Impact of Mobile Gaming on Youth

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Gaming is one of the biggest industry in the world from last few years. it is booming into the entertainment market since many years. A study says that by 2023 mobile gaming industry will produce around $196 billion revenue. Many big tech companies such as google Microsoft and amazon are start taking this industries more seriously. Along with a gaming industries streaming industries are also getting huge benefits due to gaming. Recently google launches it Stadia cloud gaming service, where Microsoft launches it xCloud game streaming service in last year. Many other private companies are also setting huge benchmark in gaming industries in recent year such as Tencent gaming, Epic games, Rock start game, Nintendo, EA games and many more others.

As the number of people who play games online is on a sharp rise from couple of years. Recently due to the covid-19 pandemic lots of people are stuck inside their homes and feeling bored, to get out of from that many of them are trying to return by picking up a video games as a method of relaxation. Even in this pandemic game sales is increases by 44 percent where 115% increase so far mobile gaming usage in the US alone and in 90-95 % in India compared to a other days before Covid-19.

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Popular games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire, Minecraft, Dota, GTA5, World of Warcraft, red dead redemption2, Call of duty modern warfare and many more others had capturing the market so far. Many of them are PC or console base game, whether many other which are not mention are mobile based games. One of the most common things about all these games is they are online multiplayer games. Gaming has gone from a few people sitting on their own computer systems after school to now, millions of players worldwide, competing, picking teams, beating scores & saving lives and it offer gamers the chance to compete with others from around the country or throughout the world on public and private servers.

For many serious gamers , administrative restrictions, poor graphics performance and endemic lag present on many public game servers can significantly impact their performance in these fast-paced and competitive multiplayer games. Lag time, server glitches, high, ping rate, regular server crashes are one of the worst cases on mobile gaming, as most public servers are running at full capacity during peak gaming times. Due to this kind of poor server performance it can affect on the ability of gamers to play at their full potential. To avoid this many players and groups are start creating their own private server due to this kind of regular problems and to improve performance and gaming experience. As mobile gaming server needed high performance with great scalability to handle that much of traffic can be achieved by the dedicated server.

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Dedicated server had taken a gaming scene on another level. These servers have ideal architecture with great quality and management, along with high performance, high speed, and able to handle more traffic in gaming field. While having a dedicated server Geo-located dedicated server will more beneficial than gaming VPS or foreign server. If you are creating your local home network for your personal gamming then the geo located local dedicated sever will decrease the ping rate and lag created by server location, so you can play with your friends in a clan with high performance. Even many big company prefer a local dedicated server when they launch their games to give their targeted audience and players a great performance, Local servers has been a priority for them. Now it may be attracting to many techy and gamers people that to set up their own private gaming server using their computer and internet connection at their home. However it is not possible at your home, hosting a game server at your home typically puts an increase the stress on the resources of the internet service provider, which leads an extra fee or loss of internet connection altogether, and also maintaining the server itself a huge task, you need to maintain all things such as CPU load, heavy unknown traffic, security of server, managing hardware resources, protecting it from hackers, DDOS attacks and many more, you can manage all this things unless and until you say goodbye to your gaming passion or career and then need to focused completely on server 24X7, Which is not a good idea. So what is the solution? The solution is hosting provider there are many hosting provider provides you an gaming server. Selecting a hosting service provider also ensures that technical help is available when needed, making the entire process of set-up and implementation easier and you don’t need to worries about all those server managing and maintains things. you can purchase your own dedicated server from hosting provider if you are serious about gaming & have a network of dedicated gamers you had love to game with.

Dedicated servers are powerful and heavy duty beast machines that are changing the gaming scene forever and moving up a storm for both with big gaming corporations as well as at-home personal gaming. The physical engineering, the massive amount of data tracked, the high caliber processing & heavily intensive applications all point to the only type of server that can hold its own Dedicated server. We at Hostripples have designed the Dedicated Gaming Servers in such a way that they support all types of gaming software’s or applications without any instability or limits. Designed using our 5+ years of experience for various locations according to the plans.

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