Mobile Games Addiction

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Among the addictions that we have in our life, there is addiction to the mobile phone. Today’s technology has gone so far as to make the mobile phone a global means of communication through calls, SMS and the Internet. In addition, the phones have a number of additional functions: photo and video cameras, games, programs, notebooks, alarm clocks, MP3 players, radio, etc.

Mobile addiction in children and adolescents is alarming, because instead of studying in the classroom, they play games, communicate, listen to music, watch photos, videos, many of which would never have been censored, although in addition to children, adults themselves also suffer.

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Scientists do not know how to determine whether there is a physical effect on human health of a mobile phone, but the dependence on it is obvious.

Dependency is a relationship between objects characterized by the subordination of some objects to others. The difference between habit and addiction lies in the inability of a person to resist addiction, he is completely absorbed in it, while habit simply makes handling an object simpler, easier and taking less time and attention of the performer. Gambling addiction is a form of psychological addiction that manifests itself in an obsession with games.

At this time, we simply cannot imagine our life without a cell phone. Now, almost everyone uses mobile communications. Agree, it’s very convenient and not too expensive.

In addition to communication functions, the mobile phone began to be used as a means of “killing time”. It can be like not consciously turning on the phone, viewing applications, but just like a form of play. Addiction to phone games can be compared to addiction to computer games, the difference is its convenient way to move and use at any time and in any place.

Game addiction is a new disease that predominantly affects young people, adolescents and children, although of course there are exceptions. Although this kind of addiction has nothing like infection, it still spreads with epidemic speed around the world.

The dependence on telephone games is formed gradually, but if an inveterate gambling addict is distracted from the phone for more than two hours, he becomes withdrawn and needs to play, like an alcoholic – to drink.

There are several signs of addiction to games:

– Unwillingness to break away from the game on the phone;

– Failure to plan your work;

– Irritation and aggression in case of separation from the game;

– Refusal to communicate with friends;

– Neglect of household chores;

– Disregard for sleep and personal hygiene;

– Headaches;

– Decreased immunity;

– Insomnia;

– Visual impairment;

– Increased fatigue.

If you or someone close to you have similar symptoms, then this is most likely a game addiction. But addiction to games is successfully treated, as a result, a person can return to normal life. An important step on the path to healing will be to identify the reasons that prompted the gambler to leave reality for the game world.

So what to do if you find that you have some signs of phone addiction? Well, first, you need to learn how to limit the time you spend on the phone. And here are some tips to help you with this:

When you’re at home, put your phone in the same place, rather than carrying it around with you.
Try to keep your phone use for no more than 10 minutes.
Disconnect your phone for a day. It will naturally be difficult, but you have to restrain yourself not to turn it on.
Leave your phone at home when you don’t need it. For example, when you walk your dog or go for mail.
And in conclusion, I must say that if you find yourself telephoning, then you should not despair, because any problem is solved. If the above tips do not help you, then contact a psychologist and discuss this problem with him.

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