5 Reasons your Kid should not have a Cell Phone: Addiction and Responsible Use

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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5 Reasons your Kid should not have a Cell Phone: Addiction and Responsible Use

This essay will outline five reasons why children should not have cell phones, focusing on issues of addiction and responsible use. It will discuss the potential for addiction, the impact of screen time on physical and mental health, the distraction from schoolwork and family life, privacy concerns, and the risk of exposure to inappropriate content. The piece will also provide guidance on responsible cell phone use and alternatives to giving children their own phones. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Cell Phone.

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Should a teenager have a cellphone., this is a big issue nowadays, and many people argue about it. Because their children were getting in trouble by using cell phones, cell phones have frequently been taken away by parents. But there are still a bunch of teens or students who get distracted in school, learn bad things through social media, and use a cell phones in an improper way. Teens said that cellphone is a necessity in their life; is it true or false?

Body part

Discuss whether teens should or shouldn’t have a cell phone by supporting details or evidence.

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72% of people on debate.org support that teens should have a cell phone, and the rest, 28%, said no.
Advantages:Safety, convenient, communication(followed up with an example)
Disadvantages: Distraction, addiction, health, health problem(followed up with an example)
Be clear of what’s the purpose of using a cell phone (self-control)
B. Examples of cell phones really helping teens out in real life or destroying a person.
A person could involve in an accident by texting and driving.
Immediate S.O.S. when you are in an emergency.
C. Conclude a reasonable age for possessing a cell phone.
List something that you should avoid when you use a cell phone.
III. Conclusion: Purpose of convincing and persuading readers to use cell phones in a hasty manner. Never tries to use a phone in a way that will get you into trouble. Let readers examine themselves.

Cellphone, I believe all of you understand what it is. It’s a device that you can call, text, navigate, entertain…… It’s a great invention that impacts the 21st century. Just walk on a street, and you’ll see that everybody has one of the devices called “iPhone.”

As technology develops, more and more children and teenagers get in contact with cell phones and even own one by themselves. What do they do with their cell phone? What time were they using it? Will they get addicted to it? These are some questions that people may ask nowadays.

Body paragraph

One of my friends got a new cell phone last summer; it was his first smartphone. He promised his mom that he would use it in the way he needed it, which meant that he would follow the cell phone rules when using it. They use it to help study and communicate in the first few weeks, which is what smartphones are for, right? It was that day, the day a game called “ Apex Legends” was released. He immediately got addicted to it and met some evil gamers in the game. He started to play the game all day and all night and harmed his body. At the same time, all of his grades went down a minimum of 30%. Because of that, his parents were called to the school to discuss this situation.

After a serious warning was given to him, he pretended that he learned the lesson. As soon as his parents got over it, he played the game an average of 10 hours a day without being noticed by his parents. This causes the failed 5 subjects in the final exam. These count as disadvantages: distraction, addiction, and health problems.

1. Choice of yourself

That’s a smartphone disaster case that happened around me, and my purpose in writing this paper is to demonstrate the right way to use a cell phone and warn people to avoid mistakes. There are approximately 91% of people in the U. S is a cell phone owners, and 50% of those are teenagers. It’s a pretty big number, isn’t it? Adults have better self-control than children because they are more mature, so accidents can really happen to teens sometimes. But if you use it wisely, the function of cell phones can be a lot(Abigail Tracy,2018 “Over Half of Americans Now Use Cell Phones to Go Online”).

2. Cell phone saved a life

A woman got saved because of a cell phone that day. She went in a cab and told the driver her destination. Everything was just fine when she realized the driver past her destination. The driver lied, the card reader was broken, the driver’s child locked all the doors, and now the woman realized that she was being kidnapped. But it was all too late. She is stuck in the car; she tries many ways to unlock the door, but none of it works out. Then she took out her phone and called 911. Once he realized the woman was serious about calling 911 and that this situation would only escalate if he didn’t pull over, he stopped the car. Luckily, the police station was right around, and 2 officers were on duty. This story expresses that a cell phone could save your life in an emergency situation; she definitely would not make it without a cell phone. Advantages: safety, convenience, communication.

3. Proper use of cell phone

A cell phone. It is designed to convenient your life, not made for life destruction. That means you make your own choice on what you do with your cell phone, what you watch on your cell phone…… “Self-control” is the prior thing that you should check before you go onto your phone. Let’s make an example. A boy is writing his homework, he feels bored and goes on his phone and starts playing games; he restricts himself to a maximum of 30-minute play time, and after that, he goes back to do his homework, with a focus on it. On the second day, he got a hundred on his quiz. But the other kid failed his quiz. Why? It’s simple because he should’ve spent 2 hours on his homework, but he was on his phone for the entire one-and-a-half hours instead of studying. It really depends on “Were you using your phone on the right occasion at the right time?”

4. What you should avoid when using a cell phone

Now I’m going to list some tips for teenage owners of cell phones.
Always set a password in order to protect some important information on your phone.
Set your cell phone into a mode that you can call for S.O. S immediately.
Only watch and listen to appropriate videos, songs
Do not get affected by those negative social network posts.
Get off of your phone on a few occasions(driving, walking)
Do not get addicted to it
These are some useful cell phone rules that you should obey when you need to use them.

5. Age of having a cell phone

I would say any age 12 or older can own a cell phone because at that age, you can decide between the good side and the bad side, but more important, self-control. Again, self-control is the most and foremost; once you do that, you’ll spend time wisely to reach the best use of your cell phone.


Should teens have a cell phones? I believe after reading this article, you will get an answer in your head. The answer is yes. They need their phone to contact parents, to help study, to find relief… definitely gonna help a lot in everyday life. Just always remind yourself to use your phone to do the right thing at the right time. DO NOT GET ADDICTED TO IT!


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