The Benefits of Reading Books

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will discuss the numerous benefits of reading books, including mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge acquisition, and vocabulary expansion. It will explore how reading enhances empathy, improves memory, and contributes to overall mental health. The piece will also touch on the benefits of different genres and reading habits. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Learning.

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Keeping your mind clear requires brain training. Without a load, any organ is subject to degradation. The best brain trainer is reading. Reading is an intellectual meal for the brain, a vitamin that activates mental activity. Increasing your intellectual level is the key to a successful career and life in general.Useful reading (reading good books) broadens a person’s horizons, enriches his inner world, makes him smarter and has a positive effect on memory.

Reading books increases a person’s vocabulary, contributes to the development of clearer and clearer thinking, which allows you to formulate and express thoughts more clearly.

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Everyone can be convinced of this by their own example. One has only to thoughtfully read some classical work. Anyone who previously “could not connect two words” will notice how it has become easier with the help of speech to express their own thoughts, to express themselves and choose the right words, will notice that parasitic words disappear from the vocabulary.

Reading serious works makes us constantly think about what kind of thought the author wanted to express, and this makes our convolutions move faster.

Reading books is also useful in that it develops logical thinking. Don’t believe me? And you read something from the classics of the detective genre, for example “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” – the well-known work of Arthur Conan Doyle. I assure you, after reading, in any situation you will think faster, your mind will become sharper, your observation will improve and you will understand that reading is useful and beneficial.

Why is reading books useful for people in a depressed mood? If you have dark thoughts or something worries you, the book will help to cheer you up and overcome sadness. The works, the authors of which have wit and subtle humor, will help you, albeit for a while, to forget about everything that worries you. Take, for example, one of O. Henry’s short stories, which are famous for their humor and unexpected outcomes.

It is also useful to read books because they have a significant impact on our moral guidelines and on our spiritual development. After reading this or that classic work, sometimes people begin to change for the better.

In addition, reading can slow down human aging. Scientist R. Wilson investigated the brain of deceased centenarians. People who loved to read and write reduced the risk of developing senile dementia by 32% compared to others. Reading can also be supported by the arguments of scientists who have found that reading helps the human body to stay young longer. Ursula Lenz of the Federal Association of Organizations for the Elderly (BAGSO) says, “For older people, reading books is beneficial for several reasons. First, the ability to translate words into mental forms and images has a positive effect on cognitive functions. Secondly, reading helps you concentrate. Therefore, reading books can be considered a universal way, to keep a lively mind even in old age.”

Many believe that it is useful for a student to read only scientific and educational literature. Far from it. Works of art have a tremendous impact on the development of the brain, it is not for nothing that schoolchildren necessarily study the classics.

Reading can improve the “theory of mind” – the ability to perceive their own and other people’s experiences. This allows you to determine the state of the psyche of other people in order to explain and predict their actions. The level of empathy rises. There is an expansion of executive functions, which is expressed in the ability to analyze several points of view at the same time and switch attention between them.

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