Social Media Addiction Essay

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Updated: Dec 27, 2019
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Social Media Addiction Essay essay

“78.8% of traditional media reporters polled used social media to check for breaking news.” Social media has a huge impact on society today and is one of the best ways to stay updated. It has become a part of our everyday life. Nothing spreads information faster than social media. Social helps many people stay updated on real world situations. It has changed the way the world interacts with people and lets us use many useful tools, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and etc. all help with that. Social media has a positive effect on society because it helps those who are socially isolated, helps senior citizens feel more connected to society, spreads information faster than any other media, and can help students with their education. It has made the world a powerful and better place to live in. Therefore, social media networking sites show how they have such a positive effect on society considering all those reasons.

Over the past few years social media has become bigger, and it has a positive effect on today’s society. Social media helps catch criminals because because law enforcement use social media to catch and prosecute criminals. Social media is known to help solve crimes more efficiently according to the federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals, “73% of federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals surveyed think social media helps solve crimes more quickly” (Are). You are able to track down almost anybody with the help of social media sites. You are able to post pictures of criminals and people can be alert if they spot that certain person. Social media spreads information quickly by letting police departments add tracking units to arrest criminals who brag about the crimes they have consummated online for example, “A gang charged with the beating of a gay couple in Philadelphia in 2014.” (Are). You are able to track down almost anybody with the help of social media sites. You can also find clues from social media of where the criminal may be located at. Therefore, social media helps catch and prosecute criminals quicker and makes it easier for law enforcement.

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Social media sites helps students with their education. Math educational websites such as Khanacademy, Myhrw, Photomath, Mathpapa, and etc. all help students with math. With the help of social media, it has allowed students to work with new technologies. It helps students do research on topics that they have trouble understanding. Students use social media to discuss educational topics when needed. Students who have internet access use social media to help them, “59% of students with access to the internet report that they use social media to discuss educational topics and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments” (Are). It helps those who are absent from school catch up on missing assignments by contacting one another through social media. Comparatively, it can help you contact your friends to discuss a group project if you have one for school. A school in Oregon introduced a educational program that helps kids learn, “grades went up by 50%, chronic absenteeism went down by 33%, and 20% of students school-wide voluntarily completed extra-credit assignments” (Are). Educational programs not only increase students learning but also makes it fun for students than writing on pencil and paper. The educational programs that are created now also allow you to see how your student is doing or what they may need help on if you are a teacher. In other words, social media really helps students with educational purposes.

Some may argue that social media sites have a negative effect on society today. Many people agree that most of the bullying that happens takes place on social media. Students and even adults have experienced cyber bullying. Social media has also helped those who feel socially isolated, “More than 25% of teens report that social media makes them feel less shy, 28% report feeling more outgoing, and 20% report feeling more confident” (Are). Students who are shy use social media to make new friends. Adults use social media to interact with others, such as dating websites. They can possibly find their significant other using social media. Social media spreads information faster than any other media. With the help of social media it allows you to contact one another really easily and simply. It can be used for breaking news and alert people of new viruses and diseases. Social media users sometimes report breaking news before media outlets, “Social media users have been responsible for reporting events before traditional media outlets, including the Paris attacks in France on Nov. 13, 2015” (Are). As well as the Ebola outbreak that has happened in Nigeria and Sierra Leone in July 2014. The current look of this is how social media can alert people way quicker than anything else causing people to be stay safe and updated.

Overall, social media can help in many more ways than you think. Social media introduces and teaches us many new things that we may not be familiar with. There are many positive effects that social media has on our society today. You are able to interact with friends and strangers, share music with others, photos, links, and etc. It can be also used for social interactions, educational purposes, access to the news, and criminal investigations etc. Businesses also benefit from social media, not just individuals. Businesses are able to advertise what they are selling on social media to catch the audience’s attention so they can go and purchase it. Without social media who knows how our society would be today. Our society could possibly be inadequate without social media networking sites. Social media will keep advancing so it can become easier for us to access. With all things considered, social media networking sites will continue to grow, play a big role in our lives, and have such a positive effect on our lives.

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