Cell Phone Addiction is Becoming

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Cell Phone Addiction is Becoming

This essay will discuss the growing concern around cell phone addiction. It will explore the psychological implications of excessive cell phone use, including its impact on mental health, social interactions, and daily life. The piece will offer insights into recognizing addiction symptoms and strategies for managing excessive cell phone use. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Addiction.

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Cell Phone addiction is becoming a big problem in today’s society. In past generations, parents would think of an addiction to be drugs, but today drugs are not the only addiction that one would have to worry about. Now it is cell phone addiction.

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Cell phone addiction is so common that it becomes hard to overcome because cell phones are becoming so essential in life. It is important to become aware of the signs causes and effects of cell phone addiction. It has been scientifically documented and stated that the increasing rate of cell phone addiction is becoming a problem in today’s society. Without people becoming knowledge on what cell phone addiction can really do, it can have an extremely significant impact on this generation and future generations to come. In the past few years, children have been receiving phone at earlier ages than ever which is only making their addiction worse. The topic of cell phone addiction is quickly rising with more teens becoming addicted to their phones and is causing mental health issues which have been proven by statistics, and is also drastically changing today’s society.

There are many signs that can indicate that someone is addicted to their cell phone. These symptoms and signs are mainly found through someone behavior and can consist of them worrying about their cell phone battery0life, excessive use of their cell phone on a day to day basis. The moods that signify cell phone addiction can be expressed by; anger tension, restlessness and even depression. After one becomes addicted to their cell phone there are various consequences that can cause possible permanent health issues. The main physical problem that occurs with the overuse of cell phones is problems with the eyes such as blurred vision, a strain on the eyes which could possibly result in headaches. When looking down at a phone for numerous hours a day can cause something called text neck which is defined as a pain in the shoulders as a result of looking at a phone or device for too long. Having a cell phone addiction can have negative effects on older teenagers and young adults who drive. Teens would likely at least once if not multiple times think that they can multitask and try to drive while they respond to a friends text message but in doing so, they can beat a great risk of getting into some sort of vehicle accident.

Studies show that the brain behaves to the cell phone as if it were a drug, for instance, time one gets a notification on their phone the brain has the same enjoyment as a drug and like a drug, it is like an escape from reality and stress (Newport Academy). Another huge effect that can happen if one becomes addicted to their cell phone is depression. At the beginning of one becoming addicted to a cell phone, they will start to lose physical connectivity with family and friends and they could possibly become depressed. Nine out of ten people who are addicted to their phone experience phantom vibrations where they think that they are hearing a phone go off when really, nothing happened which shows that they are addicted. When someone is really addicted to their phone and they don’t have it with them they get headaches, sweating and shaking. By the causes and effects of what cell phone addiction can really do it becomes clear how bad being addicted to a cell phone is.

Ninety-two percent of teens go on their phones at least one time a day and twenty-four percent of those would even consider themselves to be on their phone constantly. If one was addicted to their cell phone and if anyone were to be able to tell, it would be their parents, fifty-nine percent of parents feel like their son or daughter is addicted to their cell phone and seventy-seven percent of parents feel as if their child is paying attention to their phone instead of paying attention to what is going on in the real world . Seventy-four percent of teens feel like they need to respond the instant that they get a notification or call and forty-four percent of all teens admit that they are addicted to their phone most of those attempt to limit the amount of time that they are on their phone but are unsuccessful to change. In past years parents would expect their child to socialize while eating lunch or dinner but now almost half of the teens use their phone while eating. The average user of a cell phone typically gets on their phone more than 80 times a day which is the equilibrant to more than three times per hour. Forty-eight percent of people who spend the majority of their day on their phones have thought about suicide.

If a teen were to sleep with their phone either under their pillow, on their bedside or somewhere near them while they are sleeping could be a huge indication of if the teen is addicted to their cell phone or if they are not addicted to their cell phone. It is easy to tell by how much they use it every day and how dedicated they are to use it even at times that they really shouldn’t be using it and this shows how it could very well be possible that a huge amount of the half of the population is so dedicated to their phone that they would be using it as much as they possibly can. Statistics of cell phone addiction show how obvious it is that cell phone addiction is ruining the world.

The recent phenomenon of teenage cell phone addiction has been drastically changing the world over the past few years. Now that mobile phone is basically essential in life text messaging has become the most popular way that teens communicate with each other. Since text messaging is the most common way for teens to communicate there is no surprise that it is making them physically interact with each other which changes their behavior. Studies show that cell phone addiction is majorly affecting the school grades and participation grades. Sixty-one percent of teens themselves say that cell phones are negatively impacting their work at school.

Newport Academy states that many people could not imagine life without their cell phone while at the same time they feel as if its a burden. In 1995 there were thirty-four million people that owned a cell phone then only in 2007 it increased to two hundred fifty-five million people which was eighty-four percent of the population at that time. In this time people are growing up where a cell phone is virtually everywhere which can greatly increase their chances of becoming addicted when they grow older.
Through the effects of cell phone and statistics, it shows that cell phone addiction is changing the world. With the topic of cell phone addiction becoming more popular more teens are becoming addicted to their cell phones which is causing anywhere from minor to major health issues is drastically changing today’s society. It is clear that many people from this generation and future generations to come.

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