Love is more Powerful than Hatred

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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About a century ago, the Swiss psychiatrist Bleuler, who worked in Zurich and co-authored with Sigmund Freud, coined the term “ambivalence of feelings” – that is, duality in relation to a person or a phenomenon, its simultaneous acceptance and rejection. Bleuler believed that if conflicting feelings replace each other unmotivated quickly, we are dealing with a schizophrenic. But his colleague Freud believed that love and hate at the same time is an innate property of any human nature, and only when it is too pronounced does it indicate a neurotic mindset.

Love or hate is a rhetorical question. We can find a thousand ways to love a person and just as many ways to hate. It all depends on our internal decision. Why do people love, but do not admit it even to themselves and instead put on a mask of hatred for this person. Why the most beautiful feeling on earth is given to us so hard. Maybe because we are afraid that we will be laughed at when they learn about our feelings. So it turns out that we are afraid of condemnation from society and therefore we hide love in ourselves. Or we are afraid that the one to whom these feelings are addressed will misunderstand us or reject, or even ridicule our feelings. These two statements are correct. Love and hate walk side by side. They are like the dark side of the moon – it is never possible to predict what is hidden there in the depths of the eyes: love or hate. Hating is easier than forgiving and loving, and therefore the words “I hate you” are easier than “I love you”.

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How did society get to this point?

Why did we avoid love so much? Some people love their whole life, but do not admit it even to themselves. Strange isn’t it? But this is a fact. Love or hate – you choose, but you need to remember that love makes our life more beautiful and better than hatred, even if it is in salvation. Don’t be shy or afraid to love.

Is it possible to LOVE AND HATE AT THE SAME TIME? For example, for some act in a situation in which an offense is inflicted, and sits in a person’s soul like a splinter. For some time, relationships may seem ideal to you, for example, when you are “in love”, but as the number of disputes and conflicts increases, as feelings of dissatisfaction increase and emotional and even physical violence appears, the destruction of this seeming perfection will be inevitable. It turns out that most of the “love relationship” rather quickly turns into a relationship of the “love-hate” type. Then love can change its guise and turn to you with a cruel attack, a feeling of hostility towards you, or a sudden and complete refusal to love you. Moreover, this is considered normal. You feel alive to the fullest. Your existence suddenly takes on meaning because someone needs you, wants you, and makes you feel special, and you, in turn, do the same for him or her. When you are together, you feel like one. This sensation can become so strong that in comparison the rest of the world simply pales in its insignificance. If the other person suddenly leaves you, it can awaken in you the strongest feelings of hostility, or grief and despair. Love tenderness in the blink of an eye can turn into the most severe attacks or unbridled grief. Where is the love here? Can love instantly become its opposite? Was love in the first place here, or was it just a bad habit to hook and hold?

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Love is not eternal. It is being replaced by other strong earthly feelings: habit, fear of being alone, microeconomics, longing, friendship in the end. This is at its best. At worst, love is replaced by hate. I open the dictionary of psychology and read: “Love is a high degree of emotional positive attitude that distinguishes an object from others and places it at the center of my vital interests.”

But we must remember that everyone is capable of loving and being loved, everyone knows how to control their emotions and feelings. Present your love to others, and you will see how it will return to you in an enlarged size. You yourself will become happy and make those who will be with you happy. After all, only love can be stronger than hatred and can defeat it.

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