into the world to a cruel, excellent, and disconnected spot. An individual record of outmigration, the journal brings the story round trip, showing how one who […]

Topics: Human Nature, Motivation, Social science, World History

Sexual Assault and Memory Effects

Words: 1296 Pages: 4 3440

Introduction Majority of people would agree that sexual assault is bad, but in what ways? We know that it can be very damaging to the individual who has experienced such a traumatic event and in some cases it can be life altering. This literature review explores the different possible ways in which experiencing sexual assault […]

Topics: Abuse, Attention, Health, Memory, Research, Sexual Assault, Social science

Saving an Endangered Epecies: the Question of Ethics

Words: 1273 Pages: 4 4070

The amount of gene disorders in American has risen significantly over the past few years. According to Global Genes, “rare diseases affect one in [every] ten Americans.” From this statistic, it is fairly assumed that 30 million people have a rare disease in the United States alone (Global Genes). Food and Drug Administration processes are […]

Topics: Endangered Species, Environmental Science, Social science

Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”

Words: 543 Pages: 2 3796

Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” represents the most perfect social system with maximum madness. The system itself is chaos, the society is based off drugs and sex. All of the science is considered to be the basic powers controlling the system, the progress of the system was illustrated in the beginning of the story, all […]

Topics: Brave New World, Communication, Epistemology, Social Movements, Social science

The Benefits of Reading Books

Words: 603 Pages: 2 4257

Keeping your mind clear requires brain training. Without a load, any organ is subject to degradation. The best brain trainer is reading. Reading is an intellectual meal for the brain, a vitamin that activates mental activity. Increasing your intellectual level is the key to a successful career and life in general.Useful reading (reading good books) […]

Topics: Learning, Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Reading, Social science

Brave New World: how Society Manipulates Children’s Consciousness

Words: 889 Pages: 3 3614

Huxley’s Brave New World portrays humans being controlled by science and their government. A science experiment so to speak. Taking away people’s freedom of choice doesn’t make life less stressful, happy or fulfilling. In chapter 2 pages 19-23 the scene shows the grim reality of Huxley showing how the human mind can be controlled. The […]

Topics: Brave New World, Human, Love, Mother, Social Psychology, Social science

Charles Wright Mills and the Sociological Imagination

Words: 2722 Pages: 9 4541

Charles Wright Mills was born on August 28, 1916, in Waco Texas. He was also referred to as C. Wright Mills. As a child, Mills father was a salesman who moved him and his family frequently from one place to another making it difficult for Mills to develop few, if any, intimate or lifelong relationships. […]

Topics: Reality, Research, Social Norm, Social science, Socialization, Sociological imagination

The Science of Happiness

Words: 599 Pages: 2 1888

50 students from the California State University, Northridge were used for the research study.All participants are a undergrads in the Psychology program at Cal State Northridge and are 18 years of age or older who are looking to earn credit for their Psy 150 class and signed up voluntarily through SOMA, an online human participant […]

Topics: Happiness, Social Psychology, Social science

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